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The Cause of Gastritis and the Role of Gastric Acid in the Human Body
An intricate balance of chemotransmitters is made possible by the regulation of acid and pepsin secretion. The gastroduodenal mucosa is adapted to protect itself against injury from the acid activity and to repair an injury rapidly as soon as it occurs. The flow, defense and the ability to heal are made possible by the endo...
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The Negative Effects of Heroin and Additional Harmful Effects of Injecting It Directly Into the Bloodstream
Injecting drugs directly into the bloodstream results in a more potent
and quicker high for users. Many of the popular street drugs like
marijuana, cocaine, crack cocaine, and prescription opiates are mostly
smoked, snorted, or ingested orally. On the other hand, heroin is generally
consumed through injection using a hypode...
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An Eye Opener From the World of Asthma
One spring morning, weighing approximately seven pounds, a baby was born. Only minutes after, she was rushed to the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU). Inside her lungs was a hole which made breathing difficult. The newborn sat in NICU for a week with her mother and father visiting her frequently to feed and spend time wit...
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The Science of Homeostasis in the Human Body
Homeostasis is the tendency for a variable in a system to remain
relatively stable. The human body goes to great lengths to achieve
homeostasis. It will increase the amount your body sweats to cool down the
body if it detects a rise in body temperature. The temperature of the body
will raise if a foreign pathogen is detecte...
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The Dangers of the Amoebic Parasite, Naegleria Fowler
The Dangers of Warm Fresh Water! Naegleria fowler sounds like it’s from a horror movie; it feeds off its victim’s brain until the victim dies. It’s a scary thing to know that there’s something out there waiting to feed off someone’s brain and kill them. It’s something so small no one can see with the naked eye. The only go...
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The Impact of Asthma on the Respiratory System, Its Causes, and Treatment
Asthma is a chronic disease that affects the respiratory system, the respiratory system is made up of the organs that is responsible for collecting oxygen and releasing it into the body as carbon dioxide. This system is vital for human life because oxygen is necessary to breathe. Asthma is one of the main diseases that impa...
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A Study on Alex and His Condition Called Raynaud's Phenomenon
Investigating Alex was an interesting experience altogether. While there were some weird and surprising elements, I was able to learn a lot more about him from his narrative. He has a rare condition called Raynaud’s phenomenon, which limits his ability to not worry so much about the cold. This condition, unbeknownst to him,...
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Integrating Sexual Minority Health Issues Into Practice
Integrating Sexual Minority Health Issues into Practice. Both the LGBTQA presentation in class, and the two assigned readings were very insightful on how to care for the LGBTQ community. I have learned that using general terms such as “significant other” can be much better and much less harmful than using assuming words su...
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A Personal Account of the Journey from Being Diagnosed with Gallstones and Crohn's Disease to Recovery
Have you ever had a life threatening disease? Gallstones and Crohns disease; a process of which is very painful and isn’t easy to go through. From the surgery to the recovery it impacted my life severely. This experience has taught me that your life can change at any moment, so cherish it. Before I went through this terrib...
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An Analysis of the Children's Heart Diseases
Congenital heart disease is a type of defect in the heart, that a child is born with. This is a general term for a group of faults in the heart, diagnosed at birth. “About 6 in 1,000 babies are born with a heart defect” (Symptoms p.1), and require surgery very soon after birth. Most often, the error causes an abnormal in t...
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Citizens Should Be Educated on Sickle Cell Anemia
Education on Sickle Cell Anemia Sickle cell anemia, an inheritable blood disorder resulting in the mutation of red blood cells that causes sickle shaped blood cells, occurs most commonly in African Americans. Sickle cell anemia is not an African-only disease; it also affects people of other ethnicities, such as Hispanics,...
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A Review of the Effects of Local Microwave Hyperthermia on Pain and Function of Patients with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Frasca, G., Maggi, L., Padua, L., Ferrara, P. E., Granata, G., Minciotti, I., & ... Piazzini, D. B. (2011). Short-term effects of local microwave hyperthermia on pain and function in patients with mild to moderate carpal tunnel syndrome: a double blind randomized sham-controlled trial. Clinical Rehabilitation, 25(12), 11...
