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A History of the Aztecs and the Incas Serving the Spanish After Being Conquered
America Conquered Following Columbus’ discovery of the Americas, a multitude of Spanish and Portuguese explorers and conquistadors sailed over the ocean blue to the New World. Interested in new lands for agriculture, gold, and silver, as well as new people to convert to Catholicism, Spain and Portugal sent settlers to conq...
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An Analysis of the Harmon Foundation During the Harlem Renaissance
The Harlem Renaissance may be defined as a cultural movement which
originated in the suburb of Harlem, New York, populated by the African
Americans mainly. The Harlem Renaissance is referred to as the New Negro
Movement by some authors, as a result of the Alain Locke's 1925 anthology
of the same name. While the Harlem Renai...
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The Role of the Environment in Shaping the Society of the Moriori and Maori
It could be surmised that environmental factors play huge roles in determining the paths human societies take in life. The Moriori and Maori groups exemplify such a statement, as both groups came from a common origin no less than 1,000 years before their brutal meeting. After separation, each group developed a new way of li...
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Civilization as a Mixture of Nature and Nurture
No matter how you look at it, civilization was going to be formed eventually. However, certain variables determined how quickly and effectively they developed over time. Would civilization have formed differently if the earliest recorded human beings did not come up with the ideas of gods and goddesses? This we will neve...
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A Discussion on the Early Civilizations' Relationship to Deity
How Civilizations Come to Know God “How did early civilizations (e.g., the Egyptians, Greeks, Israelites, Mesopotamians, Persians, and Chinese) understand their relationship to deity?” Some religious groups today, including the Catholics and the Latter-day Saints, are heavily dependent upon living authorities for instruct...
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The Importance of Water for the Development of a Civilization
Water is essential for human survival. As a result, the need for a steady supply of water was critical in the development of successful early civilizations, most of which began on or near rivers. Ancient artifacts, text, and even recent images depicting ancient irrigation pathways demonstrate that the need for water helped,...
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