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An American Actor Essay Examples

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What Is Acting All About?
As an actor, acting is the art of portraying many fictional characters on stage and in front of the camera. It is a world where individuals try or pretend to try to enter in another body. I personally believe actors must be mentally and emotionally ready to enter the body of another person. The actor must be mentally prepar...
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How to Stand Out and Become an Actor
Perhaps one of the most thought of questions that goes through ones head in a lifetime may be what drives a person to become an actor. Well, it could be imagination, a love, or just desire to stand out. When one desires to stand out they usually want to be in the light, and the stage is a great place to start. Being on st...
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The Life and Career of John Wayne, the American Actor
Marion Morrison, also known as John Wayne, is perhaps one of the most popular movie personalities ever. He began as a mere stagehand, but by the end of his career he had developed himself as a very successful actor, producer, and director. Marion Michael Morrison was born on May 26, 1907, in Winterest, Iowa. His father,...
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An Analysis of Robert Deniro's Movie Characters
Thanks to their extension into every space that was once tranquil in America, suburbs are a modern icon and so are the people that live there. Women with shoulder length hair, part time real estate jobs and seats on the neighborhood association board are common. And they're married to men in golf shirts who drive silver sed...
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A Biography of Christopher Crosby Farley, an American Actor
Christopher Crosby Farley I. Introduction. "Dear Lord, as I stumble through this life help me to create more laughter than tears, dispense more happiness than gloom, spread more cheer than despair. Never let me become so blase that I fail to see the wonder in the eyes of a child, or a twinkle in the eyes of the...
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An Analysis of the Issues During the 1991 and the Cuba Gooding, Jr.
I dont think I was even conscious that gangs existed and were a problem until 1991. That was the year that my friend Steph and I went to see the movie Boyz in the Hood, directed by John Singleton. When we chose to see that movie, we really had no idea what it was about. We chose is for two reasons, one because nothing that...
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The Early Life and Times of George Orson Welles
George Orson Welles, known more commonly as Orson Welles was a director, producer, writer, and actor. Mr. Welles was born on May 6, 1915, in Kenosha, Wisconsin. His father was an inventor and manufacturer and his mother a talented pianist. Welles was regarded as an absolute genius from early childhood and his creative abili...
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A Biography of Edward Olmos an American Actor and Director
Edward J. Olmos Edward James Olmos was born in East Los Angeles. He was a theatrical actor for many years until he landed a role in the musical Zoot Suit. He received a Tony Award nomination for this role. Some of his movie roles are Wolfen, Blade Runner, Stand and Deliver, American Me, My Family/Mi Familia, and Sele...
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The Life and Times American Actor Aline Bernstein
Aline Bernstein was the first woman to achieve professional recognition in the American theatre. She was an artist of many talents. She was a skilled writer and designer. Her devotion and dedication to the theatrical world was uncanny. Aline Bernstein received national acclaim for her design concepts. Her dedication altered...
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A Biography of Arnold Schwarzenegger the Austrian-American Actor
Arnold Schwarzenegger was born on July 30,1947, in Thal,
Austria. His parents were Aurelia and Gustav Schwarzenegger, and
his older brother was Meinhard, who was liked better than Arnold
by his father. Arnold's family believes he inherited his physique
from Karl Schwarzenegger, Arnold's grandfather. Ar...
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An Analysis of the Career of Bill Cosby, an American Actor and Comedian
Bill Cosby
He is an actor and comedian. He has stared in movies such as Ghost Dad. And also performed in the TV show The Cosby Show.
Bill Cosby humor and look on life has made him the star that he his today. As a child he was always funny, cracking jokes whenever he could. As a student Cosby was extremely smart. However be...
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A Biography of James Dean, the Acting Rebel Without a Cause Born in Marion, Indiana
James Dean
James Dean, the acting rebel without a cause, was born in Marion, Indiana on
February 9, 1931. His parents were Winton Dean and Mildred Dean. During his
first six years of his life he and his family lived in Marion Indiana. Because
of a military transfer between his father and the military he moved to
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The Life and Death of Bruce Lee, a Chinese-American Actor
My research paper is about the life and death of . The reason I chose this topic is because I wish to do my paper on . I will also tell you about his wonderful accomplishments.
Lee Jun Fan was born on November 27, 1940. (The Year of the Dragon, In San Francisco, Chinatown.) Lees name was later changed to . During his baby y...
