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A Discussion on the Effects of Global Warming and Overpopulation in the World
Over the past few decades, the effects of global warming have started becoming blatantly apparent. Gigantic killer storms, rising sea levels and the mass extinction of species are just going to get worse if something is not done. Due to the rapid overpopulation of the human race, the deforestation of vast amounts of land, a...
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We Should Find Ways of Reducing the Harmful Effects of Pesticides
“Explore one of the ways our environment is impacted by our agricultural practices or industrial food complex.” One of the main things that go into the creation of our crops is pesticides, which includes herbicides, fungicides, insecticides, and rodenticides. This junk is obviously toxic, yet it is continued to be used i...
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The Role of Human Beings in Preserving the Balance in the Environment on Earth
Today, the Earth has more human inhabitants than ever. At the current population and patterns of consumption, we are well past the sustainable carrying capacity of the planet. Earth, the only planet currently known to support life, is becoming less healthy every passing year. However, we humans continue to plunder the plane...
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The Struggles of Producing a Sustainable Food Source
It is up to the Consumer The world is plagued with an increasing desire for the destructive, meat and fish. With the increasing world middle class more and more people are looking towards western style diets, which consist mainly of large portions of meat and fish. Without the knowledge of how certain diets can affect the...
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An Analysis of the Impact of Food Security in Haiti and Cuba
Food security is a critical topic among the countries of the world, especially in those still in their developing stages. This topic in the Caribbean is no exception. This essay will focus on two case studies—Haiti and Cuba—and how food security has impacted the lives of their residents. These island nations are also suscep...
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The Protection of the World's Food Production Is a Burden That Falls on Everyone
When working in global health, the determinants of disease are rarely due to man made issues alone. Environmental health issues are often the leading cause of disease, and many are simple issues. These low-level issues are the basis for high-level issues that are harder to treat. The burden of many environmental health issu...
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