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The Origins and Controversy of the Barbie Doll
Barbie Millicent Roberts, most famously known today as Barbie, is a household name. Little girls have looked up to and respected her as a role model since she first debuted, begging their parents to buy each and every new one that hit store shelves. “I designed Barbie with a blank face so that the children could project her...
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The Unused Merchandise in the Gift Card Industry: The Incentives and Consequences
There is a cacophony of unused merchandise that people buy each year including gym memberships, medicine, and gift cards. With gym memberships, people often buy a long membership with the intent of going those days but never do. Billions of dollars worth of prescribed medicine just sits in many American’s cabinets as people...
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The Modern-Day Issues with American Society
A Modern-Day Sir Thomas People now a day can distrust electronics. It’s all because they make the stuff so cheap. The iPhone 6, when it came out people could easily bend it and break it. People first found out about it by putting it in their back pocket, then sitting down with it there, then getting back up finding out th...
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The Factors That Contribute to the Factor of Homeless and Its Treatment
Poverty Essay Imagine living in someone's basement, which you spend more than 50%
of your income, paying for the rent. This is what thousands of people in
Toronto are forced to do. Our government and other agencies are trying
their best to stop the many causes of poverty. The government has to work
together with the...
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Is It Possible to Build a Perfect Society?
Is it Possible to Build a Perfect Society? ​ Would you like to live in a perfect world? A world filled with dream, equity, happiness and prosperity for everyone. Most of us would, but why does such a world never have happen, and seem so far out of reach? Utopia is a word that describes the perfect world, yet the term “utop...
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An Analysis of the Structure and Cultural Factors and Their Relationships with Opportunities
“The only power any government has is the power to crack down on criminals. Well, when there aren’t enough criminals, one makes them. One declares so many things to be a crime that it becomes impossible for men to live without breaking laws.” ~ Ayn Rand Question 1: Provide an integrated discussion regarding the struct...
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The Necessity and Benefits of Keeping Animals in Captivity
Captivity can be Okay The argument of whether or not keeping animals in captivity cannot be fought in a broad sense- not every situation is the same; the quality of keeping differs, the needs of the animals can vary, etc. It is not possible to just say “it’s bad” or “it’s good” because of the countless factors that exist....
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The Necessity of Changes in Our Society
Our culture is greatly influenced by the people in it and the actions they take. The big events that hit the news typically draw more attention then the events that are taking place in our own region unless they greatly impact many people. Many news stories make us think as well. In the case of Keisha Thomas, she threw h...
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Is it Possible to Be an Individual Within a Society
Individualism within Societies Is it possible to be an individual in a society? Individuals are
created and molded by their surroundings. I don't think I am an individual
so much as I am the product of an environment that has poked and prodded at
me until I grew a pair of balls- and other appendages. In all seriousne...
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A Discussion on the Factors Impacting the Promotion and Suppression of Crime and Violence in Urban America
“The only power any government has is the power to crack down on criminals. Well, when there aren’t enough criminals, one makes them. One declares so many things to be a crime that it becomes impossible for men to live without breaking laws.” ~ Ayn Rand Question 1: Provide an integrated discussion regarding the struct...
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A Research on the Social Impact of Video Games on Children
Video Games and Children Over the past three decades, video games have become a massive pop culture sensation among younger individuals. As David Deutsch, author of “Playing Video Games Benefits Children,” explains, “They provide something for which most of human history was not available, namely an interactive complex e...
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Pornography and the Rights of Pornstars in America
Final Paper - Porn Workers’ Rights in America It is estimated that there are over 4.2 million pornography websites, allowing access to over 72 million viewers monthly, 40 million of these viewers being from the United States (PornStats, 2008). With a massive and growing pornoraphy industry in America grossing over $13 bi...
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The Causes of Teenage Suicide and Its Permanent Solution to a Temporary Problem
The Permanent Solution to a Temporary Problem Suicide is the act of killing oneself intentionally. Since the year 2000, suicide has been the third leading cause of death in people from the ages of 15 to 24. “More teenagers die from suicide than many diseases such as cancer, influenza, heart disease, AIDS, pneumonia, birth...
