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Newsweek Article Essay Examples

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Rhetorical Analysis of Anna Quindlen's "Driving to the Funeral"
Anna Quindlen's "Driving to the Funeral" first appeared in the
magazine Newsweek in 2007. In this essay Quindlen aims to convince her
readers that we should lower the drinking age and raise the driving age.
Depending on what state you live in the driving age begins at 16, 17 or 18.
When teenagers turn one of these ages the...
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An Analysis of Newsweek and Time's Articles Regarding the Ginna Nuclear Power Plant Accident
I was recently looking over two articles over the Ginna nuclear-power plant accident in different magazines. The first being Time, whose article in the week of February 8th, 1982 was titled "Springing a Radioactive Leak." In the same week authors, William D. Marbach, Susan Argrest, John Carey and Mary Lord, from N...
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Comparing and Contrasting the Internet to Print
Comparing and Contrasting the Internet to Print The differences between the Internet and Print Journalism are clear immediately upon glancing at either of the two. However, to truly understand the differences you must study each carefully. I will briefly explore the differences between Newsweek and it's printed counter...
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The Abuse of the American Language
An essay from Newsweek Magazine, Cant anyone here speak English? explains how many human beings use and abuse the American language. The lack of language may be a result of slang and new words or expression, but slang is not the danger of language. The danger is television. According to the essay television makes language s...
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The Legendary of the Newsweek
A hurried businessman runs across the airport at a full sprint. If he doesn't get to Gate D3 in three minutes, he will miss his flight to Singapore. As he is running, little beads of sweat begin to form on his brow. People gawk at him and hurl insults his way when he bumps past them with seemingly no thought. All of a sudde...
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An Analysis of Two Articles Presentenced on the Hallucinogenic Drug Salvia Divinorum
The article presented on the hallucinogenic drug salvia divinorum that is associated with the mass murder committed by Jared L. Loughner and the article presented solely on the drug by the author both set off an alarm. There is a dilemma with the article presented by Irving Dejohn, “Hallucinogenic herb salvia doesn’t pack...
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Double Standards: What Factors Influence Juvenile Jail Sentences?
Justice, a pretty word in the meaning of making evil away from the good
people, is not always held in the society, including today. Two cases
brought up by Ashley Hayes (CNN) and Elizabeth Calvin (LA Times) through
two articles have things in common of two young children involved in
crimes. One was involved in a murder of c...
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A Review of Liddy's Article "Without Emotion"
“Emotions” In Liddy’s article “Without Emotion,” it was scary to think about how that boys life was going to be if he wanted to learn to kill without emotion, my thoughts and feeling changed from one part to another throughout the story. At first I thought he was going to talk about hunting as a sport. Then after the way h...
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Learning Gender in a Diverse Society: How the Division of Gender Affects Everyone
In this article, Shaw and Lee describe howthe action of labels
on being “feminine” or “masculine” affect society. Shaw and Lee
describe how gender is, “the social organization of sexual
difference” (124). In biology gender is what sex a person is
and in culture gender is how a person should actand portray
themselves. They m...
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Seizing the Moment
It is believe that opportunity once lost can never be regained, and
life is too short, so why not live it to the fullest? To live by Erma's
philosophy means to enjoy the present day. ``Live each moment for what
it's worth''. I strongly believe in Erma's article of seizing the
moment, sometimes it's necessary for one to tak...
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