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Suicide Essay Examples

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The Effects of Physician Assisted Suicide
Beep, beep, beep, goes a patient's heart monitor while the patient
themselves lies in a coma. The family is awaiting the doctor's wise
words in the hall, just outside the room. As the doctor walks out to the
hall, he is thinking to himself, ``How do I tell the family that there
is nothing left to do?'' The family sees the d...
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An Analysis of Suicide and Its Prevention
Adolescent suicide is an increasing problem in todays society. There are many contributing factors to suicide as well as many possible ways of preventing suicide. If the society we live in today is to thrive, adolescent suicide must be drastically reduced. The future of our country is throwing their lives away, often over v...
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The Problem of the Teenage Suicide
Danny Pullman was only nine years old when he first considered suicide. At summer camp and away from home for the first time, he felt that was the only solution to end his anxiety and unhappiness. Although he didn't go through with it at that time, when he was a senior in high school he again decided suicide was the only wa...
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Reasons for Committing Suicide and How to Prevent It
Suicide in 1997 took the lives of 30,535 Americans (11.4 per population of 100,000). While suicide amoung ages 15-24 has only increased to 11% in the 10-14 age group the suicide rate has increased to 104%. This is and will continue to be a problem through out the world. It is a hope to many that the suicide rate amoung al...
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An Overview of the Forms and Decriminalization of Suicide
The movement for choice in dying is dedicated to the view that there are at least two forms of suicide. One is 'emotional suicide', or irrational self-murder, in all of it complexities and sadness. Let me emphasize at once that my view of this tragic form of self-destruction is the same as that of the suicide intervention m...
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The Shocking Statistics of Teen Suicide Causes and the Root Causes of the Problem
As if parents did not have enough reasons to worry about their teenage children, what with drugs, drinking, and driving. Now a new concern has appeared within the last several years. I am talking about teenage suicide. Statistics show that one and a half million teenagers will have taken his or her own life by the end of t...
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The Factors That Drive Teenagers to Commit Suicides
Suicide is a significant cause of death in many western countries. Attempts at suicide, and suicidal thoughts or feelings are usually a sign indicating that a person is not coping, often as a result of some event or series of events that they personally find prostrating traumatic or distressing. Most people who attempt...
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The Rising Problem of Suicides in Our Society and How to Deal with It
Suicide Solution I'm about to take up a position which is going to be deamed by some, if not all, as a terrible stand to take. As a matter of fact, if anyone were to agree with me on ths subject, I'd be surprsed. For you see, rather than arguing from the postion of suicide being an unjustified and inane way to die, I sh...
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An Analysis and an Explanation of the Causes of Teen Suicide
The purpose of this paper is to explain the causes of teen suicide. This paper will include statistics and some background information on suicide survivors. Also this report will discuss some warning signs of teen suicide. It is important to take the subject of suicide seriously. It doesn't seem right that a teenager, who...
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Is Suicide wrong?
Suicide is a rational choice. “I believe that, generally speaking, the person who commits suicide intends to die; whereas the one who threatens suicide or makes an unsuccessful attempt at it intends to improve his life, not terminate it” (Szasz 153). Thomas Szasz believed that physicians should not interfere with the choice...
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