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A Guide on How I Made My Penguin Ice Hut
Penguin Ice Hut I built my model of the penguin house using a cardboard box, blocks of Styrofoam, felt, and aluminum foil. I put the Styrofoam blocks inside the box and I carved out a small space for the penguin to stay. I lined that space using felt and I sealed the edges of the box using tape. I made a door for the pengu...
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A Discussion of the Big Blue Crane Collapse, a Construction Accident
The construction accident I am going to discuss is the Big Blue Crane Collapse. This is a famous accident that occurred on July 14, 1999. Big Blue is the name of heavylift crawler crane which collapsed under circumstances primarily identified as thrust due to wind speeds. The crane reportedly bearing a load of about 450 ton...
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An Analysis of the Importance of Service Oriented Architecture to an Organization and Its Integration with Cloud Strategy
INTEGRATION OF CLOUD AND SOA CONTENTS: 1. Executive summary1 2. Introduction1 3. Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)2 4. Cloud Computing3 5. Connection between SOA and cloud computing5 6. Organizations perspective5 7. Benefits of SOA and cloud computing6 8. Key elements of SOA and Cloud9 9. Conclusion11 10. R...
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