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A Study on the Worldwide Issue of Illegal Immigration
Illegal immigration has evolved into a major worldwide issue. Illegal immigrants do not only affect jobs; they also affect the well-being of our nation. The rate of illegal immigrants continues to steadily rise, particularly in North America. With the numbers relentlessly increasing, more individuals are becoming disgruntle...
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The Global Challenge of Managing Migration
The Global Challenge of Managing Migration In January 2014, PRB had a webinar with Philip Martin, a professor at the University of California, Davis, chair of the UC Comparative Immigration and Integration Program, and editor of Migration News and Rural Migration News. In the webinar, Martin discussed the global challenges...
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Human Migration to the New World as a Phenomenon
Migrating to the New World Though many think of migration as a recent phenomenon in the world, migration has been a part of our existence for decades and centuries. Humans have always migrated in groups and as individuals in the look and search to better their life. Some have seeked religious freedom while others were hi...
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A Personal Account of Writing an Article in Favor of Allowing Migrants Entrance into Hungary
The white fluffy clouds spread far apart as the beautiful sun began to rise over the horizon. Shutting my old and creaky back door quietly behind me, trying my best not to wake the cranky and sleepy neighbours, I walked towards the footpath and on towards the busy street. A refreshing cool breeze was blowing then (like alm...
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Syrian Refugees Should Be Allowed to Enter America
Should Syrian Refugees Be Allowed in The United States of America? Syria is currently in a state of crisis and war. It has become unbearable to live in such place as well as perilous. Because of such conditions they are experiencing, our country has gotten involved and reached out to help the innocents of this country rema...
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The Difference between the Northern, Middle and Southern Colonies
In the beginning, there were only thirteen. Thirteen original
colonies, inhabiting a relatively small tract of land along the Atlantic
that eventually became one of the most powerful nations the world has ever
seen. What differentiated this nation from other countries of the time?
Diversity. From these thirteen colonies eme...
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The Benefits and Drawbacks of Migrating Into a Foreign Lands
Migrating into a foreign land has its obvious benefits. People from all over migrate to other nations in hopes that they will somehow be able to better their lives in some way, whether that might be from job opportunities, safety from threats of their own nation or several other possible reasons in between. People make the...
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The Life and Struggles of Syrian Refugees
Imagine living in a room as small as a classroom with a dozen families. A room filled with darkness at night, one with no electricity. When the sink is in sight, no glass cup is in the hands and no water coming from the sink. This is the daily life of Syrian refugees. The life of these refugees are filled with problems. Fro...
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The Growth and Flow of the Syrian Refugees on the EU
A lone man named Ahmed limps along a small mountain road, malnourished, exhausted, and dying of thirst. He has walked these dangerous roads for the past few days, sleeping in the day and walking at night in an attempt to dodge the fatal daytime temperature. Although he started with many others, most have fallen behind becau...
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Immigration: The Enforcement, Guest Worker and Legalization Perspective
Throughout our Christian history (and Jewish history prior to that), we have been heavily impacted by migrants and immigrants alike. For most of our Jewish history, we were immigrants and migrants, trying to seek the Promised Land. In our Christian history, there is numerous examples of Christians moving to escape persecuti...
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