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The Merits of Free Trade According to a Realist and a Liberal
A realist would say that the top merit of free trade is the ability to manipulate the system to increase a state’s power. As was said in Module 9’s first lecture, international trade “is now in excess of 16 trillion dollars per year” (Bretton Woods, 9). This money is powerful and a realist sees the value behind the large do...
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The History and Economy of Havana, Cuba
Throughout its history, Havana, Cuba has proven to be the country’s leading economic and cultural center. Its geography as a critical port prompted its establishment and eventual growth. This expansion began during the early 19th century and continued into the country’s first establishment of an independent government. The...
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An Analysis of Mongolia's Economy
Credit Analysis While Mongolia once served as a buffer between the Soviet Union and China, it today stands as an independent economic powerhouse. With staggering reserves of minerals such as coal, copper and gold, Mongolia has appreciated unprecedented economic growth. However, Mongolia’s great performance and potential...
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The Role of Triangular Trade and the Navigation Acts on the Economies of the New England, Middle, and Southern Colonies
From 1650 to 1750, there was a lot of trading going on in the New World. Most consisted of Trans-Atlantic Trade, also called Triangular Trade, which the North American English colonies were an active part of. Due to the active trading, Great Britain put the Navigation Acts into effect, allowing the colonies to only trade wi...
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The Conspiracy of Powerful Forces Against the African People for Economic Power and Gain
The corrupt force of Eurocentric resource-hoarding, wealth-based capitalism continues to parasitically feed upon the resources of the African continent. These resources are not just minerals, but also human lives and social capital as well. The hegemony of Euro-American influence has so deeply penetrated the realities of th...
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A Discussion on Brazil's Failing Economy and Lack of Available Housing Not Being Able to Support the Growing Population
Population Statistics On paper, Brazil’s population seems pretty healthy and well-balanced. It’s a big country, birth rates are steady, and infant mortality is low, but a closer look shows a troubling revelation: Brazil’s failing economy and lack of available housing simply cannot support the growing population. The proble...
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The Definition and Application of Economic Incentive
Economics An economic incentive is something that motivates individuals to make a decision and perform a particular action. It describes our financial behavior and why we choose our choice of action. Incentives can be as complex as engaging in moral incentives such as religion or as simple as choosing which brand to purc...
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A Comparison of the Socio-Economic Status in America and Scandinavia
The American economic system is designed to keep people in poverty rather than lift them out of it. In contrast, the Nordic system of social democracy will help sustain those who cannot support themselves as well as offer opportunities to help the working poor get back on their feet. David K. Shipler, in his book The Workin...
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International Trade: Countries That Make the Most out of International Commerce
“Trading Up” Which country gets the most out of international commerce? -Unnamed, The Economist Print Edition Summary: News reports from places like Beijing and Shanghai are now saying that “China is now No 1 in trade.” Supposedly, this is only mostly true. Chinas international trade in goods did indeed lead the world i...
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European Banks Returning to Iran: Risks, Aims and Potential Effects
“Europe’s Banks Are Staying Out of Iran” Republican opposition to nuclear deal adds to hesitation, and banks want ‘maximum certainty’ before returning to Iran -Fabio Benedetti Valentini, Bloomberg News Summary: After the issues have seemingly faded away in Iran, banks and their respective companies are looking to return...
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