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Topics in Statistics and Probability

The Reasons Why Making Predictions is Difficult
The Difficulty of Making Predictions Despite mankind’s admirable history of forecasting and prophecy, as seen from “prophets” such as Nostradamus to Michio Kaku, as well as the recent application of algorithms and scientific methods towards analyzing past results to determine future outcomes, prediction making remains elus...
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The Role and Responsibility of a Statistician
Statisticians have a purpose, just as any other professional does. They complete or serve in a capacity that overall, is a positive influence to society. Statistics is the study, practice, or science of gathering and analyzing data. Statistics are also facts and figures based on evidence and trends or patterns. Statistician...
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The Study of the Effectiveness of the Solve It Method for Students with Difficulty in Solving Math Problems
Krawec J. Huang J. Montague M. Kressler B. and Melia de Alba A. (2012). Hammill Institute on Disabilities. The Effects of Cognitive Strategy Instruction on Knowledge of Math Problem-Solving Processes of Middle School Students With Learning Disabilities. Learning Disability Quarterly 36, Issue 2, 80–92. Introduction “Succe...
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Developing a Mathematical Model That Predicts the Population Growth in Greenland Between the Years 2015 and 2035 by Using a Recursion Equation
I am attempting to develop a mathematical model that predicts the population growth in Greenland between the years 2015 and 2035 by using a recursion equation. To do this: Assume the data used from CIA Factbook is correct. Explanation: This assumption is reasonable because the CIA Factbook is a government generate source o...
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An Overview of the T Tests as Useful Statistics
The overall focus of this paper will be on t tests. T tests are statistics that can be used to test many different hypotheses about scores on quantitative variables. For example, whether the means on a quantitative variable Y differ between two groups. The variables in t tests are referred to as independent variables and de...
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A Study on the Use of a One-Way ANOVA Statistic in a Psychological Research
The purpose of this paper is to evaluate the uses of a one-way ANOVA statistic. A one-way ANOVA statistic is one of the most popular statistics used in psychological research. ANOVA compares group means across naturally existing characteristics of groups. The one-way ANOVA is usually calculated with three or more groups, wh...
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Application of Science of Probability in the Game of Gambling and Coin Flip
The real life applications of probability: Gambling and the coin flip Gambling is a popular source of entertainment for many people, and often
times gamblers become too immersed in putting their money on something that
may seem so random. Some gamblers may believe that random events have no
effect on the game they play, a...
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Using Estimation and Mental Computational Procedures for Whole Numbers
Passage: Using estimation and mental computation from Chapter 9: Estimation and Computational Procedures for Whole Numbers Estimation is recommended for students to use when teaching problem solving. Students develop and use estimation to recall answers to previous math facts. Cathcart explains that it is important for ch...
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The Important Applications of Apportionment in Today's Society
Apportionment is crucial in today’s society in order to divide jobs, placements, or items into equal parts. This way of mathematics has been important in deciding how many members from each state will be able to represent in the U.S. House of Representatives. Three men made this possible with their own methods they proposed...
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A Project in Statistics on the Popularity of Recycling among Freshmen Students
Statistics 126.006 Semester Project For my semester project in statistics, I am interested in the population of freshmen students at University that recycle certain items instead of throwing them away. My population is the freshmen student body at University and my variable is participating in recycling items such as pape...
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