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The Benefits and Drawbacks of Migrating Into a Foreign Lands
Migrating into a foreign land has its obvious benefits. People from all over migrate to other nations in hopes that they will somehow be able to better their lives in some way, whether that might be from job opportunities, safety from threats of their own nation or several other possible reasons in between. People make the...
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The Life and Struggles of Syrian Refugees
Imagine living in a room as small as a classroom with a dozen families. A room filled with darkness at night, one with no electricity. When the sink is in sight, no glass cup is in the hands and no water coming from the sink. This is the daily life of Syrian refugees. The life of these refugees are filled with problems. Fro...
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The Growth and Flow of the Syrian Refugees on the EU
A lone man named Ahmed limps along a small mountain road, malnourished, exhausted, and dying of thirst. He has walked these dangerous roads for the past few days, sleeping in the day and walking at night in an attempt to dodge the fatal daytime temperature. Although he started with many others, most have fallen behind becau...
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Immigration: The Enforcement, Guest Worker and Legalization Perspective
Throughout our Christian history (and Jewish history prior to that), we have been heavily impacted by migrants and immigrants alike. For most of our Jewish history, we were immigrants and migrants, trying to seek the Promised Land. In our Christian history, there is numerous examples of Christians moving to escape persecuti...
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Turkish Immigration to Germany
The narrative of Turkish immigration to Germany is three-fold consisting of two main waves of immigration and finally the settlement of Turkish immigrants into Germany. In the years following WWII, Germany saw a large expansion of the economy and industry as the country was rebuilding and recovering from the war. To fuel...
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Illegal Immigration in the United States
Illegal Immigration in the United States Importance: With an estimated illegal immigrant population of 11.1 million representing 28 percent of the total foreign-born population, illegal immigrants, despite current economic issues, remain for many a pressing and challenging topic of domestic policy. Furthermore, accord...
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A History of Labor Unity of Central-American Immigrants in Los Angeles in Mid-1980's
“The Struggle for Survival: Working in Los Angeles” Analysis Central-American immigrants became an increasingly large percentage of the workforce in the mid-1980s. Immigrants would work lower-income, low-mobility, blue-collar/manual labor jobs that required little education, training, English ability, or verification o...
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A History of the Changes in Immigration Patterns in the United States
The immigration patterns in the United States have changed over time. Initially, the majority of immigrants came from Europe. These days, the sources of most of them are Latin America and Asia. (Midgley, 2006) Between the sixteenth and the seventeenth centuries, the British colonists established the background for the US,...
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The Issues of Migrants and Terrorism in the Middle East
Writing Assignment #3 While the Middle East has always been a hotbed of conflict, the situation has escalated greatly in recent years due to the Arab Spring. Conflict has especially escalated in Syria from the Syrian civil war which has caused the rise of the Islamic State, or IS, to gain power in Syria and western Iraq. T...
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The immigration Motives of the New World
Many of the immigration motives facing the world today is what played a part in the mass immigration to the British colonies, especially the Chesapeake Bay, in the 1600’s. They too were the impoverished young looking for a better life and funds to send home. This motive provided a major workforce willing to work as indentur...
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