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How Brexit Affects the UK
\ How Brexit Affects the UK This past June, the UK narrowly voted to leave the European Union. Britain’s exit, or Brexit, subsequently led to the pound dropping to its lowest value in recent years, as well as alienating nations and putting EU foreign nationals residing within the UK in jeopardy. Because of Brexit, the Br...
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A Summary of Bill O'Reilley's Reports on Josh Earnest and on the Stem Express Company
Bill O’Reilly has a story with Josh Earnest, the White House Press Secretary. The story is about how President Obama supports Joe Biden for running for President. In addition, the story mentions that Hillary Clinton’s emails are enough to charge her on a misdemeanor towards national charge. If she is charged, then she will...
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The United States Spends Too Much Money on Military Programs
Throwing Our Money Away There is no doubt that the United States is in an extremely large
public debt. Year after year, the government constantly spends more than it
collects in taxes, and adds more to the public debt. But where does that
discretionary spending go? Congress decides this every year, but the body
has a...
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The Importance of Being Decisive and the Fall of George McClellan
George B. McClellan had many outstanding qualities that made him the golden boy of his superiors. He also had great competence. At fifteen and a half, he entered West Point (and ranked in the top ten at the end of that first year). Then, at age 34, he was promoted to major general. So how comes McClellan didn’t fare as well...
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A History of the Jeffersonian Politics and How Jefferson Dealt With the Conflict Between France, Britain and America
After the leadership of George Washington, and John Adams, America has finally had found a change is a political parties that had taken office, the man himself Thomas Jefferson. Thomas Jefferson was the third president of the United States, he had lead from 1801-1809. During this time Jefferson had established his followers...
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A Discussion on the Quantitative Easing Policy
Quantitative Easing 2 QE2, or quantitative easing 2, was one of the most criticized
policies that the Federal Reserve has ever implemented. QE2 pumped 600
billion dollars into the economy in order to fight deflation. This policy
was intended to raise consumer prices and minimally fight unemployment.
However, not every...
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An Outline about the Risks of CIA's Investment into the Drone Program
One of the main risks the CIA’s program faces is that we are pumping so much money into the drone program. The UN might conclude that the drones are not fit for combat and that we need to get rid of them. If so, we will have wasted a lot of money and time. The UN thinks that it is unfair to only have loss of money as a c...
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The United States Postal Service Should Be Privatized
When it comes to delivering the mail, Germany has the right idea.
"After selling off all but 24 of 29,000 post office buildings in the past
15 years, the German postal service is now housed mostly within other
business 'partners,' including banks, convenience stores and even private
homes..." (Rosenthal). In a time of treme...
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An Overview of the Privatization of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration or NASA Project
Privatization of NASA Pros of Privatization: Effective way to fund critical infrastructure needs Can be a source of immediate revenue Can appeal to investors and bidder → more money and funding Often more efficient than the government → better service at lower cost Expedient solution to public problems Cons of Priva...
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A Discussion on Whether the Framers of the Constitution Created It With the Primary Goal of Protecting Their Wealth
Charles A. Beard’s excerpt from An Economic Interpretation of the Constitution provides a different, objective outlook toward the potential true objective of the framers of the constitution. “And these groups grew more and more determined to reconstruct the political system in such a fashion as to make it subserve their per...
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