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A Comparison of Cultural Importance of Art by Susan Langer and Roosts of Wisdom by Helen Mitchell
Susanne K Langer, an American philosopher renowned for her theories of art, views linguistics being as vital to conceptual expression. “Words are the terms of our thinking as well as the terms in which we present our thoughts, because they present the objects of thought to the thinker himself.” She also believes that we spe...
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2 pages
An Analysis of the Didactic Tone and Rhetorical Appeals Albert Einstein Uses in His Writings to Explain His Theories
Albert Einstein, a renowned physicist, authored many theories that provided insight to the world. His writing clarified and accelerated the advancement of man through the use of critical thinking to study and analyze scientific mysteries that would better civilization. While Einstein’s writing was meant to present his analy...
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A History of the Transcendentalist Movement
The Transcendentalist movement established a new profound and everlasting culture in America. Transcendentalist widely believed in the notion of spirituality as a source to obtain enlightenment. They aspired to connect with nature and one’s soul. Therefore, many transcendentalists were different from the usual norms of soci...
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