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Topics in Business/Organizational Communication

Effective Interpersonal Communication in the Workplace: Self-Concept, Self-Esteem, Self-Disclosure, Emotional Intelligence, and Conflict Resolution
Introduction Hello, Coworkers. Communication is an important aspect of workplace activities. Even in situations where a group of workers are highly trained and talented, issues can arise if the individuals are unable to demonstrate strong communication skills. After taking a class on interpersonal communication, I have lea...
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An Argument Against the Advertising of Alcoholic Beverages
Studies show that alcohol advertising increases consumption. The point
of an advertisement is to persuade the audience to buy a product or to try
something out. Alcoholic drinks should not be advertised because they
promote underage drinking by adding entertaining commercials, interesting
slogans, behavior that drinking is...
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The Importance of Communication in the Library Field
The Importance of Communication in the Library Field Communication is the most important factor in today’s society. Communication has helped the world find religions, mathematics, and other world defining things. Language, writing, music, math, and more are all forms of communication. In modern civilization, careers and jo...
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A Campaign Creation for Sexually Transmitted Diseases
I will be creating an advertising campaign about sexually transmitted disease/condom use. I will have an image of a very beautiful young woman 18 , looking seductively, holding a very expensive handbag that reads “STI’s” and an image of a doctor with one finger up for disapproval. The image will read, “She looks clean, but...
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The Significant Role of Social Media in Business Today
This article is very relevant to social media. It talks about how different businesses are using Facebook Messenger to excel and further promote their business and success by doing so. Social media is beginning to play a huge role in business. It’s being used for customer service, ordering items, news, and many other things...
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The Major Advantages of Advertising in Business
Advertising has many advantages that are reached through educating the consumers. Marketing play a key role in educating the consumers about the products in the market or the new products and the new prices. Advertising has major advantages that may include introduction, of new products to the market, increasing sales, crea...
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Advertisements Are the Biggest Source of Gender Stereotyping
Commercials are the most powerful tool used for creating and making up people’s opinions. Their structure is simplified in order to be understood by receivers Therefore stereotypes are very often used in the commercials as one of the most popular techniques of persuasion. Advertisements are the biggest source of gender ste...
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Workplace Friendships and Their Influence on Productivity According to Social Construction Theory
Workplace Friendship The Purpose of this research project was to discover how workplace friendships affect productivity of people, specifically millennials, in the workplace using the social construction theory. This is a topic of interest to me because I’ve been told for most of my working career that it is important to...
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An Analysis of a Print Ad for Samsung
That’s One Sexy Computer! Companies and businesses use advertisements as a way to market and sell goods and services to the public. More specifically, print ads appear in written media such as newspapers and magazines. Unlike with television or internet advertisements, companies can not utilize audio or video in print ads...
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Importance of Good Communication Skills in the Field of Education, Job, and Social Interactions
One of the important life skills an individual should develop is the communication skills. This skill involves speaking clearly and openly without any grammatical error. In other words, it involves speaking fluently. This essay will discuss the importance of communication skills in the field of education, in the field of jo...
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The Factors Impacting the Success of Virtual Teams: Fluid Communication, Trust, Strong Leadership, Deadlines, and Efficient Technologies
Teamwork is an essential part of the academic journey, whether you are going through your undergraduate studies or getting your doctoral degree. Teamwork broadens your horizons and opens your eyes to new perspectives and polishes your communication skills. However, group work is sometimes hard to achieve when your education...
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An Analysis of Effective Communication Strategies and the Communication Skills of Ben Williams, a Chief Executive Officer of a Public Relations Company
Effective leaders know how to communicate clearly, practice active
listening, and adapt to their audience. Leaders with excellent
communication skills communicate in various methods. These methods include
face-to-face, E-mail, social media, and phone calls. It is important to
communicate through different methods because c...
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A Study of the Effects of Advertising in Society
“The error that we tend to make is that we think that women’s magazines are what editors want and what their readers want – and thus are social indicators – when, in fact, they are what advertisers want. They’re just advertising indicators.” ~ Gloria Steinem Discussion Question: How is advertising related to culture, an...
