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Biology Essay Examples

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Summary of Career Requirements and Options of a Wildlife Biologist
A wildlife biologist studies habits, traits, and behaviors of wildlife. Some of their duties may include estimating wildlife populations, studying how animals interact with other species, how animals reproduce, and movement patterns, collecting data for further analysis, and give presentations on research findings. Educati...
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Conducting of an Experiment in Biology Class
Abstract Mr. Posgais Biology II class often pondered the thought of insects attraction to certain colors on flowers. Well, on September 14, 1999, we decided to experiment and figure out which colors on flowers were more dominant over others. Our Biology class divided up into groups of two and three people. Each grou...
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The Summary of the Beauty of Biology
Summary of The Biology of Many articles are written by modern psychologists and
psychoanalysts that stress the importance of in human and animal breeding
as well as survival. One such article The Biology of Beauty suggests this
importance and backs it up with many facts and figures as well as surveys on
normal people. The...
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Conditions of Hypoxia in Cells
When cells are undergoing hypoxia usually occurred in the core of a solid tumor, significant changes including suppression of ATP consumption, stalled protein translation, decrease in RNA synthesis and significant changes in genes transcription were observed (Hochachka et al., 1996). Hypoxia also induces alteration in energ...
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Notes about DNA
The 3D structure of DNA is called the double helix. The 3D structure of DNA was determined by the use of x-ray diffraction which allowed scientist to look inside molecules and determine their 3d structure. The structure was found in 1953 by James Watson, Francis Crick, Maurice Wilkins and Rosalind Franklin in Cambridge, En...
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The Relationship Between Biology and Computers
By Jack Brown Computers have enhance the study of Biology tremendously, as well discoveries have enhance the progression of computers. Without computers, Biology would be no where. We would not have the high tech microscopes. We would not be able to process information at lighting speeds....
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An Essay on the Biology of Identity
Biology of Identity(In hopes to find the TRUTH behind sexual anomalies )Without having any value judgments on sexual deviancy - the word itself many seem to imply disapproval. Whether it be transvestism, voyeurism, exhibitionism, or sadomasochism, sexual deviancy is by many considered unnatural and inhuman. However these tw...
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A Look at the Importance of the Knowledge of Chemistry to the Study of Biology
Why is knowledge of chemistry important to biology? Maier, Scott Advanced biology 10/7/99 Biology is the study of all living things and chemistry is the study of chemicals and their interactions. So, how are they related? Our bodies are made up of hundreds and hundreds of chemicals. We just don’t think...
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The Reasons Why Knowledge is a Chemistry Important to Biology
Why is knowledge of chemistry important to biology? Maier, Scott Advanced biology 10/7/99 Biology is the study of all living things and chemistry is the study of chemicals and their interactions. So, how are they related? Our bodies are made up of hundreds and hundreds of chemicals. We just don’t think of them like...
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An Analysis of Mathematics as It Relates to Biology
Mathematics as it relates to Biology Mathematics and many of its aspects are a major part of everyday life. We spend the majority of our school years studying and learning the concepts of it. Many times, the question of “Why do we need to know these things?” has been asked of a teacher by his or her students. The fol...
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Why Water is Important to Life
Water has many properties. Some of these properties are cohesion,
adhesion, temperature, and specific heat. Also water is known as the
universal solvent because it dissolves many things. Some substances like
oil are hydrophobic. Since water is such a universal solvent, that makes it
essential to all living things. T...
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Marine Biology and Conservation
Marine biologists have the sincere interest in the marine environment
(URI FAQ 2011). Marine biology is a multi faceted science. The marine world
offers so much to scientists: researching all levels of organisms; studying
genetics; cell and molecular biology (URI FAQ 2011). With all of the things
to study, biologists also r...
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Why I Became a Biology Teacher
I think that everyone who wants to teach was first inspired by one of
their own teachers. For me, it was Mr. Stacy, my seventh grade science
teacher. ``He made the difference.'' He made the usual boring class work and
discussions come to life, full of mystical wonder for everyone involved.
I just couldn't wait for class t...
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Johns Hopkins University Application Essays
Johns Hopkins 1: One major that I would like to pursue at Johns Hopkins University is biology. By studying biology, I will be able to enhance my current understanding of the study with the high level education and research offered by the university. Studying biology at the high school level has been very appealing, and I...
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Benefits and Problems of Cloning
When I first heard of cloning back in elementary, I didn’t know what it meant. My teacher the told me that cloning was the exact copy of another human being, or an exact copy of another animal. I told her how awesome that sounded, to have another copy of your self, how cool is that right? But she thought otherwise. She told...
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Biology and Genetics
Throughout many years geneticists have established the understanding of genetics which has produced a result of numerous scientific improvements. The greatest discoveries were the Monohybrid and Dihybrid crossing by Gregor Mendel and evolution and natural selection by Charles Darwin. Plants and animals that generate advanta...
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The Future of Biological Life and Technology
In today’s society, scientist have been committed to studies advancing technology. Scientist believe in this century the intelligence of machines will go beyond that of humans. Machines will improve emotions and skills that will convince us of findings. Studies state by 2020 a $1,000 computer will equal the intelligence of...
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The Role of Faith in Rebecca Skloot's Henrietta Lacks
Henrietta Lacksdied at an early age, but where there is an end there is a new beginning. Henrietta worked on a tobacco farm most of her childhood and eventually moved to Baltimore to start a new life. Life in Baltimore was still hard and her five children were born into poverty. Many of them had not completed high school or...
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Defining Biology
Biology is the study of life and the matter that composes it. Biology is not only the study of living things, such as plants, bacteria, and animals, but it is also the study of the matter that composes those living things, such as cells and DNA. Biology also covers the processes cells and DNA go through to keep an organis...
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Outline of an Introduction to Biology
Studying Life Characteristics of Living Things Living things can reproduce, are made up of cells, can grow and develop, and can respond to their environment. Made Up of Cells All living things are made up of small units called cells. Reproduction All organisms carry on the circle of life with the process of reproducti...
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The Bio Chemical Processes in Nature
1. This cycling is defined as the movement and conversion of nutrients
from inorganic to organic by biochemical function in the ecosystem. Most
of all, the life body needs to survive and is made by sulfur,
phosphorous, carbon, oxygen, hydrogen, and nitrogen. Moreover, several
elements are required such as zinc, manganese,...
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A Summary of Chapter 1 and 2 of Discovering the Life Span
Chapter one of "Discovering the Life Span" focuses on the field of the lifespan development. Lifespan development is the field of study that examines patterns of growth, change, and stability in behavior that occur throughout the lifespan. Lifespan development focuses mainly on human development rather than nonhuman species...
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The History of Cloning
Cloning is the process that created multicellular life. This is because cloning is a form of mitosis. Mitosis is when a cell copies all of its genetic information, then splits in half, “produces two daughter cells that are identical to the parent cell” (Gregory). While most cloning has been on the microscopic level, there...
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The Role of Social and Environmental Factors in Determining Gender Roles
Everyone is born without language. At that time you don't know yourself whether it's a boy or a girl. You would become aware of conceptions of gender and need for socializing at puberty. They say that each gender have own way of thinking and it sometime cause troubles between them. One of controversial of gender studies is...
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Technology of Bio-Chemistry
1.1.3 Applications of Mass Spectrometry in Bio-analytical Chemistry Among all mass spectrometry applications, the bio-analytical applications have been paid the most attention to in the past decade. A biological sample usually contains several categories of molecules, including DNA/RNA, protein, lipids and other small mo...
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