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Moving To America Essay Examples

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New Experiences in America
The first twelve years of my life were spent in the most beautiful and calm place, Ecuador.  Throughout this time, I was a social butterfly and loved to learn new things.  Things started to change however when I moved to the United States. I was nervous at first, but since my mother had been here for a very long time, she k...
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Immigrating to America
I had the most difficult time when I left the country that I was born in and where I grew up. I had to leave my original country and immigrate, first to Sudan and then, to Kenya, followed by the US, which is our main destination. Why the US? Because my dad was living in the US but my mom, my brother, and I were living in E...
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How Me and My Parents Moved to India, Leaving Our Old Live Behind
- - Tap ... tap ... tap ... I looked up to see a blurry figure of my mother tapping a few fingers on my shoulder. 'Sorry to wake you up, Rishi, but me and Daddy have something important to tell you.' She was not smiling. I got up, now fully awake, wondering what was going on. With my father standing next to her, my mother...
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A Comparison of Queens and Brooklyn
Queens and Brooklyn Even though Queens and Brooklyn are not the busiest areas in New York, they still have a lot of business and people living there. Because the public transportation system in the City does not cover the entire Metropolitan area, as a result commuters can easily take up to at least one and a half hours...
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The Nurturing Instinct from a Mother
The Nurturing Instinct Can a male survive without his mother at college as well as a female can in performing simple tasks? I believe that it is more difficult for a male to go away to college than it is for a female. A female may inherit a mothering gene, which could give her some ideas of what to do while on her own. The...
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An Analysis of the Characters in Edmund Crispin's "The Moving Toyshop"
When a story is being told, there are many facts and details that the narrator needs to put into the story so that the reader understands what is happening. The way that the storyteller gives the facts to the reader is very important. In The Moving Toyshop, Edmund Crispin tells us the necessities of the story in a wonderful...
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An Introduction to the Personal Experience of Moving from Santo Domingo to New York City
He had just turned 18 and he was all alone. It was 1982 when my father had moved from Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, where he had lived his whole life, to New York City. While he was growing up he always had dreams of living in the United States where anybody could be whoever they wanted to be – by working for it of c...
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How Moving to America Has Impacted My Life
I was six the day I found out that I was coming to American, and that was the day I was not only the happiest, but also the most nervous. I was happy to see my siblings that I had not seen for six months. My dad had took my older sister and brothers to America before me , and the day that my mom left without tell me that m...
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My Journey to Success
I came from a little country, called Lebanon. Throughout my academic journey, good grades came to me faster than bikini girls came on to me on a regular beach day. Anyhow, my attitude truly reflected my overly self-confidence and my lack of ambition towards anything. But when my family moved to America, I suddenly had to fa...
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My Interview with Mihail Gadjelov
When you first hear the name Mihail Gadjelov you think “What a strange name! He must be from a different country”, well he is. Mihail, also known as Mike or Mikey, is originally from Petrich, Bulgaria in Europe. He was born in a local hospital in Petrich at 4:20pm on Tuesday, June 9, 1992 by his mother Nelka Gadjelova. By h...
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