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The Need for Governments to Implement Policies Preventing Food Wastage by Supermarkets, Restaurants, Factories, and Warehouses
There must be a push for governments to further implement policies preventing food wastage. Supermarkets, restaurants, factories, and warehouses often throw out edible food. So we must bar the aforementioned places from throwing edible foods before their expiration date. Along with this, must be the prevention of farmers, m...
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The Solutions to Providing Assistance to Small-Scale Farmers
We must provide assistance to small-scale farmers. This group of people make up approximately 70% of the market, therefore we must try our best to ensure long-term food security and sustainability. An extension of freight rails could prove most useful to remote regions. This could aid expedient transportation of food to mar...
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The Power of the Congress to Regulate Commercial Activity Regarding Firearms
The chances of Texas’ success are slim in this case. Under Article I, Section 8, Clause 1 of the Constitution, Congress is granted the power to lay and collect taxes in order to pay the debts, and provide for the common defense and general welfare of the United States. This said, there do exist provisions for the manner in...
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An Examination of the Ways in Which Laws and Social Policies Affect Family Life
Examine the ways in which laws and social policies affect family life Social policy refers to the plans and actions of government agencies, for example health and social services, schools and the welfare benefits system. These policies and laws can directly affect families, such as laws governing marriage and divorce, ch...
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The Relationship Between Sociology and Social Policy
Assess the relationship between sociology and social policy (33) A social policy is a plan or action of government agencies which aims to improve or reform society. As sociology is the study of society, sociologists like Giddens argue that sociological research and findings should influence government policies in order t...
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A Comparison of Pre and Post 1992 CAP Policies
Food and agriculture are often in the background of politics of most first world nations, yet it is the lifeblood of the people. Food takes a large amount out of most individuals income, so keeping prices at a low and stable level, as well as safety, is part of government's responsibility. keeping the producers and consume...
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The Relation between Science and Policy, Politics and the People
Science and policy, politics and the people How science changes our lives from the past. Our lives depended on science,
without science knowledge our entire life style will become harder and we
start to struggle for survival. It was not the case in past centuries. But
if science had not been invented we would have still...
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United States' Responsibility to Increase the Number of Refugees They Take In Every Year
Our world is amidst the greatest refugee crisis since World War II. A bloody conflict in Syria has left approximately four million people without a place to call home. Even after lasting four years, intervention to accomadate these refugees has been largely ignored by superpowers such as the United States (Gordon et al.1)....
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A Discussion on the Importance of the Effective Use of Oral Skills in Public Policy Makers
Public policy makers need oral oratory as they frequently need to justify their policies to critics ready to undermine them at any cost. To ensure an effective presentation, preparation is key as it helps control oneself nervousness. It also helps boost an individual’s self-confidence hence foster a coherent flow of ideas....
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Should the United States Government Raise the Federal Minimum Wage?
Should the United States Government Raise the Federal Minimum Wage? Introduction 3. That’s how many times Congress has passed legislation that raises the federal minimum wage in the past thirty years (Kern). Thus, President Obama has felt the need to further raise the federal minimum wage by attempting to pass legislation...
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Answering Questions About Reformation Goals and Methods of Various People
Neil Dow A. What is this person trying to reform and why have they chosen this particular field? Neil Dow, the Quaker, was a prohibitionist mayor of Portland, his home town, and was known as one of the leaders of prohibition. In 1851, Dow supported the Maine law, this law made it illegal to manufacture or sell liquor. D...
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Government Intervention for Affordable Housing in Cities
Name Professor Class Date Green Grass in the Big City: Government Intervention for Affordable Housing in Cities “The largest challenge that we face, from my perspective, is the ability to continue moving forward so the agency will have a single mission: that is, to provide decent, safe, and affordable housing.” ~ Al...
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The US Government Should Always Uphold and Exercise Free Will in All Schools
Since the beginning of public schools, there has been issues on what
has to be taught and what can not be taught. In our Constitution, under
Amendment I., it says that "Congress shall make no law respecting an
establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or
abridging the freedom of speech, or of the...
