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Limit The Right Essay Examples

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An Argument against the United States Governments Attempt to Limit the Right to Bear Arms
The Right to Bear Arms The right to bear arms is a constitutional guarantee, and is not open for discussion; however the United States Government has used its power to limit and regulate this guarantee. Our government has been attacking this right for years, and like a covert terrorist organization, it denies its ac...
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My Vote Goes to Lowering the Legal Drinking Limit
There are too many accidents every day that include fatalities from drunken driving. The legal percent blood alcohol concentration (BAC) level today for NY State is .10 BAC. It is proven that states that have passed .08 BAC laws have declined in crashes by 16 to 18 percent. If every state passed that same law, many people?...
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How Abortion Is Immoral and the Right to Life of a Fetus Outweighs Woman's Right to Bodily Integrity
After reading many positions on abortion, I have come to the conclusion that a fetus is a person and the right to life of a fetus outweighs that of a woman's right to bodily integrity. Hence, that abortion is immoral. Supporters arguments are that a fetus has no right to life at all based on the belief that is does not meet...
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The Four Noble Truths That Need to Be Understand
Lets begin with some text book terms of the eight fold path which include: 1. Right aspiration-which is to rid yourself of attachment and hate because the minds intentions are the key link. 2. Right speech is to not lie, or talk down about people because bad speech is instigation for wars or enemies. 3. Right action- is...
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The Right to Own Guns as One of the Many Rights and Freedom of the American Citizens
The Right to Own Guns As American citizens, we have more rights and freedoms than any other group of people in the world. The founders of this country established these freedoms because they had previously lived in countries where the people did not have as many rights. One of these rights is stated in the Second Amendment...
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Why Schools Should Get Rid of Strict Dress Codes
Do you hate being told what you can and can not wear to school ? Edward Harris Jr. Middle School need get rid of its strict dress code. The three reason are that it prevent students from expressing their individuality, it is useless, and the students would be more happy to go to school. To begin with, the dress code preve...
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The Dangers of Driving in Las Vegas
Driving on Las Vegas Roads There are many problems in the state of Nevada, one of them is driving on Las Vegas roads. The next time when driving, notice how many drivers use their blinkers. Look around and find how many driver you can find gawking at the others on the side of the road as they pass by. When you try and merg...
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The Causes behind the Growth of the National Debt of America and the Methods to Reduce It
Thomas Jefferson once said, I place economy among the first and most important virtues, and public debt as the greatest of dangers. To preserve our independence, we must not let our rulers load us with perpetual debt (Crushing Public Debt). In 1870, the National Debt was $2.4 billion, decreasing to $1.1 billion by 1910, and...
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An Argument in Favor of Limiting the Amount of Homework
A University of Michigan study last year found homework increasing overall from 1981 to 1997, with the biggest increase falling on students aged 6 to 8, whose homework load tripled. Piscataway is one of many school districts to ban or severely limit homework across the country. The school board in this district of about 7...
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Sad Truths About Present Economy That Causes The Companies to Limit Employees' Incentives
With today's economy it is hard to offer employees the incentives that they were once accustomed to in the earlier days. While analyzing the case study, Let is Pour: My First Assignment as Executive Assistant the author is faced with dilemma after dilemma. The root of the problem however, goes to the core of the organizatio...
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Supporting the Future with Nuclear Power
Nuclear Power When it comes to the topic of Nuclear Power everyone has an opinion, and they are either for or against it. There really is no middle ground, and that is evident in the essays written by two highly respected scientists. One of them, Dr. John W. Gofman is a strong believer in the concept of exposure t...
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How Advances in Technology Has Helped to Limit Pollutants Being Pumped into Homes
Technology is a major part of everyone's life. Everyday we encounter technology at home, school and at work. We use this technology to better our lives. But do we really? With the advancing of technology also comes the issue of polluting the world we live in. We take the automobile for granted, but as we use it, we contribu...
