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The Golish Study Essay Examples

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A Study Involving Closeness of Adult Children to Their Parents Done by Golish
This study was based on inputs from other communication scholars as well as hands on research done by Golish (1999). The results of the study showed that the type of turning point that happens in a child's life as they are growing up usually determines their feelings for their parents when they become adults. By writing th...
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A Short Analysis of Efficient Study Strategies
EFFECTIVE STUDY Effective learning depends upon good study skills, but "Many students—both traditional an nontraditional—entering college have few, if any, practical study skills" (Huber 29). Good study skills do not simply occur; they must first be learned and then applied consistently. Efficient study strat...
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A Study on the Parent-Child Relationship Based on the Research by Golish
This study was based on inputs from other communication scholars as well as hands on research done by Golish (1999). The results of the study showed that the type of turning point that happens in a child's life as they are growing up usually determines their feelings for their parents when they become adults. By writing th...
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A Study on Sexual Jealousy, Emotional Jealousy and the Different Sexes
Waylett, Katie
In the article, Mad About You, it deals with evolutionary
psychology. There are three studies conducted to try to answer the question
of sexual jealousy, emotional jealousy and the different sexes. Jealousy is
a behavior. The way humans behave is believed to be the way the human race
survives. Certain weak fa...
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A Personal Opinion of the Reasons Why the Study of History Is Important
Why we study History? There are many reasons to study History a few are, so that we do not commit the same mistakes of the past, another is that History is the story of the real people. In people’s opinion the best is that the spread of Democracy requires informed citizens. In my opinion the...
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Social Interaction in Bible Study Groups
In this study, I investigate the social interactions and language use of people in bible study groups. The study specifically examines the bible study sessions that take place in a Protestant church after regular Sunday services. I focus on analyzing how participants conducted the conversations and how this conduct is rest...
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A Study of Colombian Immigration to Ecuador by Analyzing Newspaper Articles
Thesis Proposal Abstract Abstract This thesis aims to describe press depictions of the increased Colombian immigration to Ecuador in six major newspapers of the region. The study will compare and contrast three Ecuadorian and three Colombian newspapers -El Comercio; El Extra; El Universo; and El Tiempo; El Espectador...
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A Study of Illness in Relation to Different Cultures
Traditions, practices, habits and beliefs vary among each culture, as does the environment, and availability of goods and supplies. The definition of illness also varies depending on the culture and what is considered good versus bad health. Due to this diversity in everyday life, and the arbitrary definition of health, an...
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The Nature and the Subjects of Sociology
What is Sociology? This article is designed primarily for those who are completely new to sociology and would like some help and guidance as to the exact nature of the subject-matter of sociology. However new you are to sociology it is probable that you have an idea, however vague and general, regarding what sociology is...
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An Analysis of the Study of Language Is Really the Study of Meaning in Cognitive Neuroscience
SP567: Cognitive Neuroscience 'The Study of Language is really the study of Meaning', Discuss. It is generally accepted that language is one of the key attributes that distinguishes humans from other species. Although other animals possess at times very sophisticated methods of communication, none match the cognitive...
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A Critical Study of Four Works of Art
Critical Study When I began thinking about the critical study I was not sure what movement or particular variety of Art to study. I decided a good starting point would be what types of art interest me and what pieces attract me when visiting an art gallery. The first thing that came to mind was four works that I had seen...
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A Comparison of the World of Cecilia and the Today's World
I would like to focus my response paper on the similarities, as well as some differences between the world of Cecilia, and the world today. I found that there are many similar aspects with slight twists. Farming was then, and is now one of the major aspects of daily life for many people. Like Brigstock, Montana, is an ar...
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The Evolving of Learning through Life
Teachers or parents favourite cliche is the instruction to study. This is a most tedious and demanding chore to be handled by most of us. The ardous task of studying increases hand in hand without letting up as we mature. Hours of reading, taking notes, seeking out information and listening to others are part and parcel of...
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Quantitative Correlation Study and Its Use in the Article Horatio Alger Lives
Theory and Research Introduction This paper will focus on the quantitative correlation study method used in survey based researches such as the attached article entitled 'Horatio Alger lives'. Social research is a collection of methods people use to systematically combine theories and ideas to produce knowledge. Because o...
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A Comparison of Humans and a Critique of Methods of Study
A comparison with humans and a critique of methods of study. For thousands of years, men and women have strived to explain the why of their existence. To discover the reasons for how we act the way we do and what this knowledge can do to impact the way we live our lives in this complex society that we have created. One of...
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An Analysis of the Standards in the Areas of the Academic Study
In the past few years, the New York State Board of Regents has upped the standards in all areas of academic study. While some of the standards are good for top notch students, other students who struggle, get the bitter end of the stick. This means that not all students are regents material, and may have a hard...
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An Analysis of Two Studies of Perceptual Development: The Gibson-Walk Study in 1960 and the Held-Hein Study in 1965
a) Describe 2 studies of perceptual development (12 marks). b) Assess the way in which such studies help to explain the development of perception (12 marks). In the following essay I intend to describe two studies of perceptual development. I then intend to assess such studies and how they help to explain the developme...
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A Chemistry Independent Study of Gas Laws
Chemistry Independent Study: Gas Laws Since the days of Aristotle, all substances have been classified into one of three physical states. A substance having a fixed volume and shape is a solid. A substance, which has a fixed volume but not a fixed shape, is a liquid; liquids assume the shape of their container but do not...
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A Literary Analysis of the Study of Sociology
Overview of Sociology What it means to study Sociology Sociology is the study of human society, including both social action and organization. Sociologists use scientific research methods and theories, and study social life in a wide variety of settings. Sociology offers us not only information but also a distinctiv...
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A Guide on How to Study the Right Way
Many students dread studying and think that they must not be studying the right way. Learning how to study correctly takes practice; it is not something that can be accomplished in one day. The most important thing you need to improve your study skills is the desire to study correctly. It does not matter how much your paren...
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A Description of Physics as a Branch of Science as a Traditionally Defined as the Study of Matter, Energy, and the Relation Between Them
Physics, a branch of science, is traditionally defined as the study of
matter, energy, and the relation between them. The interaction between matter
and energy is found everywhere. In order for matter to move, it requires some
form of energy. Sports show many good examples of the relationship between matter and
energy. F...
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Two Different Studies in Social Psychology That Have Crosses the Line Ethically
Abstract This paper will explain two different studies in social psychology that have crossed the line ethically. The study done my Miligram on obedience will be explained, as will the results. It will be determined as to whether his approach was ethical and what could have been done differently. The second study examined w...
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An Essay on Uranium and Radiation
On Monday August 6, 1945 the U.S. Bomber Enola Gay flew over the
Japanese city of Hiroshima. Seconds later a metallic projectile fell
towards its target. In a blinding flash the world felt the power of a new
age, the nuclear age. The study of radiation that would eventually lead to these uranium
weapons began in 1798. It w...
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An Introduction to the Study of American History
Why Study American History There are many reasons to study United States History. A few are, so that we do not commit the same mistakes as our ancestors, to know our heritage, learn about our freedoms, and to learn to become a citizen in our nation. We need history so that we will not commit the s...
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An Analysis of the Mathematical Codes in the Study of Enciphering and Encoding
Mathematical Codes Mathematical codes are used by millions everyday for a variety reasons, but all intending to keep something private. The coding theory has actual applications in consumer electronics and with other areas of mathematics. Encryption, which involves enciphering and encoding, is used to protect data against...
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