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Strata Essay Examples

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Ancient Roman Amenities of a Town
Abstract Ancient Roman Amenities offers a description of the finer things in life that you would not have expected to see before 79 A.D. People who lived in Ancient Rome had many amenities available to them; such as paved roads and bridges, markets, running water for drinking, toilets, and bathhouses. Keywords: aqueduct,...
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Defining Caste
Caste is defined so as to be useful culturally. The cross-comparison of both systems (India and U.S.) shows some similarities. The comparison of interracial relationships and the five categories are both based on color, birth, ancestors and certain socio-economic conditions. In India, there are five groups which are the Bra...
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An Example of Stratified Sampling's Use
A population may contain separate groups or strata. Each group needs to be fairly represented in the sample. The number from each group is proportional to the group size. The selection is then made at random from each group, this is called stratified sampling, and I need to use this to make sure my results represents each g...
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