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The Syrian Civil War Crisis and the Need to Exterminate Terrorist Groups in Syria
Since early 2011, the country of Syria began to experience reforms and overall unrest of Syrian citizens with regards to Bashar al-Assad’s regime. The civil war in Syria arose from peaceful protests and soon escalated into a regional conflict involving more and more states (The New Arab). Key events that have led to the inc...
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The Significant Roles of Drones in American Wars
The United States has been in the spotlight for the good in terms of advancing technologically. It has consequently passed over this advancements on to their foreign policy dealings. In the recent past, the United States has participated in several wars and most of which they have turned out successful. Drones played a majo...
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Missiles Should Only Be Used for Defending a Nation
Missiles are weapons of mass destruction, even if they are used as air-defense. Therefore, this constitutes a threat to international peace and global security. Nations must work towards disarming air defense missiles and nuclear weapons. However, not all countries are capable of creating an acceptable defense system due to...
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Militaries' Use of Food as a War Technique Should Be Illegal
Food is a basic need, and yet many militaries use it as a war tactic. Often, the consequences of this strategy does not even fall on any officials, but the general public suffers as a result instead. This should be illegal, and to be enforced through measures ranging from sanctions or trade restrictions on offending parties...
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A Diplomacy Paper on the Notions of War and Risk
War/Risk Diplomacy Paper The goal of Risk is entirely conquest, control, and domination. Though collective action and diplomacy are portions of the game, they are a means to an end, that end being gaining as much land and territory as possible under any circumstances and means.  The initial placing of “armies” or arrows i...
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An Analysis of the Issues on the Use of Drones by the United States Military for Surveillance Purposes
Drones The United States military has been known to use drones for surveillance purposes. In more recent years, drones have started to be used in foreign countries to target people that have been branded as terrorist leaders. “Drone” is the widely-used nickname used for an unmanned aerial vehicle, or UAV. Put simply, a dro...
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An Evaluation of the Controversial Issue on Targeting American Terrorists by American Drones Without Fair Trial
Should Due Process apply to American terrorists targeted by the American drone program? The question of the role played by due process in pursuit of American-born terrorists is widely debated. While some support the targeting of domestic terrorists inside and outside the US, others claim that killing American terrorist...
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The Issues Surrounding the Use of Drones by the Military
In this essay it talks about how drones take a lot of hate due to all the bad things they can due and not the good.There are beliefs that this laws on drones are meant for the purpose of keeping people from spying or doing illegal things but it is obviously hard to enforce. Whats to stop people from spying on people or pote...
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