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The Difficulty of Being Accepted in Society Today
Today’s world stresses individuality. Businesses want to hire workers who think outside the box, school’s attempt to create children who can work creatively to solve today’s problems. Almost no one wants to communicate for a long time with someone who is bland. Being an individual is considered one of the greatest things so...
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The Issues Surrounding the Idea of Exotic Animals as Pets
Planet Earth is the home of 100,000 wild creatures. Every day, new creatures are being discovered. Discovering new types of species is very important for people to be able to learn the type of environment that they live. This would help sustain the animal habitat to reproduce more. There is an issue that not many people pay...
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The Inhumane Treatment of Animals Should Be Stopped
As you sit down at the dinner table and your about to eat your entre that contains meat, do you ever wonder where it comes from? Where did that steak come from? Was that chicken breast cleaned properly from a meat factory? Was the pig that was slaughtered for that prokchop slaughtered humanely? Is the meat factory up to...
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A Research on the Relationship Between Misinformation Endorsement and DRM Errors
Abstract Memory errors have various different causes and manifestations. Researchers are constantly trying to investigate into these memory errors in an effort to find similarities and differences which will lead them to answers regarding the occurrence of such memory errors. The DRM model has been an area of extensive stu...
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An Analysis of the Long Term Relationship and Function of Cross-Cultural Couples
Can cross-cultural couples function (in the long term)? Maintaining a long term relationship with another person requires hard work, effort, and a lot of attention. Generally, when two individuals from different families but similar backgrounds get together, they have to adjust to being with another. For cross-cultural cou...
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The Societal Issues of Using Drones
“Advances are making it possible to solve the grand challenges of humanity. But they are also creating new nightmares” (Wadhwa). A big issue in today’s world involves the use of drones and whether or not they are an invasion of privacy. Throughout this essay I will discuss this issue in relation to a South Park episode. Sou...
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The Social Impact of the Death of Miriam Carey
Based on the online video clip, “Woman Killed After Police Chase Through Capitol Hill”, 34-year old Miriam Carey lead police on a high speed car chase through Washington D.C., near the Capitol with her 18-month old daughter in the backseat of the car. The chase started when Carey allegedly rammed into the security barricade...
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The Social Stigma of Committing Suicide
In our society, both religious and emotional values have created the stigma that suicide is immoral and selfish. Religious views do consider suicide a sin due to the violation of God’s own creations, and the lack of love towards oneself and one’s neighbors. We are all created in God’s image and to commit suicide is an insul...
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An Evaluation of the Stigma of Tattoos in the Workplace
Why Are Tattoos In The Workplace Still Taboo In 2016? I have seen a number of articles throughout the past six or seven years asking whether or not tattoos are beginning to blend into what I know as the “acceptance era.” This is the era between the birth of Generation Y (the generation born in the 1980s and 1990s, compri...
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The Rising Problem of Pornography and the Lack of Solution to the Growing Issue
It has come to my attention that pornography addiction is running rampant among young adults. kids are viewing porn more and more each year. In the past, pornography addiction was reserved for middle-aged men who owned dirty magazines or comic strips. It was reserved for men working in strip clubs. There was once a time whe...
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The Effects of Online Photos in the Speed of Adopting Dogs
In an article about the adoption of dogs from shelters being aided by online photos called “Speed of Dog Adoption: Impact of Online Photos” You can safely assume the experiment taking place is measuring how quickly dogs are adopted based on their pictures. The study is done by determining how the photo type affects adoption...
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An Analysis of the Issue of Whether the Syrian Refugees Should or Should Not Be Allowed to Enter the United States
This election year, keep in mind to vote for the candidate who will voice your opinion on whether or not we should allow Syrian refugees to enter the United States and how many rights you think the Syrian refugees should enjoy. It’s a dilemma that we have to face due to so many people being displaced during the Syrian civil...
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