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Vancouver In Canada Essay Examples

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An Analysis of Importance of Caves in Vancouver Island Tourism Industry
Did you know that Vancouver Island has over one thousand caves? That many people come to Vancouver Island for the activity known as spelunking? There are many people on Vancouver Island who don't realize that we are famous for more than just our parliament buildings in Victoria, or our surfing in Tofino. These caves, also k...
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A History and Geography of Vancouver, a City in North America
The city of Vancouver is located in a popular region in North America that is known for beautiful scenery, cultural diversity and historic residential areas. Vancouver proudly boasts several such neighborhoods, which have been the most populated on the continent for the later part of the 20th century and beyond. One of the...
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The Population and Economic Trends in Canada through History
"What we're seeing now is demographics which are really driven more and more by immigration." -Dough Norris, director general of Statistics Canada. For the first time in history, Canada is facing a population decline beginning in 2010. Population decline this is happening in a decade where both demographic and e...
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Changing Homes
I could not sleep. I refused to close my eyes because I wanted to
cherish every second that I had in that room for I know I would never be
able to return to the bedroom in which I slept for thirteen years after
that night. In eight hours time, on August 5 of 1995, I would board a
plane, by myself, to the beautiful city of V...
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My Best Friend
It has been quite a while since I met Francoise. But as we met in a time, that has changed me a lot (and maybe him too), I have a good and nice memory of him. It was in 2001 and instead of A Space Odyssey I went on a likewise adventures trip to Vancouver in Canada. Not until September of that year the world should have bee...
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A Study on the Changes in Population in Six Canadian Cities in the Period of 1991-1996
INDEPENDENT STUDY PROJECT CANADIAN POPULATION CHANGE IN SIX CITIES Population Change in Six Canadian Cities Since the first moment that humans arrived in Canada, Canada has undergone many changes and will continue to do so as time goes on. One of the most remarkable aspe...
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An Essay on the Six Cities in Canada
Six Cities In Canada
Population Change in Six Canadian Cities
Since the first moment that humans arrived in Canada, Canada has undergone many changes and will continue to do so as time goes on. One of the most remarkable aspects is the growth and development...
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The Canadian Avro Arrow Development Problems
Avro Arrow The Avro Arrow was one of the greatest things that happened in Canadian history, but it was not allowed to accomplish its mission. The Arrows role was to replace the CF-100 Canucks as a supersonic which would intercept in any weather. The reason that the Avro Arrow did not continue its development was that it...
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The 100th Anniversary of the State of Canada
On the first of July, 1967, Canada celebrated its one-hundredth "birthday", its centennial year. Through entire Canada activities were planned. Throughout the entire nation, people were celebrating and having fun. An example of these huge festivities are "The Canada Festival" they offered a huge selectio...
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An Argument against Banning Guns in Canada
This essay talks about the rights of owning a gun. Gun control is becoming a major issue, many people support gun rights and others don't. The eesay talks about why guns should not be banned. Guns don't cause crimes, it's the few people who use it. ----------------------------------------------------------- In today's w...
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The Green Party of Canada's Values and Ideas of Focusing on the Environment
Broad, Could be used to narrow scope. Very good intro. Broad in subject Canada had nine registered political parties in the 1993 federal election. Each one of these parties was trying to place their candidates into Parliament as members. In this particular election there were the usual dominating parties that ran, the Li...
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A Biography of William Lyon Mackenzie King, the Greatest Prime Minister of Canada
The greatest Prime Minister of Canada was? Mackenzie King our 10thPrime Minister of Canada and by far one of our greatest. William Lyon Mackenzie King accomplished a lot in his twenty-0ne years of ministering our Country Canada! "It is what we prevent, rather than what we do that counts most in Government." (Ma...
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An Introduction to the Geography and History of Canada
- located on the eastern edge of Canada, the first entry into the continent was by Europeans. - Its natural resources have been exploited for centuries, making it an 'old' resource hinterland. - Its small and highly dispersed population offers only small markets and few manufacturing opportunities. Distance from the market...
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An Introduction to the Geography and Culture of Canada
, is the world's second largest country and it is the largest country in
the Western Hemisphere. It comprises all of the North American continent north
of the United States, with the exclusion of Alaska, Greenland, and the tiny
French islands of St. Pierre and Miquelon. Its most easterly point is Cape
Spear, Newfoundland an...
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An Analysis of the Conflict in Canada Between the People Who Speak French and Those Who Speak French and Those Who Speak English
The conflict in Canada between the people who speak French and those who speak English can trace its roots to Colonial times. Since Canada was originally a French colony, the majority of the people originally spoke French. In 1760, during the French Indian War, England gained control of Canada. This led to a large number of...
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Canada: The Invasion of Immigrants
Invaded by ImmigrantsCanada being a relatively new country, as far as the history of the worldgoes was built by immigration. Every single resident of North Americacan trace his ancestry back to the cradle of life in Europe. Even NativeAmericans found their way to the new world over a frozen ice pack,spreading out across the...
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The Genesis and History of Conflicts Between Canada and Quebec
Canada and Quebec have always been in conflict from the confederation of 1867 to the Supreme court judgement on the secession of Quebec in 1998. Quebec faces several challenges in terms of constitutional relations with the rest of Canada. Quebec is seeking a special status to preserve and protect its culture and language, w...
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An Analysis of the Significance of the Tourism Industry in Canada
One of the largest industries in Canada is the tourism industry. It is made up of many thousands of small and large businesses and is in turn, one of Canada's major employers and as well a major contributor to our national wealth. The businesses that compose the tourism industry are hotels, restaurants, travel businesses, r...
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An In-depth Analysis of the Complicated Economy of Canada
The Canadian economy is a complicated and important issue for all Canadians because it affects everyone. It is also important for us to be informed about the economy in order to be better prepared and equipped to deal with the problems. The economic issue discussed in this essay concerns the current reductions in interest r...
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A History of Women's Immigration to Canada
Early women immigrating to Canada was generated by a network of emigration agents who were salesman who advertised to Canada's attraction's to prospected immigrants. They targeted wealthy farmers, agricultural laborers and female domestics, preferably from Grea...
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The Major Issue Facing Canada as a Country
There are many issues of concern to Canada. One issue of importance is whether or not the government of Canada should conduct more referendums in making decisions on important issues. This issue is important, the way in which it is answered determines how much effort the people of Canada want to put into solving such issues...
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An Overview of the Religion Support and Education in Canada
Religion Support and Education As it stands, we are the transition stage. We have no structure, there is no black and white, we live in a clouded time. All questions are being answered again, because the past is no longer the present. No person knows if our corrections are correct, but they do know it is what the major...
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Geography, Culture and Different Languages in Canada
Distinctly Canadian Canada, federated country of North America, bounded on the north by the Arctic Ocean; on the northeast by Baffin Bay and Davis Strait, which separate it from Greenland; on the east by the Atlantic Ocean; on the south by the United States; and on the west by the Pacific Ocean and Alaska. Canada is th...
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Area, Population Density, Economy and Resources That Divides Canada
Canada is divided into six regions. The regions are the Atlantic region, the Great Lakes-St. Lawrence River region, the Shield region, the Plains region, the Cordillera region, and the North region. Each of these different regions all have their own special traits which make them unique from the others. Things such as a...
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The Climate and Geography of Canada
Canada is a land of great diversity and variety. With a population of 28 000 and the second largest country in the world, it has many cultural, physical and climatic differences. Canada is diversified when it comes to the ethnic and racial makeup. Over 36 percent of the population consist of people from British backgrounds...
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