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Ecological Awareness and Sustainable Development
“Ecological Awareness and Sustainable Development” In the last few decades the human being have recognised how complicated and limited is the planet Earth. In addition, technology has been used to exploit the natural resources in an uncontrolled way on the Earth. These environmental impacts have developed an ecological awa...
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The Negative Effects of the Big Companies on the Health of the Environment
The Duwamish River: An Analysis of the Negative Impact of Industry on the Environment Claim: The economy’s harmful impact on the environment, use of massive resorts in Cancun, and responsibility, or rather lack thereof, when an environmental disaster does strike are similar in that they all share some sort of focus on th...
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The Use of Alternative Fuel for a Better Health and Environment
Save Fossil fuels For Better Environment And Health It has been rightly said, ’Oil is like time…once gone will never come back’. Every fuel on our mother earth is a treasure for us that should be used judiciously and not wasted for our luxuries. It is time for every person on our planet to analyze how important the fossil...
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A Discussion on the Importance of Reducing Food Waste in the United States
United States to Reduce Food Waste On September 16th of 2015, the Environmental Protection Agency and the US Department of Agriculture announced that they had formulated a plan to reduce the country’s food waste by at least fifty percent by year 2030. The United States has never released any type of initiative to tackle th...
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Mark Anileski's Discussion on Sustainability and Consumption Justice Regarding Ecology
Consumption Justice Mark Anielski is an ecologically focused economist who talked to us about sustainability and consumption justice. Anielski started off by saying that Pope Francis has an idolatry of money and a lack of concern for men and women. Anielski later went on to quote Saint Paul who said, “Money is the root of...
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Reconnection With Nature is Essential for the Preservation of Humanity
Reconnection With Nature As children, we are taught how practical the Native Americans were with everything they took from the nature around them. Whenever they killed an animal, they used every part of it so nothing would be wasted. At the time, settlers to the new world considered these people savages. They thought the N...
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An Analysis of the Rhetoric Used in Rachel Louise Carson's Book on the Importance of Protecting the Environment
If we, as a society do not pay close attention to the environmental actions of the government and major corporations, the forests and lakes that we treasure so dearly will be forever obliterated. The passage is targeted towards three audiences: people that have a close connection to nature, the farmers who use the lethal pe...
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The Differences in the Opinions About the Human Influence on Nature between Wendell Berry and Richard Conniff
Wendell Berry and Richard Corniff Comparison In the chapter “Nature,” authors Wendell Berry and Richard Conniff, have two rather different essays regarding the environment. Each of their pieces has a strong focus and is able to sway the particular audience they are attempting to reach. Berry’s essay, “An Entrance into the...
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The Worry of Catholic Businessman Regarding Pope Francis' Statement That Harming the Environment Was Sinful
In his recent encyclical, Pope Francis states that it is sinful to cause harm to the environment. Combined with accusations from environmentalists stating that coal mining and oil drilling cause irrevocable harm to the environment, this has caused many Catholic business owners in the energy sector to become concerned about...
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An Analysis of North Carolina's Policies of Controlling Water Resources
Executive Summary Home to nearly ten million residents, North Carolina possesses a unique and varied hydrological system comprised of many lakes of varying sizes, streams, rivers, wetlands, and an extensive coastal area. The Outer Banks, a chain of small islands and coastal areas spanning the length of the state, alone ac...
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