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A Look into the Future of New York City
This article talks about the end of civilizations by “natural disasters” more specifically how New York City in time will be completely submerged underwater. Piazza San Marco in Venice is the city of focus and how NYC will turn into this whether it’s in 50, 100, or 200 years. Our nation has already suffered natural disaster...
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The Important Role of Gothic Cathedrals During the Medieval Period
Gothic Cathedrals play an important role during the medieval time period. The construction of many Cathedrals took place between 1170 and 1270. One of the purposes of the Cathedral is an administrative seat for the bishop. Cathedrals can also be seen as the site of ecclesiastical authority and as an education center for the...
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The Pantheon, the Largest Un-Reinforced Concrete Dome in the World From the Roman Empire Era
A cultural landmark and milestone for not just the Roman Empire, but for all of humankind is the Pantheon, one of the most well preserved buildings in Rome. The ancient Roman temple is a house to close to two millennia of history and art, kept well preserved throughout the ages. The Pantheon continues to hold the record for...
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A Description of the Landmark Center and the Surrounding Area
Positioned between Fenway Park and the Longwood Medical Area, the Landmark Center serves as a hub for both shopping and pedestrian traffic. Its facilities take up about one block of the urban landscape across from the western portion of The Riverway. Its concrete composition and the construction currently being undertaken...
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A Comparison of the Romanesque and Gothic Architecture
At first glance it seems that Romanesque and gothic architecture could
not differ more. Romanesque architecture features heavy barrel vaults,
requires thick walls for support and leaves little room for stained-glass
windows while gothic architecture boasts lighter vaults, allows for thin
walls and leaves room for the beauty...
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The History of Architecture in Saudi Arabia and the Masmak Fort
Introduction Masmak fort takes us back to the history of Saudi Arabia. The fort was built on older traditional Najd structural engineering. The general appearance of the stronghold is symmetrical with four tours connected by impervious red block dividers. The structure was built in 1865 which was followed by renovations i...
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A History of the Trinity Churches in New York City
There are some estimates that claim there are over 2,000 religious denominations in the United States alone. Modern “Christendom” is full of the names of different people and groups spanning two millennia (Study of Denominations). As one of the largest growing faiths, Christianity, is one of those religions that have been s...
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The Manhattan Church of Christ in New York City
One of the greatest constitutional rights given to the American people is the freedom to religion. “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.” Since the founding of our country, where some people deliberately came to the country in search of religious freed...
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The History of the Hoover Dam Bridge
The Hoover Dam Bridge The Hoover Dam Bridge is a type of arch bridge that is found in the United States of America. The construction of the bridge was finished in October 2010 and connects Nevada and Arizona where it creates a route that is faster across the river. The building of the dam was initiated by the Arizona and N...
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A Discussion on the Special Significance of Monuments
When visiting a monument, whether for a historically significant person or event, it is usually one of our more memorable experiences. The realization dawns on us that monuments cannot be erected overnight; such projects take careful contemplation and planning. For those who design it, they must consider several elements, o...
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