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Lg Tripp Gallery Essay Examples

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A Visit to an Art Gallery Community
I attended the first Friday event on Friday April 1st and as I walked down 2nd Street, it was like I stepped into another world. I was amazed that I lived in Philadelphia for eleven years and never realized that the city holds a large art community. On every corner of 2nd Street there was an Art Gallery and people performe...
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A Comparison and Contrast Between the Two Poems An Anniversary by Vernon Scannel and Dismissal by John Tripp
Compare and Contrast the ways in which the poet describes the breakdown if the relationship. Comment on the effectiveness of their verse-craft I chose to compare the poems: An Anniversary, by Vernon Scannel Dismissal, by John Tripp A Winters Tale, by D.H. Lawrence In the poem An Anniversary the poet describes the relati...
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My Art Gallery: Autobiography
An Art Gallery has many dimensions to it, from its radiant art to
its unique sculptures. From the moment you walk in, you feel important
as if you're the only person in the world. Walking over to the artwork
you came to study; after all the reviews you've heard, it's time to make
your own opinions. Every person feeling so i...
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An Amateur Depiction on the Artist: Jean-Paul Abou-Dib through His Artwork
I participated in an Art Exhibition by artist Jean-Paul Abou-Dib on Wednesday, January 25th at noon. Exhibition Gallery. Because of the art gallery's location, which is next to the library, I often saw his portraits previously whenever I passed by. Without knowing any basic theory about artwork, I often concluded that those...
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An Exhibition Dedicatet to Authur Britt's Work
On July 3, 2002, I attended an art exhibit dedicated to the work of Authur Britt. The program was held in the Leon Loard Gallery. The exhibition focused on Britts life and how he chose to become a painter. Authur Britt had this to say, Art to me is data gathered and recorded of events, expressed in my own individual way. Th...
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An Introduction to Claude Monet at the National Gallery of Art
Claude Monet at the National Gallery of Art Claude Monet is most definately my favorite Painter of all time. Widely considered the foremost Impressionist painter, Monet inspired Masters like Degas and Renoir. Monets paintings, characterized by their blurred lines, quick brush strokes and interpretation of light, capture...
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A Weird Fixation on La Famila by Hulleah Tsinnahjhinnie
The piece that seemed to stick out at the Foster Gallery exhibit was La Famila by Hulleah Tsinnahjhinnie. This artwork was a digital print done on a computer and is really quite extraordinary. I decided to choose color as my formal element, since there seemed to be a lot of colors in this piece, and I love the use of color....
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A Biography of Andrew Warhola an Artist
Andrew Warhola was born on 28 September, 1928 in Forest City, Pennsylvania, USA, a small town northeast of Scranton. His father, Ondrej, came from Czechsolvakia in 1912, and sent for his mother, Julia Zavacky Warhola, in 1921. His father worked as a construction worker and later as a coal miner. Around some time, the family...
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The Career of the American Sculptor and Furniture Maker Bob Trotman
At Hodges Taylor Gallery uptown a remarkable artist was feature with his figurative sculptures. Bob Trotman is not only a sculptor; he is a furniture maker, and a respected artist. His use of the term furniture and the human form has renamed this art form of furniture making. His narrative piece of sculptures focuses an...
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A Biography of Giacomo Balla and An Analysis of His Painting Abstract Speed - The Car Has Passed
Giacomo Balla's painting Abstract Speed - The Car Has Passed was originally the right hand side of a triptych work done in 1913. The center was a piece called Line of Force Noise, and the left hand side was Line of force Landscape. He uses an analogous color scheme of green and blue to represent the earth and the sky. T...
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A Narrative Description of The Nancy Solomon Gallery's Exhibition of "Recent Work by Claude Simard"
The Nancy Solomon Gallery, features , "Recent Work by Claude Simard." I attended an Art Reception on Friday the 23 of February. The opening was for the artist Claude Simard. The reception took place at the Nancy Solomon Gallery from six to eight . The g...
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The African Art Pieces of Theophile-Alexandre Stein in the Van Vechten Gallery
When I first entered the doors of the Van Vechten art gallery, there was a piece of African art that really inspired me. From this piece I assumed that the rest of the art gallery was filled with African art. As I started to make my way around the museum, and observe the different artwork I noticed that the majority were pa...
