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The Wonders of Nanotechnology
Scientists only invented the technology needed to see atoms 30 years ago and since Nanotechnology is just as small. The goal of making things from the molecular level up it is something that was initiated less than 30 years ago. To work with something on the molecular level is very difficult because as most people know mole...
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The Controversial Issue of Automation in the Workforce
Technology has become an omnipresent force in people’s daily lives.Most people have at least one friend or family member who has worked with automated technology. A society caught up in the hype of the latest gadgets likeI-Phones, Fibits, and gaming systems, can easily forget any hesitations that can come with automation in...
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Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Robots in the Future
Introduction According to the report of International Federation of Robotics in 2008 the world's robot population has reached 8.6 million. That is a little less than the population of New Jersey (Guizzo, Erico). From this data it is clear that high percentage of humanity does not realize how much they are surrounded by rob...
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A Comparison of Arguments Regarding Cyborgs in Cyborg Manifesto by Donna Haraway and Refiguring the Radical Cyborg by Carl Silvio
Donna Haraway’s “Cyborg Manifesto” and Carl Silvio’s “Refiguring the Radical Cyborg” both present interesting and opposing arguments. The former seems to make a case for cyborgs as a method of casting away masculine and feminine archetypes, while the latter spends much of its time attempting to destroy that argument by citi...
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Self-Healing in Information Technology
A Self-Healing Grid "Self-Healing" is a term in information technology, and refers to any
piece of technology that can detect when it is not working correctly and
take steps to rectify the problem without human intervention. The most
notable current application of self-healing is the architecture of the
internet, in...
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Increasing the Intelligence of Autonomus Robots
Artificial intelligence(AI) has become one of the most important aspect of modern era and its significant has made the daily life much easier in many different ways. As we know today, there are many different types of artificial intelligence (AI) being used in different areas of Academic research; however, this paper will m...
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The Study of Fractal Geometry and Its Application in the Field of Artificial Intelligence
Fractal Geometry and Advancements in Artificial Intelligence The term “fractal” was coined in 1975 by a French mathematician by the name of Benoit Mandelbrot, who later became famous for his discovery of the Mandelbrot Set or M-set during his time working at IBM. At the time, Mandelbrot’s personal definition of a fractal w...
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An Analysis of a World Without Money and the Dangers of Robots in Full Control of Society
Imagine a future where there was no money and humans did not have to work because everything was provided for them by machines. Would this be good for humanity. Normally, human always have purpose and destination, but if there are no goals, they will lose their ways. Because since the technology has developed, it become...
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An Analysis of the Article on the History, Importance and Benefits of Artificial Intelligence
Over the last fifty decades, artificial intelligence has become a hot emerging technology in the corporate arena. With most company’s endeavoring to look for better production and operations methods that results to more efficiency, most company’s such as Honda are investing heavily in artificial intelligence. While implemen...
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Humans Should Be Careful in Creating Cyborgs
Cyber Ethics of Cyborgs The great philosopher Aristotle believed that humans had a fixed nature and should not be tampered with, although the 19th century philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre believed “existence precedes essence” which humans have their own freedom to choose to do what they wish. These two philosophical theories c...
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