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An Analysis of the Criticisms of Commenter 'iamthestormbringer' on the Egoistic Views of Sporting in Melbourne
As the craze for AFL is bursting at its seams, the necessity for public recognition of the popular sport is coming to question. In an editorial piece aimed at members of the Victorian public, published in The Age newspaper on September 29th 2011, titled ‘We Need a public holiday for the grand final”, there is a proposed nee...
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An Overview of Mass Media and Its Impact on Sports
The Mass Media is a form of communication, which is directed from any media source to the population; its used to spread information, influence public opinion and advertise. The Mass Media includes: T.V, Radio, Newspapers, Magazines, Music, Books and even the Internet, to name a few. With all these popular elements it is...
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Future and Challenges of My Community of Sports Writers
I decided to look at my community of sports writers because in the coming years there will surely be a lot of changes coming in the field. First major change I can think of, or a gap, would be how everything is going to be written. With the influx of the popularity of blogs, that may be how most writing happens, and this wo...
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A History of the MLB Crisis in the United States
Why are performance enhancing drugs so much more prevalent and covered by the media in baseball than all other sports? Even today after the so-called steroid era ended more than ten years ago, every time an upcoming player has a breakout season, immediately people assume that he is using steroids or HGH. The answer is not s...
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The Different Perspective of the Three Authors Regarding Hope Solo's Actions in Her Personal Life
Hope Solo is an American soccer player that has been goalkeeping for the United States’ national team for a long time and is famous for great performances on the pitch, including a World Cup and Olympic medals as her biggest personal achievements. In contrast, she is not known for having those amazing performances in her pe...
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Symbolic Moments in YMCA Baseball Team
Film Response In “YMCA Baseball Team,” there are a lot of symbolic moments that represent events that were going on in the period this film is set. Family dynamics and Korean culture being influenced by American and Japanese culture are both represented in the film through the main characters and the central struggle t...
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The Impact of Baseball in the United States of America
The Only Game is a strong example of how baseball has impacted the culture of people in the United States.  Through various friendships and baseball, Lupica demonstrates the importance of staying strong during tough times. Jack Callahan is the star of his baseball team and is set up for a championship caliber year until...
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An Analysis of the Themes in Sport Literature and American Culture
Themes in Sport Literature American culture is deeply connected to its own sports. Themes of sports literature in America are reflective of American culture and society. In articles, stories, and poems readers can find characteristics common to the sport and American life. The deep love of sports among Americans is rooted...
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The Effects of Video Replay in Sports Today
Effects of Video Replay in Sports Today The world of sports is one that dominates Television today. With the billions of dollars that sports has in its industry, one thing that it has struggled to get a hold of is making sure the correct calls are made in the closest of situations. Recently, in the past few years, a new...
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An Analysis of the Issue of Gender in Sports Media
Gender and Sports Media Media exaggeration is widespread among subjects that affect little to none of the public viewers – from political sex scandals to celebrity coverage; the media also places undue emphasis on normative gender expectations and how these expectations interact with athletics. The strict rules made by p...
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An Introduction to the Analysis of Social Media
With social media changing around the world it is not a surprise that everyone is looking for new marking opportunities as a way to broaden their horizon. In professional sports and in college sports big companies are now looking for opportunities to market their product to the broader audience. So as time goes on and as co...
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A Literary Analysis of No Detail Is Too Small for Girls Answering a Simple Question by Tony Kornheiser
Tony Kornheiser Essay In Tony Kornheiser’s essay “No Detail Is Too Small for Girls Answering a Simple Question” he states that men don’t talk a lot while women never stop talking. He claims that men and women are like this because of their gender, which can easily be proven wrong. One way to prove his statement wrong is by...
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