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The Meaning of Having a Growth Mindset
After taking the quizzes in Carol Dweck’s book, I found that I am a mix between the two mindsets, but lean towards a growth mindset. Having a growth mindset means that I believe my intelligence can be developed with persistence and effort (Ricci, 2013). The opposite of this would be a fixed mindset, where one believes that...
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The Correlation Between Playing Violent Video Games and Violent Behavior
Research Questions: Does playing violent video games have a positive correlation with violent behavior? Do other social factors more strongly predict violent behavior? Scholarly sources: All of the three scholarly sources I found were in the UF database. I went to PsychArticles and typed in “violent video games...
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A Review of Being Wrong, a Book by Kathryn Schulz
Being Wrong by Kathryn Schulz is an excellent book that indulges in the subject of being wrong and dealing with error. In the beginning of her book, Schulz explains to her readers that being wrong and expressing error is nothing out of the ordinary. “Twelve hundred years before René Descartes penned his famous ‘I think, t...
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An Annotated Bibliography on the Effects of Physical Education on Self-Esteem
Bahadir, Z. (2013). A research on the class management behaviors and life satisfaction of physical education teachers. International Journal Of Academic Research, 5(4), 170-175. doi:10.7813/2075-4124.2013/5-4/B.25 Retrieved from http:// Bahadir's article is based on information found from a study conducted in...
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The Difference in the Diagnosis of Bipolar I and Bipolar II
In general, Bipolar I and Bipolar II are very similar in nature. The diagnostic criteria for each condition are based on what can be defined as manic episodes. However, the primary difference in diagnostic criteria between the two is the severity of the episodes that the patient has. In order for a person to become diagnose...
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The Important Influence and Impact of Nature on the Behavior and Development of an Individual
Does nature give more important influence on the behaviour and development on the individual? Nature or Nurture debate is been one of the biggest debates in the world of psychology. People have thought of this question at least once in their life in someway. When you see a really talented athlete or a singer, people say th...
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The Flaws of the Theories of Piers Steel and Cornelius Konig in Understanding Human Nature and Behavior
Piers Steel and Cornelius Konig, the authors of “Integrating Theories of Motivation” find that economics, decision making, sociology and psychology attempt to understand human nature and behavior. However, the divided effort of the disciplines is self-defeating. The overabundance of theories and divisions in knowledge limit...
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The Causes of Self-Defeating Behavior
In the research article, author Roy F. Baumeister argues that self-defeating or self-destructive behavior (i.e. behavior that produces greater costs than benefits to self) is to some degree caused by threatened egotism, self-regulation failure, and emotional distress. Because human nature is thought to be rational and self-...
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A Proposal on the Positive Correlation Between Playing Violent Video Games with Aggressive and Violent Behaviors
Media violence research is a field of social science interested in the
correlation between violence in media and violent behavior. I am proposing
that playing violent video games (rated "M" for mature and as rated by
the ESRB) positively correlates with aggressive and violent behaviors, such
as those resul...
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Moss-Racusin el. al. Research on Empathy in Romantic Relationships in Case of Valued and Devalued Men
Although devalued groups face a host of negative outcomes such as low self-esteem and depression, one potentially positive consequence exists and it may be a heightened ability to empathize with similarly stigmatized individuals. Members of devalued social groups are more successful at taking the perspective of similar othe...
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A Study on the Neutralization Theory Applied to the Behavior Labeled Deviant in Europe and America
Deviant behavior is best described as behavior that is not normative.  In order to study deviant behavior normative behavior must first be defined.  Cultures across the world all have behavior they consider normative and behaviors they consider deviant but such behaviors vary from culture to culture.  Social theorists, crim...
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A Discussion on the Potential Connection Between Medical Marijuana and Suicide
Medical Marijuana and Completed Suicide The discussion of the legalization of marijuana is widely known throughout the United States, but the topic whether not it increases the number of suicides annually has been cooking on the back burner. Colorado is top choice for researching any topic related to medical marijuana bec...
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A Study on the Brain Processing Human Behavior
The Brain and Behavior           Who would not go if the best friend invites over for pizza and card games? Anybody would accept this friendly invite unless they have something more important to do.  Our emotion, movement, every single action that we do has connected with our brain. When I accept my friend’s friendly invit...
