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Incorporating Dance into One's Life as a Means of Finding Depth and Beauty
Ask anyone and they will tell you their mom made them participate in some sort of sport or extra-curricular when they were younger. When I was younger those sports were gymnastics and ballet. Sometimes people take those sports and run with them and sometimes they decide those sports just aren’t for them. In the case of Mela...
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The History of Trance Dancing and the Use of Poi for Enhancement
From an outsider's perspective, trance dancing in the rave scene may appear a questionable cauldron of chemicals, squelching soundboards and sweaty bodies; but upon closer examination, trance dancing has a therapeutic effect upon the body and mind, provides opportunities for social bonding, and has served as a vehicle for d...
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My Experience, Outlook, and Overview of the Classical Dance
Classical Dance: my experience, outlook, and brief overview When I was in elementary school and junior high, there was one particular dance that really shaped my little world. It was Irish Step. To me, this wasn’t just a dance class where I learned a few steps here and there, it was a free space for me to open up and just...
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A Reflection on the Ideas and Strategies Used in Teaching a Non-Majors Dance Class Which Need to Be Implemented in Regular Classes
The next time I teach a class, I would incorporate many of the ideas and strategies I used to teach the non-majors class. Based on the feedback I received from my peers and the students, I would keep the flow of the class the same to keep the students warm, focused, and reflective. I think I did well incorporating partner f...
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The Life of Martha Graham and Her Contributions to Dance
Martha Graham was an artist who shaped the history of modern dance with her work and technique. During her lifetime, she danced for seventy years, developed her own unique dance technique emphasizing contraction and release, and choreographed works that are performed to this day. The Graham Technique that she created has be...
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A Process Analysis of Sewing Pointe Shoes for Ballet
INTRODUCTION The purpose of this document is to provide an example of a process analysis, for example how to sew together pointe shoes for ballet. The form of dance called ballet is a form of dance which began centuries ago in France. Pointe Shoes are a style of shoe which is worn by ballerinas which helps the dancers p...
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The Influence of the Traditional Greek Dance on the Choreographer Zouzou Nikoloudi
From an Ancient Myth to a Modern World Greek culture is historically famous for its richness in religious tradition, as well as its innovativeness in theater, philosophy, art, and language. From popular methods of argumentation to modern governmental structure, the vast ancient Greek influence on modern society is undeniab...
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An Analysis of Dance History
Dance History 1573: Le Ballet Des Polonais Le Ballet Des Polonais of 1573 took place at the Palace of the Tuileries in Paris, France. It included spoken verse and had a clear mark of French taste for figured dancing. This ballet was far more dance oriented than the Italian ballets that I have attended in the past. Howeve...
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A Review of Dance Videos: Baryshnikov Dances Sinatra, Stop-Brooms and Pilobolus Molly's Not Dead
Objective Viewing For the first dance I viewed, “Baryshnikov dances Sinatra,” I thoroughly enjoyed the drama and skill with which both dancers (but especially the female) performed this dance. Their movements were very expressive, which is what I personally enjoy seeing in a theatrical dance performance. It allows me to fe...
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A Review of the Choreography for Tom Misch's Release You Video
The video I chose for our second informal writing assignment is a modern hip hop choreography set to the song “Release You” by Tom Misch. This choreography was made by a somewhat obscure youtuber larkin poynton, who has done several hip hop choreographies. I find him extremely talented, and although he is not the best or mo...
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Salsa: Polycentrism and Afro-Cuban Origins
Salsa: Polycentrism and Afro-Cuban Origins When thinking about salsa dance, one might think of a spicy mixture of movements and upbeat music, gyrating loose hips and turns set to an energetic beat that makes it almost impossible to stand still. In fact, the definition of salsa is “mixture,” as it denotes a flavorful mix of...
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A Glimpse into Rudolf Laban's Life and Influence on Music Education
Rudolf Laban and his Influence on Music Education Rudolf Laban was a European artist who was famous during the early 1900’s for his works in revolutionizing the way that dance and movement are taught. Before his time, the field of dance consisted primarily of rigid form and structure that was passed down by each generation...
