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The Role of Anti-Fracking Grassroots Movements in the Policy Making in New York and Colorado
“Fracking ensures that the age of oil – and it’s princely hydrocarbon cousin, the natural gas molecule – will not end because we have run out of fossil fuels. But it may end because burning these wonderful fuels puts the planet farther down a path we don’t want to head down.” ~ Russell Gold Introduction Fracking has be...
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An Analysis of the Approaches to the Local Politics of Environmental Issues
“Development is the strategy of evasion. When you can’t give people land reform, give them hybrid cows. When you can’t send children to school, try non-formal education. When you can’t provide basic health to people, talk of health insurance. Can’t give them jobs? Not to worry, just redefine the words ‘employment opportunit...
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An Analysis of the Solutions for Reducing China's Pollution
Solution to China’s Pollution China being the most polluted country in the world, is not a surprising news. However, the pollution issue is becoming worse than ever. According to BBC news, on Monday, December 7, 2015 Beijing government “has upgraded its alert for air pollution from orange to red, the most serious level” (“...
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A History of the Greenpeace Organization Formed in 1971 for Environmental Protection
Greenpeace is an organization formed in 1971 initially to protest United States nuclear testing in Alaska for fear that it would cause an earthquake or a tsunami on the tectonically unstable Island of Amchitka. (Hunter, 2005: 35) On this original voyage, the intended goal of stopping the bomb from being detonated did not...
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The Importance of Funding Groups Such as the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) on the Health Safety of Citizens
Funding a Safe Environment Through recent discussion of the Flint Water Crisis over the past few months, Americans have started becoming aware of how altering our environment can affect our health. Organizations such as the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) serve to protect U.S. citizens from getting hu...
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The Political and Economic Importance of Water
A Modern Water Ethic One would think, in terms of socio-political issues, that nothing could be of more consequence than the basic human resource of water. Yet nowhere has there been more carelessness, more misuse and abuse, more inequity and blatant denial of reality than in human water use over the last century. In some...
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A Discussion on the Outdated Regulation of the Los Angeles River
Currently, the Los Angeles River has been stripped of its natural state and instead exists as a faint stream within a concrete fixture. Although the concrete channel infrastructure was appropriate at the time of its creation, both the environment and the needs of the city have changed. Consequentially, the outdated regulati...
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What We Do to Harm the Environement
For the most part, this article is everything we have been talking about. It shows us, how as humans, we have begun to impact out natural environments. It talks about in what ways has influenced our impacts, such as new technology, and travel efforts. However with these it also makes aware of what we are actually doing to o...
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Ecological Awareness and Sustainable Development
“Ecological Awareness and Sustainable Development” In the last few decades the human being have recognised how complicated and limited is the planet Earth. In addition, technology has been used to exploit the natural resources in an uncontrolled way on the Earth. These environmental impacts have developed an ecological awa...
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The Negative Effects of the Big Companies on the Health of the Environment
The Duwamish River: An Analysis of the Negative Impact of Industry on the Environment Claim: The economy’s harmful impact on the environment, use of massive resorts in Cancun, and responsibility, or rather lack thereof, when an environmental disaster does strike are similar in that they all share some sort of focus on th...
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