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The History of Ballet Costuming and Its Relation to Developments in Technique
In the early days of ballet, when dance was a social court pastime, dancers wore their own clothes when dancing rather than specially designed costumes. For us today those everyday outfits resemble costumes. The men wore very elaborate, stiff brocaded coats, knee breeches, wigs and swords belted to their waists. The women w...
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The Contributions of Charles-Louis Didelot to the Development of Ballet and Russian Ballet
Charles-Louis Didelot was an extremely innovative choreographer, dancer, and teacher, who not only played a crucial role in the development of ballet in Russia in particular, but also made notable contributions to the world of ballet as a whole. Born into a family of dancers, it was under his father's instruction that Didel...
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The Sleeping Beauty: An Ageless Ballet Piece by Marius Petipa
Sleeping Beauty The Sleeping Beauty is one of the greatest and well-treasured story ballets of all time. The embodiment of classical ballet, it is considered to be the most authentic of Petipa’s work. Inspired by Charles Perrault, who paved the way to a new category of storytelling from folk tales to fairytales, Marius P...
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A Review of the Performance of the Paul Taylor Dance Company
Paul Taylor Dance Company When I saw the Paul Taylor Dance Company perform this fall, I was truly amazed by the energy emitting from every single member of the company for every piece. While I had already expected them to be amazing, the Paul Taylor Dance Company had far exceeded my expectations. I was highly impressed by...
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The History and Use of Pantomime in Theatrical Dance from Ancient Greece to Ballet D'Action
From the 6th century to the 4th century BC, Ancient Greek Pantomime dominated theatrical dance in Ancient Greece. In Ancient pantomime, highly skilled performances in which gestures, bodily, movements, words, songs, and music contributed to stir the emotions of the audience. It is composed of poetry, music, and dance insepa...
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The Role and Influence of the Church on Dance in the Middle Ages
Before the collapse of the Roman Empire in 476AD, theater and dance was widely integrated into European society. It served as the most popular form of entertainment and celebration. Roman Pantomime was the thriving form of theater performance and dance at the peak of Roman domination. It incorporated burlesque style dance,...
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The History of the Development of Ballet
Dance 150 Final In 1643, the Baroque period began with King Louis XIV, who had a great influence on the development of ballet. Not only was he a devoted supporter of dance, he was also a cherished performer. In fact, King Louis XIV is frequently referred to as the Sun King, a name he received after appearing lavishly decor...
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A Report on the Art of Dancing
Dance Assignments Pt. 1 Martha Graham makes an interesting statement at the end of her essay, that dance doesn’t need to change for a visual generation, but that it remains one fundamentally unchanged art form among a sea of others that have changed dramatically in their purpose and method over the course of hundreds of y...
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A Description of the Tibetan Skeleton Dance, a Type of Cham Dance
Tibetan Skeleton Dance is a type of Cham dance commonly performed at Monlam, the ten day Tibetan prayer festival beginning on the Tibetan New Year, as well as at cemetery rituals, although these dances are very private and impossible to observe. Cham dance as a musical tradition may have had its beginnings as early as 637...
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The Paradoxical Tastefulness of Bob Fosse's Choreography
The Paradoxical Tastefulness of Bob Fosse’s Choreography Fred Astaire, the iconic American male dancer of both the Broadway stage and the Hollywood screen in the early half of the twentieth century, is remembered today for his elegance, poise, and charm. Known for his partnership with Ginger Rogers, Astaire, dressed clea...
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