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The Differences in the Opinions About the Human Influence on Nature between Wendell Berry and Richard Conniff
Wendell Berry and Richard Corniff Comparison In the chapter “Nature,” authors Wendell Berry and Richard Conniff, have two rather different essays regarding the environment. Each of their pieces has a strong focus and is able to sway the particular audience they are attempting to reach. Berry’s essay, “An Entrance into the...
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The Worry of Catholic Businessman Regarding Pope Francis' Statement That Harming the Environment Was Sinful
In his recent encyclical, Pope Francis states that it is sinful to cause harm to the environment. Combined with accusations from environmentalists stating that coal mining and oil drilling cause irrevocable harm to the environment, this has caused many Catholic business owners in the energy sector to become concerned about...
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An Analysis of North Carolina's Policies of Controlling Water Resources
Executive Summary Home to nearly ten million residents, North Carolina possesses a unique and varied hydrological system comprised of many lakes of varying sizes, streams, rivers, wetlands, and an extensive coastal area. The Outer Banks, a chain of small islands and coastal areas spanning the length of the state, alone ac...
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Edward O. Wilsons The Future of Life: The Use of Satire to Express a Critical View on the Intentions of Environmentalists
The global issue of the conservation of the environment has become huge recently because of factors that are seen as critical to the society. There are different approaches on the actions of the environmentalists and how they benefit the society. In the book The Future Of Life written by Edward O. Wilson, the author informa...
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The United States Army Corps of Engineer's Development of the Los Angeles River
The Los Angeles River is a fifty-one mile long concrete river channel that starts at the the Santa Susana Mountains and Simi Hills, and travels through L.A. County down to Long Beach (Los Angeles River Corporation). Due to past flooding and destruction of buildings, railroad bridges, and the death of Los Angeles’s citizens,...
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An Analysis of Environmental Economics in Paul Krugman's Building a Green Economy and Ian Carey's The Great Economy Versus the Environment Myth
Building a Green Economy Paul Krugman Paul Krugman introduces the issue of climate change through an economic perspective in “Building a Green Economy”. He explains that the fundamental reason for environmental economics is due to “negative externalities” caused by people in the market guilty of harming the environment...
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The Detrimental Effects of Hydraulic Fracturing on the Environment
Hydraulic fracturing, or fracking for short, is one of the most prevalent topics in the fight to keep our environment and natural resources safe. For instance, fracking has been linked to cause water and air pollution in many areas where the process is used. The method has been applied since the late 1940’s, but ever since...
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The Importance of the Preservation of the Environment for the Survival of Mankind
Farmer and author Joel Salatin once said, “Nature moves towards balance.” He didn’t say that it moves towards the natural, or away from consumerism, but just that it moves towards balance. A major theme throughout society is that it is difficult, if not impossible to form a balanced argument that can reach your average cons...
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A Discussion on the Economic Fallout of the Climate Change
Let’s be candid. Human beings care most about things that affect them directly. Unless we have something personal at stake, we don’t pay attention. In order to evoke distress, specifically in regard to humans of the 21st century, there must be a threat present, something that frightens a person and affects them directly. Wh...
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A Discussion on the Role of the Christians in Keeping the Environment Safe
Ever since environmental preservation arose as a hot button topic of discussion, critics have blamed Christians and their worldview for being detrimental to the cause. However, if they were to really do their research on the worldview of Christianity, they would find that this is not the case. There are many points of view...
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