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The Characteristics of Stress, Reactions to It, and a Personal Account of Dealing with Stress
Stress is very notoriously hard to define because its so different for each of us. Stress can be defined as; a state of mental or emotional strain resulting from adverse or very demanding circumstances, and a subject to pressure or tension. Hans Seyle defined stress relation to psychology in 1936 as “the non-specific respo...
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An Examination of the Motivation Theories Behind the Behaviors of the Employees, Stacie and Shannon
Motivation Theories The best explanation for Stacie’s behavior involves the arousal theory. In the book it states that this theory of motivation suggests that people seek the optimal level of stimulation, but that level can change depending on several outside factors (Morris & Maisto, 2015). Before working on the new proje...
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An Overview of the Symptoms and Treatments of Schizophrenia
Facets of Schizophrenia A severe or psychotic, chronic brain disorder in which the affected person has difficulty in interpreting reality. Emil Kraepelin discovered the disorder in 1896 and named it dementia praecox as it was a progressive and independent disease (Larson, Reiten, & Voorhees). It was later named Schizophren...
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The Effects of Violent Video Games on Children's Behavior
Effects of Violent Video Games As a young child, I spent many of my childhood days at my local library reading all the books I found interesting, which was every book I laid my hands on. While I was busy exploring the many different worlds in books, many of my peers were busy playing video games. I was not a video game fan...
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A Study of Conditional Stimulus Using a Reward
The purpose of the case study was to determine if the subject could be conditioned to associate a stimulus with a reward. The subject used in this case study was one norwegicus male rat from the Sprague-Dawley strain. The subject was placed in a Skinner box and given a pellet. After the food was consumed and the subject loo...
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An Overview of the Study of Abnormal Behavior Through Psychology
Abnormal Psychology: the application of psychological science to the study of mental disorders. Psychopathology: pathology (illness) of the psyche (mind); the study of abnormal behavior or mental illness; the symptoms and signs of mental disorders. Scientist-Practitioner-Model: integrative training model (clinical psychol...
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A Study on the Post Traumatic Stress Disorder in Regards to Intimate Partner Violence
Abstract Posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) in regards to intimate-partner violence (IPV) is all but ignored in regards to male victims. The purpose of this study is to focus on this often-forgotten group of patients. While female victims of IPV and PTSD have been studied countless times, the only time that males and PTS...
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An Analysis of Social Anxiety and the Ways to Conquer Fear
Anxiety: Held Prisoner by Your Own Fear Anxiety disorder comes in many forms; it can have a huge impact on friendships and other relationships. Social anxiety is just one of the many anxiety disorders. Social anxiety is a constant battle for millions of people all over the world. According to Wikipedia, 12% of Americans ha...
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The Psychobiology of Ecstasy, a Psychoactive Drug
The Psychobiology of Ecstasy Ecstasy, or colloquially known as MDMA, is a psychoactive drug popularized for its euphoric and emotional effects. MDMA is commonly seen as the drug of choice within rave culture, clubs, and music it was first used recreationally about 25 years ago. As the use of ecstasy is much mo...
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Culture as a Set of Attitudes, Behaviors, and Symbols
One could define culture as a set of attitudes, behaviors, and symbols shared by a group of individuals that is usually communicated from a generation to another. Attitudes can include religious beliefs, superstitions, and stereotypes. Behaviors include a wide variety of norms, practices, as well as fashions. A symbol may t...
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A Research on the Differences Between Believers and Non-Believers
There has been a widespread research concerning the differences between believers and non-believers in the paranormal. One of the lines of inquiry has been on the level of intelligence of those who believe in the paranormal vis-a-vis those who don’t. This paper seeks to understand the relationship between intelligence and p...
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An Overview and the Common Misconceptions about Autism Spectrum Disorder
The intent of this paper is to be informative regarding Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD). Numerous stereotypes and negative beliefs not only harm autistics, but also the people around them. The content of this paper concerns and addresses common misconceptions about ASD and emphasizes positives, which remain unrecognized by...
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