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Network Security and the Battle Against Security Threats
1.0 Introduction Network security entails the enforcement of protection on networks, their services and programs from unauthorized access. Securing a network encompasses policies, software, hardware and procedures designed to defend against both external and internal threats to the network (Perez, 2014). Multiple hardware...
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The Importance of a Medium Size University's LAN Used in Handling Inbound Student Activities, Staff Business Processes and Delivering Administration Requirements
The network of focus in this case will be a medium size university's
LAN used in handling inbound student activities, staff business processes
and delivering administration requirements. Typically, student activities
supported by such a network include; access to learning resources, course
registration, coursework submissio...
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The Importance of the Implementation of a Wireless Network for a Small Office or Home Office
For a Small Office or Home Office connection, the wireless network to be implemented will be the backbone for resource sharing, route of access to the internet and the tool for collaboration and mobility. It will also help enhance access to information by opening up areas that would otherwise be very difficult to connect th...
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Virtual Private Networks, Their Development and Effectiveness
INTRODUCTION Background Virtual private networks are extensions of private networks encompassing links across shared networks like the internet and have long been used to enforce data security over corporate networks (Zhang, Zhang, Chu, & Li, 2004). They trace their origins back in the 1990s where the introduction of the...
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Personalized Content Stream and the Concept of Filter Bubbles on the Internet
With the advent of the internet has come an unprecedented wave of information flooding into people’s everyday lives; There is no topic so obscure and remote that cannot be accessed by search engine, nor any field so broad that it cannot be ‘encapsulated’ or made understandable in a wide variety of formats at a whim. While t...
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Understanding Net Neutrality and the Violation of the Free Internet Principle by Internet Service Providers (ISPs)
Net neutrality is the term used to describe the free internet and the
principle that internet service providers should enable equal access to all
internet content. In 2015, after much debate, the Federal Communications
Commission reclassified broadband as a common carrier, which effectively
preserved net neutrality. The rul...
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The Impact of the Federal Communications Commission Ruling in the Cable Industry
In 2002, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) ruled that cable
internet service was not a telephone service. This meant that unlike
telephone services, in which the owner of the telephone lines were required
to rent out the telephone lines to other telecomm businesses, cable
internet providers who owned the cable lin...
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An Analysis of the Security System Implemented in Healtheon
From what I researched and studied, Healtheon’s security system implemented protocols, designs, and technologies still widely used today. They definitely made their security a priority. Their use of technologies such as two factor authentication, RSA key pairs, and SSL sessions demonstrate their want to make their security...
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Learning the Basics of Computer Science to Catch up with the New Era of Modern Technology and Advancements in Cyber Security
Computer’s came by a couple of decade’s ago and it became viral when Bill Gates presented the all-time famous ‘Microsoft’ company. Later then, companies such as Apple, I.B.M and other’s came through which cause a whole new era of modern technology. Today, the world is online. Almost every houses, offices have an internet c...
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Using Networking for Job Searching
Networking is a helpful tool in job searching. Networking is defined as people connecting through people therefore the more people you know, the better chance you have of creating connections that will open multiple doors of opportunity for yourself. Although networking is a helpful tool it is only helpful if develop a few...
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A Discussion of the Web Application, Unity and Its Uses in Web Development
There are innumerous web and mobile systems available to users across various technological platforms. It seems that every day some new application, program, system, or technology becomes available. These technologies can be utilized by customers to serve a variety of needs. These needs can include but are not limited to...
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Theme Analysis of Stormfront.Org, a White Supremacy Website
After researching an online extremist group,, revolving around white supremacy I have picked up on three specific themes that were displayed throughout this website. Understanding the ideology behind this extremist group has assisted me in truly grasping differences between citizens of the United States, and...
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An Analysis of the Components of Networking
Introduction Technology has been developed to facilitate human’s daily tasks. One of the most crucial subject in the history of the development of technology is networking. John Ross, in his book, stated that a network can be any kind of structure that connects individual objects (Ross, 2009, p. 2). Thus indicating that...
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The Significance of the Networking Theory to the Huxtable Family
The Networking Theory plays a very important role for the Huxtable Family. The networking theory includes a social network which is a social structure mode of nodes (individuals) which helps ties the relationships between the members of the group. The family skills when it comes to their networking skills is based of choo...
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The Importance of Paying Attention to Email Etiquette at Work
The importance of email etiquette is a skill that is often not given the attention it deserves by many in the workplace. In many other circumstances when a professional tone is required, people too often take a casual approach to performing this task and end up portraying themselves in a manner they did not intend. Email ha...
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A Comparison of Microsoft SQL Server and Access Notes
Microsoft SQL Server vs. Access Notes As a Computer Science Major, I deal with library software on a regular basis in my career. Choosing between database software can be a difficult task. In this case it's Microsoft Database Software. SQL Server and Access databases have their pros and cons depending on the environment in...
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Freedom and Independence from the Clutches of the American Internet Service Providers
When in the course of human events, it becomes necessary for a people to dissolve the digital cables which have bound them to their selfish internet service provider; a provider that makes no effort to provide its customers with the service they are paying for, it becomes necessary to assume the powers of democracy and over...
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An Argument in Favor of Net Neutrality
An Argument For Net Neutrality Net neutrality has been a long standing issue. Ever since the emergence of the earliest form of internet ARPANET (Advanced Research Projects Agency Network) in the late 1960s, there have been debates about how the internet should be handled. Many people believe the internet should be open a...
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An Argument in Favor of Internet Piracy and File Sharing
In recent years there has been a buzz from many different media facets about internet piracy. Internet piracy is the use or sharing of files, data, information or anything else without the explicit consent of, or payment to the owner. Most often this term is applied to the sharing of music, movies and other forms of media t...
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The Different Levels of Security inside an Organization
This Level is the unprotected Internet, between this Level and the internal network there needs to be a sufficient amount of security. There will be no inbound traffic from this level allowed into the network, without prior approval, upon very special circumstances. This level needs to provide only traffic that is in respon...
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The Impact of the World Wide Web in the Life of Tim Berners-Lee
This paper, by using information and sources, will describe the work, legend, and contribution of the World Wide Web to the world made by Tim Berners-Lee. The World Wide Web is a central and necessary part of our day-to day lives as of now, and has placed a crucial role in our ability to thrive as a species. Because of th...
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On the Growing Popularity and Benefits of Online Education
Online education has become one of the most significant areas of the digital society. It is remarkable how quickly these schools have become a viable and valuable alternative. In today's civilization, the online education is one of the most exciting and ground-breaking aspects of our educational system. What is online educa...
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The Factors Affecting the Efficiency of Information Systems inside an Organization
According to Campbell and Grinshaw (2003), many information system (IS) implementation projects either fall apart or are discontinued on account of various human errors. Some of these errors can include poor utilization of the program, poor budget planning or simply just having too much resistance from its users. More often...
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The Importance of Security in Networking Technologies
i. Introduction: Why do Enterprises Need to Protect There Network? Networking technologies are constantly evolving and as the newer technology provides faster data rates and better reliability, companies are often seeking to upgrade their infrastructure. With all upgrades, companies must consider every single aspect of the...
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The Problems and Solutions with Coaxial Cable Connection in Computers
Over the past few decades, computer networking has been a prominent way of distributing data from one computer to another and has evolved in many ways. As newer technologies appear, computer networks can be fitted with technology that suits the purpose needed. Early networking technologies included network interface cards t...
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