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A Discussion on the Issues of Compulsory Voting and Compulsory Education
Introduction Compulsory voting refers to the obligation system whereby voters are forced to vote or be at the polling station during the elections’ day. It is mandatory for any eligible elector to exercise the democratic right of electing a given person for specific posts in the government failure to which punitive measure...
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Shedding Light to the Migration and Modern Political Views on Immigration Through Trans-cultural Perspective on the Immigration Policy
In the 2009 OAH Magazine article on migration, modern political views on immigration are brought to a different light by the presentation of trans-cultural perspective on immigration policy. From historical, geographical, racial, and economic standpoints, modern American perspective on immigration, especially that of Latin...
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English Should Be the Official Language in the United States
I want you to picture a scenario for me. Picture a large, prosperous
nation, leading most of the world in per capita income, health status, and
educations. Yet the country has one rift that divides its people: two
different languages are spoken. When this country first became a sovereign
nation, the differences between peop...
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A Discussion on the Measures to Limit the Number of Refugees That the US and Canada Have Recently Taken
In the aftermath of the November of 2015 attacks on Paris and the recent attacks on Brussels many countries have adopted or are contemplating adopting immigration measures to limit the number of refugees entering their nation. Two of these countries are Canada and the United States. Canada has adopted a policy which does no...
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A Discussion on Obama's Speech on the Advantages of the Dream Act
Obama’s Dream Act for Undocumented People On June 16, 2012, President Barack Obama gave a speech about the new immigration policy he proposed for young undocumented people. Obama wanted to pass the Dream Act, but Congress rejected it, so he made this an executive order. The main part of this speech explains the good reason...
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Naturalization Act of 1790 as an Attempt to Establish Rules Governing the Naturalization of Immigrants in the Process of Obtaining American Citizenship
The Naturalization Act of 1790 was the American government’s first attempt to establish rules governing the naturalization of immigrants in the process of obtaining American citizenship. The American Constitution, which set the foundations for the rights afford to American citizens, was ratified in 1788, just two years befo...
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A Discussion on the Fear of the Asiatic Exclusion League That the Asian Immigrants Were Accumulating Too Much Wealth in the American Society
What does the Asiatic Exclusion League fear most about Asian immigration? After reading Chapters 2-3 and viewing the PowerPoint slides, how might a Chinese or Japanese immigrant respond? The Asiatic Exclusion League feared most about the wave of Asian immigration during the late 19th and early 20th centuries that the immig...
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The Factors Contributing to the Decline of Food Security in Honduras
Honduras is in a rough state right now when it comes to food security and availability. With a population of approximately 8 million people, the country’s government is having a hard time fighting and solving the problem of poverty and undernourished citizens. Nearly two-thirds of Honduras population live below the nation...
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The US Government Should Be Legalizing the Use of Marijuana
There is no doubt that the United States is one of the best countries in the world and many people fight hard to live in this country. There is great food, many touristic places to visit or spend vacation, salaries are higher than in other countries, unemployment rates are low, and in general, the quality of living is bette...
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The Theory of Austerity in Mark Blyth's Austerity: The History of a Dangerous Idea
Austerity: The History of a Dangerous Idea, written by Mark Blyth, conceptualizes the theory of austerity, and provides countless scenarios in which austerity has failed to combat inauspicious economic conditions, for example, the Great Depression of the 1930’s. Austerity is a fiscal policy mechanism used by governments du...
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An Argument Against Affirmative Action
Banning Affirmative Action        In order to diversify their student bodies, some colleges utilize a policy called affirmative action during their admissions process to help minorities attend their schools. With good intentions, this program started during the Civil War as a way to redress the discrimination many African...
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The Broadcasting of Court Sessions in the United States of America
A Violation or a Right? The broadcasting of court sessions may be a thing of controversy when it comes to public opinion. Many successful attempts have been made to televise its proceedings. Ideally, the Supreme Court should take this step on its own but in the meantime, people are still going to try to persuade the others...
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