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Voting Practices of Latinos in Arlene Davila's Latinos: The New Republicans
“Latinos: The New Republicans” Arlene Dávila analyzes the voting practices of Latinos in “Latinos: The New Republicans.” The author emphasizes that the Latino electorate is often a swing vote (p.46). While Latinos are often painted as conservative, their votes may go to Democratic or Republican parties, as opposed to Afr...
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An Examination of the Criticisms Surrounding the Tactics Used by the Transportation Security Administration
Following the September 11th terror attacks, airport security came into the spotlight as an issue of great national concern in the United States. Initially praised for keeping the nation’s air travelers safe, the newly-formed Transportation Security Administration bureaucracy soon came under public scrutiny for the tactics...
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An Essay in Favor of Abolishing the Electoral College
The electoral college has been an important part of our election system for over two hundred years. This is a call to fix an antique system, that is holding us back from social progression. We must eliminate the electoral college, and further prepare our society for all challenges ahead. The electoral college is far broken...
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The Changes in the Public Administration within the Bureau of Sanitation in the City of Los Angeles
Many aspects of Public Administration have changed over the years, transitioning from a traditional view of public administration to new public management or governance requires a constant state of evolution and awareness. Global demands, environment, policy, and culture all within public administration have under gone dras...
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An Argument in Favor of Using Bio-Warfare
Pro Bio-Warfare Arguments After researching the possible arguments for bio-warfare, three sections seemed to stand out each place that I looked. These were that bio-weapons are very efficient, they are very cheap to make, and some might see them as more ethical. One argument for bio-warfare is how dirt cheap it can be. W...
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Banning Prayer In Schools Violates the Spirit of Thomas Jefferson's Plan for U.S. Freedom of Religion
In the early 1800s, when Thomas Jefferson was just elected president, the Baptists entreated him to allow religious freedom throughout the country and allow the power of the civil government to extend no further than to punish the man who works ill against his neighbor. Thomas Jefferson responded to that request by writing...
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The Ethical Dilemmas of a Public Administrator
Public administrators are in a position whereby they can make decisions that affect the civil liberties of the citizens of the United States. However, they are sometimes in position where they have to make decisions that seem unethical in their bid to protect the civil liberties. The Civil Rights act of 1866 offers the righ...
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Ethics and Trustworthiness in the Public Administration
The academic world has become increasingly aware of the lack of trust
in government and has sought to focus on it to determine its evolvement,
characteristics, along with proposing possible solutions. The U.S., in
particular, as a country has grown larger, as a result, requiring more
government officials at a variety of lev...
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An Analysis of Dichotomy in Public Administration Citing the Case of Kim Davis
Introduction In the study of public administration, there are some truths, several maybes and “it depends,” and many dichotomies. One particular dichotomy, that is the dichotomy between politics and administration, which will be explained in great detail below, is somewhat overarching and constantly in the back of one’s mi...
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A Comparison of the Advantages of the First-to-Invent System and First-to-File System in the United States
Patent protection is the right given to an inventor by the US
government that prevents other people from manufacturing, using, importing,
or selling an invention in the US without the consent of the discoverer.
Two systems have been used to issue patent protection. In the first-to-
invent system, the firs...
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