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An Examination of Black Oppression in the Short Story Sonny's Blues and the Speech I Have a Dream by Martin Luther King Jr.
“Sonny’s Blues” and “I Have a Dream”: Presentation of Black Oppression In practical subjects, like math, it is often frowned upon to find your own way of doing something. Students are expected to pay attention to their lessons and use the exact same methods that are presented to figure out problems that are given to them....
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A Comparison of the Similarities and Differences of the Life Changing Situations of the Characters in Awakenings by Dr. Oliver Saks and Flowers for Algernon by Daniel Keyes
Touching stories let the audience view the world as another person sees it. Awakenings, by Dr. Oliver Saks, and "Flowers for Algernon", by Daniel Keyes, are about the experiences of characters that go thru life-changing situations. Although "Flowers for Algernon" and Awakenings have several similarities, they also have many...
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An Analysis of Daffodils and Lines Written in Early Spring, Two Works by William Wordsworth
After recalling an earlier experience in his life, William Wordsworth
penned the meditative landscape poem, "Daffodils". The tone of this poem
conveys what the poet is sharing with the audience: an experience of
delight and joy on the basis of observing nature, and later stopping to
ponder it. In this poem, the Wordsworth t...
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A Comparison of Epithalamion by Edmund Spenser and Solomon's Song of Songs
Both Spenser's Epithalamion and Solomon's Song of Songs, are wedding
poems, but their purposes are different as well as their tones. Song of
Songs is a collection of various genres of love poetry, where as
Epithalamion is simply an epithalamion: a poem celebrating a wedding. In
addition to this, the points these two poems a...
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The Concepts of Courage and Cowardice in the Red Badge of Courage, a Novel by Stephen Crane
In his novel, The Red Badge of Courage, Stephen Crane presents his
definition of the concepts of courage and cowardice. Henry, the main
character in the book, often ponders these topics, revealing Crane's
definition of them. Before Henry even engages in combat, he starts to
rationalize that he was forced into it. His fearfu...
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The Town of Omelas in the Short Story The Ones Who Walk Away from Omelas by Ursula K. Le Guin
In Ursula K. Le Guin’s short story, “The Ones Who Walk Away From Omelas,” the town of Omelas is depicted as a thriving, successful, utopia with the exception of one thing. The dark secret of the city is that a child is locked below the grounds, sitting in misery, alone, abandoned, and abused. The people of Omelas are aware...
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The Theme of Coming of Age in the Short Stories Flood by Daniel Alarcon and My Parents' Bedroom by Uwen Akpan
Fragmented Reality of Adulthood Both “Flood” by Daniel Alarcón and “My Parents’ Bedroom” by Uwen Akpan contain the common relatable theme of coming of age. Although this is a process everyone has to go through, Alarcón and Akpan successfully demonstrate how the symbols, setting, characters, and storyline are able to intens...
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The Character of Katharina and Her Change due to Petruchio in William Shakespeare's Play The Taming of the Shrew
The Taming of the Shrew The Taming of the Shrew, a play by William Shakespeare, is a tale about two sisters who are married off to wealthy suitors. Katharina, one of the two sisters, a seemingly wicked and vicious woman, is married off to Petruchio, a misogynistic, rude, and arrogant man. She used her own arrogance and...
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The Measure of Freedom in Different Works of Literature
How much Freedom Does an Individual Have? I believe that no individual has complete freedom over his or her life. Their life could always be affected by society, their setting or environment, certain situations they are caught in, and the people around them. However, I know that one has the freedom to make their own decisi...
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The Uncontrollable Factors of Life in William Shakespeare's Hamlet and Toni Morrison's Song of Solomon
According to Hamlet, Shakespeare is stating that an individual does not have complete freedom in his/her life. The character Hamlet, created by Shakespeare, is the Prince of Denmark. Being born a prince, Hamlet has little control over the course of his life. Using imagery, allusions, and metaphors, Shakespeare shows that wh...
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