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Presidential Debate Essay Examples

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A Review of the Presidential Debate of 1996
Debate 96 In the 1996 presidential debate, there were many controversial points brought up and discussed by the candidates. There were opportunities to turn the debate into a verbal cock fight, but the President was a model of restraint and Senator Dole simply did not choose to aggravate the president to an extreme....
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An Analysis of the Importance of Presidential Debates in the United States
Presidential Debates are a very important part of the electoral process in the United States. These debates help the people of the country understand where each candidate stands on several current issues that the United States faces, as well as to show the people what they plan on doing while in office. Aside from this, pre...
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Presidential Succession in the United States
Presidential Succession, is a term that describes the arrangements under which presidential authority in the United States may be transferred other than by means of the quadrennial presidential ELECTION. Specifically, it embraces those procedures that apply to cases involving the death, resignation, removal, or inability of...
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A Comparison of the 1912 and 2000 United States Presidential Elections
Woodrow Wilson and William Howard Taft in nineteen-twelve were counterparts to Al Gore and George W. Bush in two thousand. There were others running for presidency as well, just as there are today, but for the purpose of this paper, we shall compare and contrast only these four. First, let us look at the issues of ninete...
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The 2000 Presidential Election in the United States
The 2000 Presidential election has brought much attention to itself. While a slew of lawyers try to cheat their respective political figurehead into the White House, the topics discussed during the debates have been put aside. Affirmative action and education touch upon a delicate subject, which hinders the fundamental prog...
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The Role and Significance of Presidential Debates on Presidential Elections Campaigns
Presidential Debates Presidential debates are becoming a large part of a campaign plan. (“Where the voters are”) Who would think that such a short confrontation between the candidates would sway the vote of so many viewers? A presidential campaign could be won or lost from a single debate. The candidate must keep their coo...
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Victory in a Debate Tournament
It was a bright, new Saturday morning. The weekend. My eyes crack open and glance at the clock, 7:20, they start to close to drift back into sleep. My mind processes the information. It’s 7:20! Heart pounding in my chest, I leap out of bed and book it to my closet to start dressing myself. I was supposed to have been awake...
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A Paper on the Debate on Confederate Flag Debate
Confederate Flag Debate It has been a constant debate over should the confederate flag be flown on the state house dome in South Carolina. The confederate flag was first flown to show the secession of South Carolina from the union. South Carolina seceded from the union on the grounds that tariffs were being passed to...
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An Essay on Debate Preparation
How To Prepare For A Debate
How to Prepare for a Debate
“People generally quarrel because they cannot argue.” This quote by Gilbert K. Chesterton rings true when taking into consideration any domestic argument. Debating is a method used to argue a topic between individuals or team members. Generally debating is used to main...
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The History and Patterns of the Drug Debate in America
The Drug Debate For over twenty years the drug debate has been argued over and over. The drug war in the United States has been historically seen as a costly, yet necessary component of public policy; a policy that has been under substantial political fire for years. As we enter a new century, many are reconsidering their...
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