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The Risk Factors and Management of Arthritis
Arthritis is a chronic disease found in many Americans. Gout is a type of arthritis and is caused by elevated uric acid levels whereas many other forms of arthritis developed without a known cause. The most common forms of arthritis include: osteoarthritis, gout, fibromyalgia, and rheumatoid arthritis. Persons affected by a...
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A Review of Randomized Controlled Trial of Ischemic Compression Therapy for Chronic Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Hains, G., Descarreaux, M., Lamy, A., & Hains, F. (2010). A randomized controlled (intervention) trial of ischemic compression therapy for chronic carpal tunnel syndrome. Journal Of The Canadian Chiropractic Association, 54(3), 155-163 9p. In the article, A Randomized Controlled (intervention) Trial of Ischemic Compr...
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The Devastating Effects of Smoking on the Human Body
One may enjoy breathing, having white teeth or even a nice social event with friends, but with every cigarette these qualities are pushed further out of reach. Smoking cigarettes wreaks havoc on the human body. Cigarettes have been around since approximately the 1500’s. However, it was not discovered until about the 1960’s,...
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Vaccines Can Help Change the World for the Better
How many hate seeing their child suffer through a sickness or disease? How many parents would like to prevent these sicknesses? Vaccines are a very easy way to do prevent these diseases. Over the last hundred years, scientists have been on a hunt to discover all the inhibitions for many of the infectious diseases that ar...
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An Argument in Favor of Vaccination of Children and Adults
The Anti-Vaccine Movement – Are We Making the Right Decision? Modern medicine has enabled us as a society to eradicate several diseases and increase human life expectancy. Vaccinations of both children and adults are a great way to prevent outbreak and keep people healthy. Recently, however, there have been multiple outbr...
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A Research on the Total Hip Replacement Device
I was asked to do some preliminary research on an orthopedic implant that I found interesting. I chose to research the total hip replacement device. Based on my research, I was then asked to write a short informative report about the device. The rest of this memorandum will focus on the hip joint replacement device. Int...
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Winning the Battle from Vasovagal Syndrome
Pupils dilate, muscles tense, rapid heart rate, difficulty breathing, and then blackout. This has become normal for me since having been diagnosed with vasovagal syncope. It is a condition that causes the blood vessels to constrict in moments of stress, anxiety, or depression and then release causing the person to pass out....
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A Study on the Hereditary Disease Called Cystic Fibrosis
Cystic Fibrosis is a lifelong, hereditary disease. It usually the affects the lungs causing thick, sticky mucus to form, making it difficult to breathe. It also blocks the pancreas pathways leading to the digestive system, which causes problems for properly digesting food. Cystic Fibrosis, also known as CF, is the second mo...
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The Guidelines of a Good Research Report
In order for a research report to be considered rhetorically effective, it must follow certain guidelines. The report should be geared towards an appropriate audience. The study should be conducted and written by credible researchers. It must also follow the IMRAD format. The research report, “Behavioral Monitoring and...
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The Causes, Symptoms, and Treatments of Dehydration
Dehydration is the loss of water and salts essential for normal body function. This can happen by means of diarrhea, vomiting, excessive sweating, diabetes, burns, and the inability to drink fluids. Sweating in excessive amounts can be a contributing factor to dehydration. Factors such as weather conditions, extreme exerci...
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Life Events and Conflicts as Sources of Stress
According to the book, stress is the word used “to describe pressures or demands placed upon an organism to adjust or adapt to its environment.” Two examples of source of stress are life events and conflicts. Life events stressor can be both positive and negative. Positive stressor includes weddings or getting a promotion...
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A Study on the Negative Effects of Chronic Kidney Disease on the Mechanical and Structural Properties of the Human Bone
The Effect of Chronic Kidney Disease on the Structural Properties of Bone of Humans The purpose of this study was to find out how Chronic Kidney Disease affects the mechanical and structural properties of bone. Previous studies looking to answer the same question provide information of limited relevance; due to either a sm...
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A Study on the Positive Effects of Chocolate on the Risk of Stroke and Heart Disease
“Chocolate may lower risk of stroke and heart disease” from the website, and “Eating chocolate linked to ‘lower heart disease and stroke risk’”, published by the BBC, are two recent articles which both convey the message that chocolate is good for you and that eating up to 100g a day can reduce the risk of gett...
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