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An Analysis of a Visit in the Currier Gallery of Art
I visited the Currier Gallery of Art and I truly enjoyed myself. I had never been to an Art Gallery and only had the impression that I had received through the movies. It was as I pictured it to be, and I would go their or another gallery again. The Currier Gallery had some outstanding pieces of art, they had everything thi...
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An Introduction to the Life of Peter Voulkos
The exhibition of recent stoneware vessels by Peter Voulkos at Frank Lloyd Gallery featured the sort of work on which the artist established reputation in the 1950s. The work was greeted with stunned amazement. However now it is too, but it's amazement of a different order -- the kind that comes from being in the presence o...
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My Experience During a Visit to an Art Exhibition
When first given the assignment to visit an art gallery or exhibition, I have to admit that I was not very enthused. I am not much of an artsy person, nor do I like to visit museums, but I thought to myself that this may be an interesting way to see what all the hype was about. So on a rainy afternoon, my friends and I went...
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A Description of the First of the Three Galleries Attended
The was the first of the three galleries attended. At the time, the museum had a touring Rock and Roll exhibit, which had its focus on the influence of the Rock and-Roll culture on art. The pieces were arranged in a chronological order and started with the Pop Art of the early 1960s. Located in the section were two silk scr...
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An Experience of Many Different Artworks in the Anna Eaton Stout Memorial Gallery
Stephen Abdelfarag Dr. Frank Design December 2, 2013 At Brescia University, there is the Anna Eaton Stout memorial gallery. The gallery is located on the second floor of Brescia's campus center. This particular exhibition that is currently on display is artwork produced by high school students in the local area. When...
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A Description of the Most Interesting Thing in Art as the Personality of the Artist
Maqbool Fida Husain Gouri R. 'To my mind the most interesting thing in art is the personality of the artist; and if that is singular, I am willing to excuse a thousand faults,' says Somerset Maugham in The Moon and Sixpence. What do you think of the artist who completes an elaborate painting-and washes it back to...
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A Description of Eliot, T.S. on National Portrait Gallery by Ronald Bush
Ronald Bush bigeliot.jpg (58257 bytes) 1962 Oil Painting by Sir Gerald Kelly. National Portrait Gallery. Smithsonian Institution, Washington D.C. Eliot, T. S. (26 Sept. 1888-4 Jan. 1965), poet, critic, and editor, was born Thomas Stearns Eliot in St. Louis, Missouri, the son of Henry Ware Eliot, president of the Hy...
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A Review of the Short Story "Totem" by Thomas King
In the short story Totem by Thomas King, a totem pole causes substantial trouble for the employees at the Southwest Alberta Art Gallery and Prairie Museum. The author is here combining his choice of theme; let it be, and the matter of the natives, to teach us that if we let things be and start concentrating at other things,...
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The Tyranny of Andrew Jackson
The Tyranny of Andrew JacksonAndrew Jackson: the common man or the first king of America? He is viewed by history in many different ways, some see him as the man who granted universal white male suffrage, created a more democratic way to elect electoral voters to congress and replaced caucuses with national nominating conve...
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A History of the Federal Hall National Memorial in the United States
The federal Hall National memorial was built in the 1840s in place of the original Federal Hall. At present the building is a museum in commemoration of the historical heritage associated with the building.  The building acquired its current name -The Federal Hall National Memorial was – in 1939 and is under the register of...
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A Research on the Victoria and Albert Museum
The Victoria and Albert Museum is among the biggest Museums in the World with a collection of decorative arts and design of over four million exhibits, the Museum stores the World's largest assortment of exhibits such as the Post-classical sculpture, the property and the remains Renaissance items in the European continent....
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An Essay on the Artists and Artworks of Sandro Boticelli and Polykleitos
Introduction Artists are part and parcel of a society and they existed since ancient times. It is through their work that we are able to tell what was happening in their society at that particular time. They act as mirrors through which we can analyze a society and were are able to know of the values, religion and beliefs...
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The Different Interesting Photographs Inside the National Art Gallery
National Art Gallery has collected a lot of interesting photographs which demonstrate the reality of our life and identity of the American people. Photographs are unique pieces of art highlighted the very image of life. Photographs show that historical events have a great impact on self-identity of the nation and its cultur...
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