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Vietnam War Essay Examples

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The Futility of the American Involvement in the Vietnam War
The United States actually thinking they could go into Vietnam and win was a ridiculous idea that should have been dropped from the start. They thought they could put a part of their army in there and fight them off until they came running for mercy at the peace tlks, ready to give up. This obviously never hoppened, and man...
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An Analysis of the Phoenix Program
In life, there are many components that make up a whole. Often we do not see the little things that go behind the big picture. This is the case in times of war as well. Most people think that in war there are just soldiers out in the field shooting at each other. However there is more to warfare than just bullets flying eve...
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Different Representations of Vietnam War in Books and Movies
My personal exposure to the Vietnam War has been limited to say the least. It is a subject that is still uneasy in the minds of many people to this day. My past teachers have only given me a basic overview of the war, giving statistical and geographical information. They had never really addressed the political and moral is...
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Experiences of Vietnam War Veterans
After thinking about all the things we would learn this year in American history I decided to do my project on the experiences of Vietnam War veterans. There is a lot of controversy as to whether or not the Vietnam War veterans are given enough recognition for what they went through. I have heard horrible stories of US...
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An Essay on the Causes and Effects of the Vietnam War
Causes and effects of the Vietnam War War is hell. Imagine how most every family in the United States waseffected some way or another during the Vietnam War. Parents lost sons, wives losthusbands, sisters lost brothers, and children lost their daddies. A total of over twomillion lives were lost, and for what? In this paper...
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The Reasons of the Start of Vietnam War
The Vietnam War was a brutal war that affected millions of people in many different countries. All wars start because there is a difference in people’s opinions, and the Vietnam War was no different. It started because France and a Vietnam leader, Ho Chi Minh, had a difference in opinion about the type of government Vie...
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The History of the Vietnam War
Background information Before the 2nd World War, Vietnam was a colony of France. During the war, French Indo China was occupied by the Japanese. When the war was over, the French took the place of the Japanese in Vietnam. In the period between 1945 and 1954 there was a struggle for independence headed by the communist Viet...
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An Analysis of the Ethnicity of Vietnam
Ethnic Groups Vietnam's population is relatively homogeneous. As much as 90 percent of the people are ethnic Vietnamese, descendents of the people who settled in the Red River Delta thousands of years ago. Ethnic Chinese constitute the largest minority group. Other important minorities are the Khmer and the Cham. In additio...
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A History of American Involvement in the Vietnam War
Vietnam In 1955, with the help of massive amounts of American military, political, and economic aid, the Government of the Republic of Vietnam (GVN or South Vietnam) was born. The following year, Ngo Dinh Diem, a faithfully anti-Communist figure from the South, won a doubtful election that made him president of the GVN....
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Political, Social and Economic Context of the End of the Vietnam War in America and Vietnam
In the warm spring of 1975, the end of a long war was approaching. For many years the jungles of southern Vietnam had been a battle zone. The United States of America had long since retired from this war. From the fall of Hue in mid March 1975, the American government had given up on the conflict in Vietnam. The troops and...
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The Reason of Australia's Involvement in the Vietnam War
Australia's Involvement in the Vietnam War Australia’s Involvement in the Vietnam War Following the withdrawal of the last Australian troops in 1972 more than 46000 Australian personnel had served in Vietnam. This is out of a population of approximately 11 million. Of these, 3000 were wounded and almos...
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A Psychological Analysis of the Relationship Between the Soldiers of the Vietnam War
The relationship between the soldiers of the Vietnam War was different from the relationships with people from home. The soldiers felt as if they could not tell the whole truth about the war through their eyes to their loved ones at home. The soldiers that they were with all the time understood the pain and confusion each o...
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The Nightmare of the Vietnam During the Bloody Vietnam War
The Nightmare of Vietnam The Vietnam war was a war very different from the others. Some have called it pointless, and some have even condemned soldiers who served, brave men. Obviously those who point a bitter finger have no idea what these men had to live through, day after soul shattering day. Though they may have be...
