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Sub-Topics in Classical-Era Composers

A Review of a Classical Music Concert (Including Pieces of Such Composers as Luigi Boccherini, Beethoven, Maurice Ravel and Others)
The first thing I noticed when they walked onto stage was that they all looked really happy to be performing. In the first piece “trio no. V in B-Flat major” by Luigi Boccherini, first movement, Andante, the melody moves you around from instrument to instrument. You can tell who has the melody by hearing who has the most fr...
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An Introduction to the Life of Luigi Boccherini a Prolific Composer
Luigi Boccherini was a prolific composer, particularly of chamber music with a distinctive and highly wrought style, and he is the chief representative of Latin instrumental music during the Viennese Classical period. Boccherini was also an exceptional cellist. Luigi Boccherini (his baptismal first name Rudalfo was never u...
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