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The Difficulties of Working in the Fast Food Industry
Dealing with the Stress The bustling business of bussing French fries, hamburgers, and soft drinks is quite the experience for inexperienced teenagers. The fast food industry is one of the biggest corporations of the modern world and employs millions of young adults across countries worldwide. The jobs, however, te...
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Negative Consequences of the Use of Industrial Food in American Society
As you are aware, food plays a prominent role in a community’s culture. Unfortunately in America, our dietary culture evolved on the foundation of industrially produced and processed food. As Foer states in Eating Animals, “Rationally, factory farming is so obviously wrong, in so many ways” (971). Every consumable item pres...
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A Reflection on the Proliferation of Dinner-­on-­Demand Services
To be honest, I had no clue what the hell you meant by dinner­on­demand services when this journal was first given. It was not until I found a very detailed article documenting the authors run in with the services that I finally realized what it was, and realized how prominent and helpful it is in our society. After reading...
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An Overview of Meat Cuts in the Food Service Industry
MEAT CUTS The purpose of this paper is to become knowledgeable of the different meats cuts available in the foodservice industry. Additionally, to understand the different gradings of meat in terms of quality and yield and how primal cuts are broken down into sub-primal and them portion cuts to be finally served to the din...
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A Comparison between Gordon Ramsay and Heston Blumenthal
Industry vs. Celebrity Chefs In order to truly appreciate the high end spectrum of the culinary industry, it is important to gaze upon it with perspective. This essay will contrast and compare two successful chefs and what better way to do it than comparing two chefs of the same background (British) and of the same age. Ho...
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Why Fast Food Restaurants are Better Than What They are Made to Be in the Media
Why Fast Food Restaurants Are Awesome Fast food has seen a lot of criticism in recent years past for being the leading cause of the obesity epidemic in America and overall getting a bad reputation for doing so. Such as the movie Super-Size Me, where a man in seeming to be in near perfect health condition ate nothing but...
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An Analysis of the Organizational Structure of Rebecca's at City Market, a Restaurant owned by Curtis and Rebecca Beebe
Located in the heart of downtown Dade City exists Rebecca’s at City Market formerly known as City Market Bistro. Curtis and Rebecca Beebe bought the restaurant in November. They are also owners of two other establishments in the neighborhood as well. Rebecca’s at City Market serves classic comfort foods in a relaxed environ...
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Chocolate: History, Preparation and Effects
The origins of chocolate can be traced back to the Aztecs, who harvested the cocoa beans and made a think drink out of it. When the Spanish arrived in the Americas, they brought the beans back to Europe with them. For a couple hundred years, the drink version was the only version available. The first edible form of chocolat...
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A Discussion on the Issue of the Relation Between Fast Food Restaurants and the Rising of the Obesity Rate
Fast food restaurants have been an ongoing issue because of its relation to the obesity rate rising. Due to this, it’s argued on whether fast food restaurants should be outlawed in the United States or not, the obesity rate would decline. However, for fast food restaurants to be outlawed could have many undesirable outcomes...
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An Analysis of the Trends Consumers Follow in Restaurants
Looking at many different trends in the food industry one is able to
recognize there is much more than meets the eye. There are an unlimited
amounts of trends consumers follow, simply because everyone's different.
Through this paper, I plan to analyze a couple of these trends and see what
market demand for such products are...
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