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A Review of the Poem Not Waving, But Drowning by Stevie Smith
“Not Waving, but Drowning,” is a poem by Stevie Smith. The poem is about a crowd which gathers around a character who has apparently drowned. This piece by Smith best illustrates the 20th Century through her use of modernized syntactical structure, irony and diction in the past-progressive tense to establish a haunting tone...
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An Analysis of the Poem Design, an Italian Sonnet by Robert Frost
Sonnet Paper: “Design” by Robert Frost "Design,” a poem written by Robert Frost, is an Italian sonnet. An Italian sonnet usually includes an octave, an eight-line part, and a sestet, a six-line part. Usually these two parts have two contrasting points. When the poem moves from the first part to the second part, that i...
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Are Madeline and Porphyro Responsible for Their Actions in the Poem The Eve of St. Agnes
As I’m not one to deal in absolutes, I do not believe that either Madeline or Porphyro are solely responsible for the events that unfold in the latter half of the poem. In fact, I think neither seduced each other at all. It does at first seem as though Porphyro is more of the seducer here because of what he seems to tell t...
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A Comparison of the Forms of the Poems I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud and Written at the Close of Spring
To compare the form of the poems “I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud” and “Written at the Close of Spring,” I will examine each piece’s rhythmic progression. Both the Wordsworth poem and the Smith poem share an iambic pattern; every even-numbered syllable in each line is stressed, while the odd is unstressed: “I WAN-dered LONE-ly...
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An Analysis of Self-Exploration in a Poem by Halina Poświatowska
Halina Poświatowska takes a natural approach to self-exploration in her poem on page 103. She examines simplified emotional and existential spectrums through nature symbolism and metaphors leading up to an evaluation of her own self-expression. Within the first line “I cannot be merely a human” Halina Poświatowska sheds...
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The Similarities and Differences of the Two Literary Works The Wasteland and Un Chien Andalou
Un Chien Andalou and The Wasteland are similar in some ways, and different in others. Both works of art are meant to shock and shatter the audience’s perception of a traditional media form. While Un Chine Andalous uses visual imagery in order to convey a sense of surrealism, The Wasteland uses fragmented structure and vivid...
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An Analysis of Terror Meets War
Terror Meets War Many of Szymborska’s poems feature terrorism and war; two of these poems are “The End and The Beginning” and “The Terrorist He’s Watching”. “The End and the beginning” showcases war, while “The Terrorist He’s Watching” gives the reader an encounter with an act of terrorism. Both poems are completely differ...
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An Analysis of the World of Poetry
The Evidence of Your Life “Poetry is just the evidence of life. If your life is burning well, poetry is just the ash” (Cohen). Many would express that poetry is the language only the heart can tell. It has the power to exploit emotions that have been so carefully hidden or ones that did not exist prior to reading the piec...
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