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An Introduction to the Issue of American Involvment in the Vietnam War: Vietnam Controversy
Vietnam Controversy It’s January 27th, 1973 and the Vietnam War is over. Peace agreements were signed in Paris by the South Vietnam Communist forces, North Vietnam, South Vietnam and the United States. The meeting lasted for several hours and in that time they agreed on many objectives, including: that U.S. troops would g...
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An Analysis of the Causes for the Vietnam War
The Vietnam War The Vietnam War was a military struggle fought in Vietnam from 1959 to 1975. It began as a determined attempt by Communist guerrillas in the South, backed by Communist North Vietnam, to overthrow the government of South Vietnam. The struggle between North and South Vietnam ultimately widened into a limited...
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A Short History on Vietnam
In the 1950's the United States, began to send armed forces over to Vietnam, for the following 20 plus years the ongoing war would create major tensions throughout U.S. History. Nearly 3 million U.S. service men and women were sent thousands of miles away from home, to fight for a rather questionable cause. In total nearly...
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A Descriptive Analysis of the Vietnam War
Descriptive: Vietnam War
The Vietnam War was a military struggle fought in Vietnam from 1959 to 1975.
It began as a determined attempt by Communist guerrillas (Vietcong) in the South,
backed by Communist North Vietnam, to overthrow the government of South Vietnam.
The struggle widened into a ward between South Vietnam and N...
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Understanding the Reasoning Behind the U.S. Military Participation in the Vietnam War
Direct U.S. military participation in The Vietnam War, the nation's
longest, cost fifty-eight thousand American lives. Only the Civil War and the
two world wars were deadlier for Americans. During the decade of Vietnam
beginning in 1964, the U.S Treasury spent over $140 billion on the war, enough
money to fund urban renewal...
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The Vietnam War: A Time of Peace, Violence, Rebellion, Revolution and Idealism
must have been a different experience for everyone. I can only describe my limited opinions of it since I did not experience the actual era, only the aftermath of it. marked a complete turn around in the culture of the United States. Previous decades were all about being obediant while this era was all about rebellion. Tee...
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An Overview of the Vietnam War and Its Consequence on the United States
In 1950 the United States sent advisors to aid French control in Vietnam. Over the next decade and a half, the United States would send an entire Army and Navy to aid the French in maintaining control in South Vietnam, which had separated from the Communist North Vietnam in 1954. In August of 1964 a small Vietcong patrol bo...
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An Introduction to the Geography and Culture of Vietnam a Small Asian Country
Vietnam was a small Asian country, 9000 miles away from the United States. Yet America felt that its national interest was threatened strongly enough to fight a war there. The explanation for this lies in the fear caused by the spread of communism at that time. The role of communism was extremely important in this conflict....
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The History of the War in Vietnam
The War in Vietnam Essay submitted by Unknown The Vietnam War, the nation's longest, cost fifty-eight thousand American lives. Only the Civil War and the two world wars were deadlier for Americans. During the decade of direct U.S. military participation in Vietnam beginning in 1964, the U.S Treasury spen...
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An Introduction to the Illegal War in Vietnam Inflicted by the United States
The Viet-Innocent Imagine yourself in a newly strange, unfamiliar tropical jungle environment. The catch is, your purpose is not to take eye-catching photographs for National Geographic magazine. Instead, you are assigned to kill people of a foreign land you have never seen before, because your government tells you it is t...
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A History of the Vietnam War
Essay Question #2: The Vietnam War The Vietnam War was the longest and most unpopular war in which Americans ever fought. And it cost the nation lots of money. The toll in suffering, sorrow, and in national turmoil can never be tabulated. No one wants ever to see America so divided again. And for many of the more than two...
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A Discussion of Vietnam War and Its Effect on Americans
Vietnam War The discussion of the Vietnam War and its affect on Americans. In this regard, the opinions and experiences of those who fought in the war, as well as those who stayed at “home” were taken into account. In addition, the “purposes of the war outlined, and the war’s effect on the indigenous people was assessed....
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