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The Pervasive Theme of Escapism and Self-Preservation During the Nineteenth Century
In the Pursuit of Sin: Escapism and Self-Preservation as Enigmas of the Nineteenth-century Introduction As a form of resistance to the ubiquitously potent, philistine and often hypocritical ideals that proliferated in the midst of a burgeoning metropolitan society in nineteenth century France and England, literary schol...
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The Comparison of Odysseus to James Bond of Skyfall
Shaken, not Stirred: Comparing Odysseus to a Modern Day Hero When one reviews the characters of The Odyssey, one can tell many things. Odysseus, the hero, is portrayed as witty and smart, but also arrogant. Polyphemus, one of the many villains, is portrayed as brutal and aggressive. Viewing all of the characters that appea...
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Sinister Distortion of Family Relationship in Carter's Stories Tiger's Bride, Snow Child and The Bloody Chamber
In Tigers Bride, sexual connotations craft an image to the reader that makes them consider that there is family distortion. The first quotation of the story sets the tone for the rest of the story; Carter represents the male characters (Beauty’s father and the Beast) as dominant beings: ‘My father lost me to the Beast at ca...
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The Contrasting Views on Life in the Metamorphosis by Peter Kuper and Franz Kafka
Life is not just a routine pathway to the next offer or decision that awaits a person. Each morning, people wake up thinking about how predictable their life may be. They can brush their teeth, get their hair done, put clothes on and get out of the house all by the same time every day, to get to the same place, every day. H...
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Comparing the Similarities and Differences Between the Female Protagonists Vilified for Having Sexual Power in Lolita and Wide Sargasso Sea
“Everything in the world is about sex except sex. Sex is about power.” (Oscar Wilde). Compare and contrast the ways that female protagonists are presented as being vilified for having a sense of sexual power in Vladimir Nabokov’s “Lolita”, and Jean Rhys’ “Wide Sargasso Sea”. From the witch hunting hysteria of the 17th cent...
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The Use of the Similar Scenes of Nature to Depict Contrasting Views of Individual Nature in the Works of William Wordsworth and Robert Frost
Wordsfrost Essay Poets and writers often have a theme to their writing that makes sense in their time period. There was Fitzgerald with his many stories of unrequited female love and money woes. There was Hawthorne and his iceberg style criticism of Puritanism. Then, there was William Wordsworth and Robert Frost, each so...
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The Use of Personification and Metaphor to Illustrate the Core Value of Transcendentalism in the Works of Walt Whitman and Ralph Emerson
Transcendentalism Paper The Puritans of New England called their home, “A city upon a hill”. They put themselves on a pedestal, and this depicts Puritan values and characteristics. If someone lives “upon a hill”, they are watching everyone around them. In Puritan society, people were aware they were constantly being watche...
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Tony Morrison's and Frederick Douglass' Arguments for Equality Using the Power of Questions
The Power of Questions Many relationships in life consist of a balancing act between people in opposing roles: submissive and dominant. Sometimes, like with a parent and their child, the dominant person is there to prevent the submissive one from making bad choices so they can become better individuals. These relationsh...
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A Summary of How to Write a Comparative Analysis
"How to write a comparative analysis" Summary Comparisons between various issues and subjects are made throughout
everyone's lives, and a number of those comparisons are required to be
written during school. There are two main types of comparisons, compare-and-
contrast, and "lens" comparisons. Compare and con...
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The Idea of Chosen Rulers in The Epic of Gilgamesh and Hymn to the Nile
Divine Destiny The people of both Mesopotamia and Egypt believed their leaders had the right to rule due to the belief that their rulers were predestined by the gods to become their kings. This is obvious in the readings “The Epic of Gilgamesh” and “Hymn to the Nile”. In these readings, it is implied in many ways that the...
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Comparing the Similarities Between the Totalitarian Government and the Effects of Government Power on the Loss of One's Self in 1984 and in PyongYang
In the novel Nineteen Eighty-four written by George Orwell, totalitarian government and government power control resulted in the loss of one’s self are very similar to the graphic novel PyongYang by Guy Delisle, they both have a government, which is controlling and has special rules; the atmosphere is cold and impersonal. I...
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Loneliness and the Failure to Fit into Society in The Great Gatsby, A Streetcar Named Desire, and The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock
The Great Gatsby by F.Scott Fitzgerald, A Street Named Desire by Tennesse Williams and the poetry of T.S Eliot were all written in the written in the first half of the twentieth century, during a time which two World Wars had torn apart the world creating internal conflicts between the old and new. The characters of Blanche...
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A Comparison of Our Country's Good by Timberlake Wertenbaker and The French Lieutenant's Woman by John Fowles
“Writers often experiment with narrative devices and structures in order to challenge readers’ expectations of genre, and their view of the outside world.” Compare and contrast your two texts in light of this comment. Postmodernism is a Western philosophy which started in in the late 20th century which generally features f...
