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The Controversial Issues Regarding Consumer Health and the Health of the Environment Related to Genetically Modified Organisms
Ever wonder what exactly goes into the food products you eat? There is a certain food product being added to almost 80% of foods Americans consume. Genetically modified organisms, commonly known as GMOs, are plants or animals that have had their genetic makeups altered by the addition of foreign genes to enhance a desired t...
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The Public Knowledge about Genetically Modified Foods Is Limited and Full of Misconceptions
Argument of Inquiry Genetically Modified foods can be modified to generate higher nutrient and yield levels and to produce their own pesticides, fertilizers, and vaccines. They are modified by the addition of foreign genes to enhance a desired trait. However, many consumers debate stressing the potential health, environm...
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A Discussion on Leftovers and Food Waste
Leftovers: An Essay on Food Waste Food. It’s something we literally cannot live without. I’d like everyone to think back to what they ate today. Now I’d like you to think back to how much you ate today. Did you eat all of your food or did you end up discarding some? These are questions most people do not ask themselves ev...
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A Wonderful Experience of Dining at the Mexican Restaurant, Amigos
Over the Labor Day break my family and I decided to go out to eat. We went to a Mexican restaurant called Amigos. Amigos was a new restaurant close to our house so we wanted to try it out. Amigos had great service, amazing food, and was reasonably priced. I would highly recommend going there. We decided to go to Amigos be...
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Steps and Ingredients in Making Gbegiri Soup, a Ceremonial Meal Cooked in Local and Continental Restaurants around Nigeria
Most people might have heard or known about Gbegiri soup knows its root is from the Western Part of Africa, Nigeria to be precise, it is a soup cooked and well enjoyed by the folks from that region. It is considered as a ceremonial meal, nevertheless it is also served also local and continental restaurants around Nigeria, d...
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A Delightful Experience of Tasting Sushi at the Kitaro Bistro of Japan
Kitaro Sushi Masterpiece Kitaro Bistro of Japan is a delightful little restaurant precariously placed on the side of Highway K in O’Fallon, MO, in plain sight for any wandering traveler to stumble upon. My first time visiting this particular restaurant was for my brothers 16th birthday. He could not decide where we should...
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The Significance of Coffee in Colombia
In the 16th century coffee was first introduced to Colombia and since then this drink has obtained a very important role in Colombian economy and social life. Today coffee has a strong symbolic meaning both for Colombian population and the image of Colombia on international arena. In order to acquire a better understanding...
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Annotated Bibliographies on the Benefits of Community Gardens
The Benefits of Community Gardens: An Annotated Bibliography Philpott, Tom. "4 Foods That Could Disappear If New Food Safety Rules Pass." Mother Jones. 6 Nov. 2013. Web. 19 Nov. 2013. In this blog, Philpott considers the ramifications of the new rules of that the FDA . In 2011 Congress came up w...
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Advantages and Disadvantages of GMO
GMO I grew up with a mother that was a bit of a health nut. It didn’t help that she had her degree in environmental science. One of her favorite rants is on GMO. GMO is genetically modified organism. In other words they are organisms such as fruits and vegetables that have been genetic material has been artificially manipu...
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A Study on the Poisson Case and Customer Demand
Poisson Case 1. What is the problem at Poisson's? Poisson has an issue with estimating the demand of fish, and when overestimating the waste of fish contributes to loss in profits. 2. What is (are) the causes of the problem(s)? Customer demands drastically fluctuate from day to day and the managers of the stores can...
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