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Isocial Problem Essay Examples

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An Opinion on the Issue of Pornography in the USA and the Implementation of a Law Controlling It
Pornography & Ethics Pornography is a social problem and is a commodity brought into existence by certain characteristics of a highly developed civilization. The problem with pornography is that any form of censorship or suppression cannot solve it. These aggressive methods would merely aggravate the disease and cre...
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An Analysis of the French Chemist Louis Pasteur's Practical Problems of Industry, Agriculture, and Medicine
PASTEUR, Louis (1822-95). The French chemist Louis Pasteur devoted his life to solving practical problems of industry, agriculture, and medicine. His discoveries have saved countless lives and created new wealth for the world. Among his discoveries are the pasteurization process and ways of preventing silkworm diseases, ant...
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An Essay on Problem Analysis
A problem is any matter that involves doubt, uncertainty or difficulty. Before trying to solve any matter of doubt or uncertainty, one is required to first understand and interpret the problem. Interpreting a problem means expounding or to telling the meaning of a particular problem in order for somebody to understand the s...
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An Alternative Method to the College Drinking Problem
An Alternative Method to the College Drinking Problem There seems to be a disturbing trend across college campuses. The troublesome problems associated with binge drinking cannot be denied nor can this display of disquieting behavior be ignored. The answers to this problem may be quite simple. Alcohol is not the problem it...
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The Need for Students to Become Effective Problem Solvers
Students need to be able to learn how to become effective problem solvers. They should be able to identify problems, evaluate those problems and then decipher a way to transfer their learning to those problems in a way that will bring about a solution. If a student is able to perform in a problem solving situation a m...
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Reporting a Computer Problem
One day I happened to read a Wikipedia article, and looking at it, it took me a second to realize why it looked funny, and then I saw how all the text on the whole page was bold. At the time, I didn't think it was a problem. I assumed they refurbished all the articles to make them bold. But it wasn't just the article itself...
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A Paper on Process Analysis within a Distributes Relational Database
When a problem occurs within a distributed relational database, it is necessary to first identify where the problem originates. The problem may be on the application server or application requester. When the database problem is located properly in the network, you may further isolate the problem as a user problem, a problem...
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The Life Story of Problem Solving
Like most people I have problems, but like some of those people running away from the problem is not an option. Sometimes thinking of a solution thoroughly isnt always the first thing on my mind. Thinking back on my past problems I found that sometimes thinking of a solution thoroughly was the only thing on my mind On Sept...
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The Importance of Properly Framing a Problem in Counterproductive Workplace Competition
Abstract It is important to frame a problem that you are attempting to solve in order to provide clear and concise understanding of the problem and its symptoms. By framing, or identifying the problem, we are better able to distinguish the symptoms, create multiple choices for solutions, and define measurements of success...
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Developing and Selecting Solutions in Graham Parker's Structured Problem Solving Guide
Developing and Selecting Solutions Graham Parkers Structured Problem Solving Guide describes the problem solving process in four phases, one of which is Developing and Selecting Solutions (Phase 4). The other phases are not summarized here, however, it is noteworthy to mention that Phase 4 is the entering into solution d...
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