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The Age Limit for Teenagers and Elderly Should Be Changed
The age limit for driving among teenagers and the elderly should be changed for various reasons and the problems that are endured by these age groups should be looked at closer. The law should changed so that a teenager cannot receive their drivers license until they reach the age of 18 and the elderly should have to retake...
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An Analysis of Teenagers Who Go Through Many Things
Teenagers go through many things. They have to worry about peer pressure, parents, school, and what is really the right decision. Why should congress not help them out when they are the future leaders of this world? One of the top killers for young people is the misuse of alcohol. Youth live in a society that encourages th...
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The Cause and Effects of Breaking the Speed Limit
Speed Limit
Cause and Effect
Second Rewrite
Picture yourself in my shoes. I'm cruising down the Montana intrastate system. Being young and stupid I am going
at the unreasonably fast speed of just over 80mph.
I am on a road that I travel around five times a month. I know the road well, and I feel safe at 80 mph. I have no
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An Argument Against the Speed Limit on the Interstate and State Highways in Washington
The Speed Limit
Under current federal law there is no speed limit. The federal government left the task of setting speed
limits up to each individual state. The majority of state speed limits went from 55mph and 65mph to
60mph and 75mph respectively. The problem is, this isn't fast enough. There should be no speed limit in...
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An Analysis of State Speed Limit in Virginia's State and Interstate Highways
Under current federal law there is no speed limit. The federal government left the task of setting speed limits up to each individual state. The majority of state speed limits went from 55mph and 65mph to 60mph and 75mph respectively. The problem is, this is not fast enough. There should be no speed limit in the state of Vi...
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An Essay on the Need for a Curfew
Should There be a Curfew? A waste of time, unfair, bogus, unjust, these are all words that can be used to describe a curfew in a community. For one, if a cop is wasting his time on curfewing a kid then there could be a real crime occurring. Second, parents should take responsibility for their own kids instead of the law...
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The Value of Time in Our Lives
Why Can't We Buy Time? Time is passing. The Earth keeps on revolving until you will realized why is it a day passed so fast. Why we can't hold it on? Why there is only 24 hours in a day? Could we extend our time? I have many bestfriends and one of them is Czarina. She told me about what she asked to her father that...
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The Debate over the Controversial Issue of Age Limit for Taking Alcohol
18 or 21After being overseas for 6 months fighting in Iraq, my friend Joe arrived back in the states. He fought hard for his country, carried an M-16, and saved lives. All he wants to do now is to go to the bar and drink a beer with his buddies. So he goes to the bar with his buddies, dressed to impress in his marine outfit...
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How Corruption Can Be Solved
How Corruption Can be Resolved Corruption can be solved in many ways. One way corruption can be solved is with extensive background checks to see if a government official misused any governmental powers for illegitimate private gain. Considering the fact that some corrupt people still may get in a governmental position beca...
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An Essay on Toxicity and Threshold Limit
Threshold for toxicity is a term used to denote the amount of substance that must be in the body for symptoms of toxicity to develop. This depends on a number of different things. It is not absolutely strange, therefore, when an industrial worker reports symptoms of toxicity even when they are exposed to levels of a drug th...
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High Speed Limits as the Major Causes of Accidents
The high speed limits are often causes of accidents that cause serious injuries and even death. The speed limit should be lowered so we can control accidents caused by high speed driving, pollution, and the high cost of operation and insurance.
First of all it is obvious that a motorist driving over the speed limit has more...
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An Essay on Drinking Age Limit
Drinking Age Limit
Drinking Age Limit
A-1. Everyone knows that it is illegal to consume alcohol until the age of 21 in the United States. Many people are in agreement with this legal restriction. Some would even say that it should be raised. However, the legal drinking age sometimes causes more problems then it p...
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An Introduction to the History and an Analysis of the YMCA
The YMCA Mahmoud M. HegabEnglish 111Essay # 29-23-1998When I woke up seven o clock in the morning, I stayed home, and watched television. I ate breakfast and watched cartoons by the time the clock struck eight o clock. By then I had reached my boredom limit, so I started to think of places to go. I took another look at...
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