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Socratics Essay Examples

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Natasha's Hobbies
Natasha is tall and slim her face expression is always boring, but she got a lot of things that she is good at she loves to do. One of the things she likes to do is go out with her friends to the clubs, also she likes the museum, she love sleeping, one of the type of music she listen to is techno because that makl free and...
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The Pre-Socratics, Sophist and Plato
Explain (by providing reasons) and evaluate (by giving arguments) the notion of Platonic Dualism?  The notion of Platonic Dualism was founded on Plato’s idea or theory about existence. According to Plato, our world in divided in two dimensions, on one hand we have the physical world, the one that we live in everyday, the o...
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The Parmenidian Problem
The Parmenidian Problem It is often attempted, in the pursuit of inner fulfillment, to understand the nature of being and how it comes to be. Pre-Socratics, such as Parmenides, simply ignore the nature of becoming because they cannot give a logical explanation of it. Other philosophers, such as Plato, attempt to render the...
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