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Political Influence Over Economics in the Tobacco Control in Hawai'i County
In a capitalistic society where competitive markets are encouraged and plentiful, like in the United States, the government still has the ability to influence behavior of the markets by way of legislative policy. These influencers can take many forms including passing laws that restrict access to certain products. This is t...
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An Argument in Favor of International Free Trade Agreements
The United States is a land of free trade in itself. As Americans, we take pride in our nation’s capitalist ways. Free trade is a fundamental element of a peaceful and efficient society. As such, I believe that that international free trade agreements are not only in the best interest of the US, but in the best interest of...
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An Analysis of the Reflection of Reality on Corruption in International Trade Law
“For the only way in which a durable peace can be created is by world-wide restoration of economic activity and international trade.” ~ James Forrestal Introduction Multinational corporations present an interesting dilemma in the world of international trade and, even more specifically, international trade law. On one...
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An Analysis of the Jamaica Economy
Life and Debt details the Jamaican struggle to develop a sufficient, independent economy as they forge the way in their attempt to recover from the globalization that has taken a hold on their markets. Globalization, as depicted by the producers of the movie, is the condition in which multinational countries have begun to d...
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An Analysis of the Effects of Globalization in India
To what extent has globalization impacted the socioeconomic structure of India? Provide at least two examples that support your point of view. Globalization has positively impacted the socioeconomic structure of India in many ways. For example, it has inspired the creation of sanitary facilities (present in many other co...
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A Discussion on China's Tendencies to Form Stronger Economic and Strategic Relations With Pakistan
Introduction: CPEC stands for China Pakistan Economic Corridor. It is part of China’s One Belt One Road project (OBOR). China tends to form economic and strategic relations with Pakistan stronger than ever. The project will serve china’s different objectives both economic and political. We can discuss the different aspects...
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The Negative Impact of Commercialization in the Economy
Topic #2 Wilhelm Ropke, a well known conservative economist, once said “ The curse of commercialization is that it results in the standards of market spreading into regions which should remain beyond supply and demand” (Chapter 19) which means that our society is being taken over by corporate companies. Which then means th...
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The Factors That Contributes to a Country's Success
International development is an exceptionally complicated and multifaceted discipline concept that combines into one discipline economics, healthcare, and the general wellbeing of individuals in a certain society into one field. While all of these aspects are essential in the development of a country, I believe it is crucia...
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The Energy Trade Relations Between the European Union and Russia
Abstract This paper will explore the energy trade relations between the European Union and Russia by reflecting on its past, analyzing its present, and predicting its future. As the EU’s third biggest trading partner, Russia provides an interdependent energy trade relationship within the member states that aims to offer mu...
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The Characteristics, Benefits, and Disadvantages of Globalization
The World We Live In With Globalization The world we live in today wouldn’t be what it is now if there wasn’t globalization. There are various reasons as to why we trade, sell, and work with other countries when it comes to businesses, food, resources, etc. American companies have their products manufactured in other count...
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