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The Power of Young Girls Promoted in the #LikeAGirl Campaign by Always
Making #LikeAGirl Powerful Always is a brand of female hygiene products. Their purpose is for women and girls to live life to their full extent. They wish to empower women with their products. Hashtag LikeAGirl (#LikeAGirl) is a movement that Always has started to help young girls become proud of being girls. When pube...
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A Critical Analysis of the IPhone 6s Commercial with Cookie Monster
Signs, Symbols and Agents Signification/Meanings 1st Scene & 1st Agent: Cookie Monster in a kitchen, first showing inside the oven A recognizable character is introduced, creating nostalgia. 1st Agent &Action: Cookie Monster has just placed cookie dough in the oven A character is personified by doing an action a hu...
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The Use of E-Invites for the Catamaran Yacht Company Team Building Retreat
For the initial invitation to the event, we chose a very elegant, minimalist E-vite. The E-vites are sent to each prospective guest through email and when the potential guest clicks on the email titles “Catamaran Yacht Company Team Building Retreat”, the virtual envelope for this E-vite pops up. This envelope is royal blue...
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The Use of the Technique of Green Marketing in Different Companies
Everywhere we go today we see different advertising, and one of the most popular ways of getting someone’s attention today is to say that something is “green” or good for the environment, but what does that really mean? Many companies use green marketing as a tactic to appeal to their customer and draw them in. These compan...
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Sexual References as a Successful Strategy in Advertising
The Mystery of Sex in Advertising Imagine yourself walking down the street; there’s a large billboard with a young woman in lingerie holding food from a fast food restaurant. Do you think it would catch your attention? Would it make you want to eat at that restaurant? What if it was an old man? The phenomenon that sex se...
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Effective Communication Strategy for Uber, a Transport Company
1. Introduction Uber is Taxi Company as well as a transport network company. The
company is famous for its utilization of mobile application in
communicating to clients. The company started its operation in United
States of America. It currently operates in many countries across the
world. The company operation inclu...
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The Importance of Effective Communications Systems and Good Listening in Organizations
No organization can be successful without having an effective communication system. Ideas and information must be conveyed in a manner that is not difficult to decode. “To be successful in our interactions with others, we must provide clear and compelling information about what we want from them, and why it is in their best...
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A Report on the Prevalence of Advertising Messages in Our Cultural Landscape
As we have read and discussed in class, the cultural landscape we live in is saturated with advertising messages of all kinds. In the capitalist race for wealth and power, businesses use any and all marketing tactics to attract consumers. I found it interesting that, in the book, the authors talk about how “shopping was tra...
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An Analysis of the Video Advertisement for the Appalachian State University
Creative Brief Summary:  This advertisement brief is to be built for Appalachian State University to promote the school’s image, emphasizing its key academic presence within the higher education system and American society in general. The product, a video advertisement, will be shaped with ASU’s core beliefs in mind and d...
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The Importance of Personality Measures in Marcel M. Robles' Executive Perceptions of the Top 10 Soft Skills Needed in Today's Workplace
Article #3 Analysis Marcel M. Robles’ article, “Executive Percetptions of the Top 10 Soft Skills Needed in Today’s Workplace” proposed that 21st century employers aren’t just looking for job candidates with the right technical knowledge, anymore. “Personality measures”, according to the Robles, “are equally important pre...
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A Review of Two Commercials by Apple Music Featuring Taylor Swift
#Relatable A few weeks ago, Apple Music released a commercial of Taylor Swift doing a Cardio workout on the treadmill while rapping along to Drake and Future’s song “Jumpman.” At the surface, it looked like it was going to be just that one commercial until last week another one was released in where Swift is getting ready...
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A Case Study on the Challenges and Advantages of International Marketing
Going Global In order to become a sucessful entrepreneur, building and maintaining a loyal customer base is one of the first steps to success. Once they achieve this goal, some business owners feel expanding internationally will become the necessary next step. Becoming a global company is an amazing accomplishment, and not...
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