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The Similarities and Differences in the Cases of Adults Protecting Children in the Poems A Barred Owl by Richard Wilbur and The History Teacher by Billy Collins
Children, though in hold of a functioning brain, rely on the knowledge of surrounding elders to comfort them. The poems by both Richard Wilbur and Billy Collins depict cases of adults protecting children. However, there are differences between the two works, for instance, the tone of the poet. These similarities and differe...
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Ignorance Versus Enlightenment in Inherit the Wind, a Play by Jerome Lawrence and Robert Edwin Lee
Inherit the Wind Inherit the Wind highlights the constant battle between ignorance and enlightenment. Authors Lawrence and Lee use the political and religious elite as advocates for ignorance, their thirst for power and unanimous support leading them to manipulate their followers into staying with them in their dark, unenl...
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The Use of Pastoral Imagery in Different Literary Poems
The significance of pastoral imagery in World War One poetry cannot be underestimated, a cyclical theme seen in all four phases of consciousness and used by many poets alike. Initially, the use of pastoral imagery was employed by poets like Rupert Brooke’s as a propaganda tool, which glamorised the heroism of the soldiers a...
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Fighting the Real Battle in The Short by Alexander Pushkin and One Friday Morning by Langston Hughes
Introduction This paper summarizes two literary works of Langston Hughes and Alexander Pushkin. In both narrations, the characters at some point find it hard to accept what they pass through and how others treated them. That desire to fight for one’s rights is a burning issue from both the tales. No matter how hard the cha...
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Slave Ships and Its Role on Slavery in the Lives of John Newton and Olaudah Equiano
Slave ship: A human history, written by Marcus Rediker, is a book that takes a rather unique view of slavery, asserting that the slave ship itself was the first step in demoralizing and dehumanizing an entire race, and in fact, created the separation between races as we know it. It begins with a recounting of stories that o...
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A Review of the Interview Between Mike Pence and George Stephanopoulos
The first half of the podcast was made up of a conversation between Mike Pence and George Stephanopoulos. They discussed many of the current events taking place such as the Taiwan phone call, the Carrier trade situations, and President Elect Donald Trump’s irresponsible tweets. George Stephanopoulos presses tough questions...
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A Comparison of the Differences in the Writing Styles of Langston Hughes and Countee Cullen
Hughes and Cullen have differences that are very clear. They both have stylistic differences, Hughes writes in rhythm while Cullen writes in rhyme. Although they both write in different styles, they both have the same theme. Hughes and Cullen wrote their works during the Harlem Renaissance, which was a time where African Am...
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The Hero's Journey in Eragon by Christopher Paolini, The Adventures of Odysseus and the Tales of Troy by Padriac Colum, and The Complete Gods and Goddesses of Ancient Egypt by Richard Wilkerson
A Hero's Paths While all heroes may be unique, many follow a structured path which
can be identified and even predicted. A hero is not just a person who is
given great power or influence, they only truly become a hero when they
choose not to abuse the power that has been given to them. In Joseph
Campbell's excerpt t...
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An Examination of the Societies in The Allegory of the Cave by Plato, The Ones Who Walk Away from the Omelas by Ursula Le Guin, and The Matrix by Lana and Andy Wachowski
The Darkness Behind The Light There will never be such a thing as a perfect human society. Even
when they seem perfect on the surface there are always hidden problems that
once realized can drastically change your way of thinking. The three
societies I will be examining for this will be "The Allegory of the Cave",
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The Main Objective of the Extermination of the Colonial Settlement in Powhatan's World and Colonial Virginia, a Book by Frederic W. Gleach
In the book Powhatan’s World and Colonial Virginia the author, Frederic W. Gleach, focuses on the early seventeenth century when the colonists settled in Jamestown, Virginia. In his introduction, he states his main argument is the extermination of the colonial settlement was not the main objective of the coups of 1622 and...
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An Analysis of the Book No One is Illegal by Mike Davis and Justin Akers Chacon
My non-fiction book about my beat was a book that made me really revaluate all my thoughts when it came to the idea of immigration. No One is Illegal by Mike Davis and Justin Akers Chacon is anti-racist and really concentrated on fairness in the United States. It talks about the history of immigration, violence against im...
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Comparing the Similarities and Differences Between the Stories in What Men Live By and Kholstomer by Leo Tolstoy
What Men Live By In What Men Live By, by Leo Tolstoy, we see a stark contrast from the story Holstomer. In this story, the moral is that people are saved by their ability to love. When someone expresses love, Tolstoy says that it is God shining through that person. We also see from the numerous biblical references that...
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