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An Experiment on Framing and Its Effects on the Lives of People in Society
The experiment I chose to carry out dealt with framing. I told 2 sets of 10 people (all of whom were different) the same scenario and then changed minute ways the questions were presented, to see whether the majority of the results were biased. The minute changes made were with the wording of the programs they had to choose...
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The Cognitive Dissonance Theory by Aronson: Is It Still Valid Today?
Cognitive Dissonance In 1959, the Cognitive Dissonance Theory was introduced in an attempt to explain the discomfort one experiences when they hold two or more contradictory beliefs, ideas, or values. It’s a blend of cognition and motivation, and as Elliot Aronson tried to explain, “It’s essentially a theory about sense ma...
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An Examination of the Concept of Astrology
Midterm Paper: Astrology: Science or Pseudoscience Astrology has been challenged for years, if it should be considered a science. Throughout the work cover by Ivan Kelly, Micheal Gauquelin, and other sources, Astrology has proven itself, as a pseudoscience by it’s lack of contribution to an expanded understanding of the wo...
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The Emotional and Physical Benefits of the Act of Forgiveness
Biological Effect of Releasing Interpersonal Debts A natural part of human life is causing interpersonal debts on other people, whether intentionally or accidentally. These debts can take the form of physical pain or emotional pain, but it has two forms of payment regardless of the form. Interpersonal debts can be either r...
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The Challenges of Getting Insurance for the Mentally Disabled Individuals
The Proposal For a while now, proper mental health insurance has been a very rare commodity that is either too difficult to receive, or too difficult to continue receiving. Many among the mentally ill population end up on the streets following release or cannot get treatment to begin with. While there are several factors...
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Contemporary Explanations of Virtual Bodies and Fear in Amnesia: The Dark Descent
Research Essay: Contemporary Explanations of Virtual Bodies and Fear in Amnesia: The Dark Descent In my first and second papers I focused on the visual and audio
design and mechanics of Amnesia: The Dark Descent and analyzed how they
worked and to what immediate ends different visuals, sound...
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The Role and Responsibilities of a Social Psychologists
EC Writing Assignment #5 “Social Psychology Asks Big Questions” Matt Saia A social psychologist would look towards the scientific method to approach the questions regarding why people hurt each other, and how genocide happens. A social psychologist would want to be able to describe, predict, and explain behavior associa...
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The Negative Effects of Media and Video Game Violence on a Person's Behavior
Imagine yourself amongst a group of gunman, suited in jet-black ballistic vests, wielding dense, high-caliber, automatic weaponry. Making your slow moving ascent, the lights of the elevator flicker, you then realize, you’re at the Zakhaev International Airport in Moscow, Russia. You hear the suspenseful pings of the elevato...
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A Research on Conflict and Conflict Management
Conflict Research Summary Conflict is anything to deal with the following according to Jagoda: things that have not fully been resolved, need to resolve in order to grow and evolve, are capable or resolving, can only resolve by abandoning old approaches and adopting new ones, and are resistant to resolving because they...
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An Examination of the Sleeper Curve in the Essay TV Makes You Smarter by Stephen John
The inventions of video games have forcedchildren and adults of all ages to think without realizing. The more advanced the games become, the harder they are to play. Moreover, the more realistic the gameplay is, the more insight it provides for the players. This relates to the Sleeper Curve that Stephen John talks about in...
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