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Endgame Essay Examples

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Endgame: The Game We Play
ENDGAME: The Game We Play In chess, endgame refers to an ending in the game where the outcome is already known. It is the final move of the game; the end of the game. There is a direct parallel between endgame and the final stages of life. In the game of life the endgame is death, and no matter how you play the game...
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An Analysis of the Setting in Endgame by Samuel Beckett
The setting of Endgame is characteristic of a Beckett play; a dcor reduced to the barest minimum. A naked stage, both a poetic symbol and a parody of traditional theater, with only two dust bins, a chair, and a backward painting to look at. High up on the walls we get an idea of the rest of Beckett's blank universe through...
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An Analysis of the Characters in Beckett's Play The Endgame
The characters in Beckett’s play The Endgame are depicted in desperate situations where they have to seek their own meaning of life. There are themes of hope, cruelty, birth, death and material obstacles in his play. The characters are based on human rationality found in the western cultures, and their logic heavily influen...
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A Biography of Samuel Beckett the Irish Novelist
Samuel Beckett was born in Ireland in 1906. His family was both relatively well to do and fairly eccentric. Athletic and imposing, Beckett was also awkward and socially maladjusted. This all comes to play in "Endgame" where we see the twisted remains of two couples, interacting with a brutal vocabulary. Beckett'...
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A Comparison of the Endgame by Samuel Beckett and the Events in the Holy Bible
As stated by Cohn in her article " 'Endgame': The Gospel According to Sad Sam Beckett" there is much evidence given relating to the many comparable instances between the Bible and Beckett's Endgame. With this interpretation as well as the discussion about the significance of the title, and the constant reference t...
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