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The Harlem Renaissance Popularized American Vernacular Dance
Put simply, the Harlem Renaissance was a time of literary and artistic collaboration between African Americans from all across America. After World War I African Americans from all over the country migrated to Harlem, New York. This congregation of black people fostered a community of immense racial pride. The movement, whi...
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The History and Use of Pantomime in Theatrical Dance from Ancient Greece to Ballet D'Action
From the 6th century to the 4th century BC, Ancient Greek Pantomime dominated theatrical dance in Ancient Greece. In Ancient pantomime, highly skilled performances in which gestures, bodily, movements, words, songs, and music contributed to stir the emotions of the audience. It is composed of poetry, music, and dance insepa...
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A Report on the Art of Dancing
Dance Assignments Pt. 1 Martha Graham makes an interesting statement at the end of her essay, that dance doesn’t need to change for a visual generation, but that it remains one fundamentally unchanged art form among a sea of others that have changed dramatically in their purpose and method over the course of hundreds of y...
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A Description of the Tibetan Skeleton Dance, a Type of Cham Dance
Tibetan Skeleton Dance is a type of Cham dance commonly performed at Monlam, the ten day Tibetan prayer festival beginning on the Tibetan New Year, as well as at cemetery rituals, although these dances are very private and impossible to observe. Cham dance as a musical tradition may have had its beginnings as early as 637...
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The Paradoxical Tastefulness of Bob Fosse's Choreography
The Paradoxical Tastefulness of Bob Fosse’s Choreography Fred Astaire, the iconic American male dancer of both the Broadway stage and the Hollywood screen in the early half of the twentieth century, is remembered today for his elegance, poise, and charm. Known for his partnership with Ginger Rogers, Astaire, dressed clea...
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Hip-Hop Dancing as a New Art Form
Throughout The Humanities by Sayre, we have seen the rise and fall of civilizations but a repeating idea seems to be that every culture creates a form of art that reflects their practices and what that society deems as important. In most cases, these art forms can be seen as “unnecessary” due to their lack of practical func...
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A Critique of Happy Hour Performed by Monica Bill Barnes and Anna Bass
Monica Bill Barnes and Anna Bass performedHappy Hour, an interactive one-hour work that depicted the story of two men at a bar/party. Throughout the show the men try to court a few women in the audience—only one of them having total success. They also have a goal to entertain the audience and receive high amounts of positiv...
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A Critique of Restless Creature, a Piece Performed by Wendy Whelan
Retired New York City ballerina Wendy Whelan graced the stage with her own independent contemporary ballet showcaseRestless Creature. It was comprised of four lengthy pieces, each featuring a distinct male partner to complement and share Whelan’s phenomenal talent. Although there were no flashy sets—the second half of the p...
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The Similarities and Differences between Katherine Dunham and Alvin Ailey's Fusion of African-European Dance
Africa and Europe have always been two continents that contrast with one another in every way possible, from their traditions to their natives’ skin color. The former holds an oppressive history of chaos that was caused by the latter. The two lands are seldom considered similar. However, in the realm of dance, Africanist an...
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A Comprehensive Analysis of the Dance Performed by Shantala Shivalingappa
Shantala Shivalingappa graced the stage with commemorations and poems from her native India. The performer practices the art of Kuchipudi, a variation of classical Indian dance that focuses on rhythmically and abstractly conveying a greater message. Shivalingappa spent the evening worshipping various gods of Indian culture...
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An Experiment Showing the Movements of the Human Body while Dancing
During the fourth laboratory of the semester, the shoulders, hands, pelvis, and iliopsoas were intensely engaged in the body. The class activities were primarily completed with a partner, for each individual needed to work off of another person. This laboratory involved constant contact with another human body; I was rolled...
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An Experiment Showing the Movements of the Skeletal System while Dancing
During the third laboratory of the semester, the human skeleton was the focus, with an emphasis on specific bones like the skull, spine, thorax, and jaw. Although I missed the actual laboratory, I completed each activity in Body Stories relating to the days that the laboratory utilized. The activities basically consisted of...
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A Laboratory Experiment Showing the Importance of Touch and Body Symmetry
During the second laboratory of the semester, sensory awareness and evolutionary movement were the foci, with an emphasis on touch and body symmetry. The class was filled with individual and partner activities that encompassed the important facts about the bodily senses and evolutions over time. Exercises involving the reli...
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