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An Argument against the American Meat Industry
Making a Case For quite a while now, I have been elaborating on the ethical implications and contexts surrounding the American Meat industry. Today I’ll be making a case against this industry by talking about what its existence entails, and providing a couple facts and statistics that have helped influence my stance on the...
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The Benefits of Choosing a Vegan Lifestyle
Veganism Veganism refers to the choice on an individual’s part to refrain from eating products that stem from animals. While vegetarians do not eat meat, fish or poultry, vegans also refrain from consuming other products and byproducts such as eggs, or dairy. Also, this lifestyle refrains from or limits the use of material...
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The Impact Giant Food Conglomerates on the Rising Cases of Obesity in the Country as Seen in the Lunchables
In The Extraordinary Science of Addictive Junk Food by Michael Moss, Moss recounts the role giant food conglomerates play in the country’s rising obesity rate through the history of Lunchables. Lunchables’ remarkable marketing strategy, despite its unfathomable nutritional value, led to its immeasurable success. However, th...
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A Comparison of the Effects of Destruction of Elephant Culture and the Epidemics of Obesity in America
The processed food industry is financially successful due to concealment tactics pertaining to the nutrition of the food being distributed, however this cycle is being endangered due to the increase in technologic advancements and political deterioration. In the same way, elephant maltreatment and its effect, which was conc...
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A Discussion on Whether Humans Should Consume Meat
CLAIM: It follows from the principle of equal considerability of interests (PECI) that humans should not consume meat from concentrated animal feed operations (CAFOs) if they have an alternative available. CLARIFICATION: PECI is the principle that like interests must be treated alike, without consideration of whose inter...
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The Benefits of Buying Organic Food and Conventional Food
This paper includes many reasons why you could buy organic food along with many reasons why conventional food is better. It explains the ins and outs of this controversial topic to the people that don't understand what they are paying more for. From this paper i hope i can sway you to the side of not trusting the organic ma...
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The Foods I Don't Like to Eat
Foods I hate Have you ever in your entire life had some nasty, icky, and bad
tasting food that you did not like? Maybe you might have had some food that
you just did not want to eat because you did not feel like it at all. Those
foods could have been like broccoli, spinach, and even string beans. Yes
those are veggie...
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An Analysis of the Public's Perception on Genetically Modified Organisms
More now than ever before, the heated debate over the safety and responsibility of genetically modifying crops for human consumption rages, dividing people into two distinct opposing camps. In an era when biological engineering is a distinct reality, many are fed dichotomous information about it. While scientific studies co...
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The Long-Term Side Effects of Genetically Modified Foods on Health and Local Agriculture
In the recent past, genetically modified organisms (GMOs) have begun to appear more and more in our everyday diets, replacing food produced from naturally grown crops. Designed to be resistant to pesticides, thus easing the fight against crop-destroying insects, GMOs are created by splicing genes of different species that a...
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A Quest to Produce the Golden Rice to Combat Malnutrition
Malnutrition is a major issue in developing countries, contributing to half of the 10 million deaths that occur annually in children under 5. People in developing countries often survive on a very limited diet that consists of one staple food that grows easily in their areas. Rice is a major crop in parts of Africa and Asia...
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