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An Attempt to Determine the Age of the Universe
In order to find something’s velocity, we usually just divide the distance covered by the time it took (V=D/T). This can easily be seen just by stepping into a car, looking at the dashboard, and seeing how many miles that car can go in an hour. It’s such a simple equation, that it’s mind-boggling to think that the same equa...
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The Issues Surrounding the Crewed Flight Programs of the United States
Human spaceflight, which is also referred to as a manned spaceflight
is a form of space travel consisting of a crew aboard a spacecraft. A
crewed spacecraft is a vehicle that has the capability of sustaining human
beings above the terrestrial atmosphere. It can be operated in a direct
manner as opposed to being autonomous o...
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The Properties and Characteristics of Solar Flare
This article addresses the temperature of solar layers with respect to a recorded linear consistency in thermal decay of particles as they travel from the core to the surface. After passing the photosphere and chromosphere and reaching the corona, the excess temperatures recorded are not accounted for by current scientific...
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A Brief Summary of the Earth's History and Its Future
The Big Bang began with a cataclysmic explosion that created space and time as we know it. In a unit of time known as Plank, incomprehensibly smaller than a second, the universe was an insanely dense, hot ball. The theory states that an odd energy suddenly exploded into the fabric of space. From 10-35 to 10-33 seconds after...
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