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A Review of the Life and Career of Elvis Presley
On January 8, 1935 at 4:35 a.m., a little boy by the name of Aaron Presley was born to parents Vernon Presley and Gladys Love Presley in a two-room house located in Tupelo, Mississippi. Little did anyone know that this little boy would forever change the world of music and entertainment. Although this was a happy occasion f...
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An Analysis of the Life, Career and Death of Tupac Amur Shakur, an American Rapper and Aspiring Actor
Tupac (Two-pahk) Amur Shakur, commonly known as 2pac, led a violent life.
He died on September 13, 1996. He was a gangsta rapper/Aspiring actor. Tupac was
a big figure in the rap community, always doing what he wanted and not caring
what others thought of him. His life symbolized what a lot of people have gone
through, thro...
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The Life and Career of Christopher Crosby Farley
Christopher Crosby Farley was born February 15, 1964 in Madison, Wisconsin. Chris attended Marquette University and got a degree in theatre and communications. In the late eighties Farley performed at the Second City theatre and was discovered by Lorne Michaels, the producer of Saturday Night Live. Farley started on SNL in...
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An Analysis of the Career of an American Actor, John Wayne
Arguably the most popular — and certainly the busiest — movie leading man in Hollywood history, John Wayne entered the film business while working as a laborer on the Fox Studios lot during summer vacations from university, which he attended on a football scholarship. He met and was befriended by John Ford, a young dire...
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A Biography of Mel Gibson, an American Actor and Director
Mel Gibson“He is one of the most bankable, sought-after actors around. He can turn a room full of sophisticated women into a gaggle of autograph seeking schoolgirls. ("Mel Gibson." U*X*L Biographies. U*X*L, 2003. Student Resource Center. Thomson Gale. 24 April 2005 You...
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A Biography of Steven Seagal, an American Actor
Steven Seagal was born on April 10, 1951, in Lansing Michigan. His mother was a medical technician and his father was a high school math teacher. When Steven was 5 the family moved to Fullerton, CA. At age 7, Steven became interested in the martial arts and discovered a Japanese dojo in nearby Garden Grove, and began studyi...
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A Biography of The Game aka Jayceon Taylor
The Game aka Jayceon Taylor's Biography The Game is from the birthplace of Gangsta’ Rap, Compton, CA. But this is a new, different Westside story, one that joins with the Eastside while paying respects to rap’s hardcore pioneers of the ‘80s, NWA. The Game, a former gangbanger who turned to rap after being sh...
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An Essay on Orson Welles and Radio Cinema
Orson Welles: Radio CinemaIn the first half of the twentieth century, a little boycould conceivably have heard Orson Welles longbefore he heard of him. The year was 1937, and over the ethercame the cavernous, menacingly righteous growl "Who knowswhat evil lurks in the hearts of men? The Shadow knows. Heh-heh-heh."...
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A Biography of Orson Welles and the Reuse of Elements Throughout His Films
Orson WellesOrson Welles liked to reuse certain elements throughout his films. He liked a good deep focusshot. He liked low key lighting. He liked the grotesque side of life, blocking actors in groups ofthree, low camera angles and especially pointy bras. He also liked to open his movies in a certainpredictable way. In Citi...
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A Biography of Christopher Reeve the American Actor
Christopher Reeve - Still Me If you don t like something, change it. If you can t change it, change your attitude. Don t complain.* The poet must have been thinking about me when she wrote these words. Some things in my life I am trying to change and other things I am trying to handle. On Memorial Day, 1995, my world cha...
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A Biography and Life Work of Archibald Alexander Leach Cary Grant, an English-Born American Actor
Cary Grant Perhaps the most dashing of all Hollywood film stars, Cary Grant stole the hearts of millions of audience members during his 40 years of acting. Born Archibald Alexander Leach on January 18,1904 in Bristol England, he was the only child of impoverished parents Elsie and Elias. At the age of nine he lost his...
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A Biography of James Francis Cagney Jr., an American Actor and Dancer
James Francis Cagney, Jr. was born on July, 17, 1899 above his father's saloon at the corner of Avenue D and Eighth Street on New York City's lower East Side. At the time, and for many years thereafter, this section was known as the "gas house district," on the southern border of the notorious "Hell's Kitche...
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