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An Analysis of the Vocabulary Word Gap in Children of Various Socioeconomic Classes
Article Summary This article summarized a study that shows the vocabulary word gap in children of different socioeconomic classes by the age of 3 years old. The children in the study ranged from children on welfare, children of middle-class workers, and children of professionals. They were followed and tested to determine...
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An Analysis of the Book The Wednesday Wars
The Wednesday Wars is a book set in 1967 over the backdrop of the Vietnam. The main character is a seventh grade boy named Holling Hoodhood living in Long Island who is the son of the owner of Hoodhood & Associates, and Architecture firm. Right from the start of the book Holling faces a problem that many students face; he t...
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A Comparison between Comprehensive Sex Education and Abstinence Based Education
In many schools across America pre-teens and teens take Sex Education courses. There are some schools that have a comprehensive course while others opt for abstinence centered education.What is the difference between comprehensive sex education and abstinence based education? Is one better than the other? Although you are...
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The Five Standards of Teaching that Help with Correct Child Development
Imagine yourself having your first child with full support of your husband. What is the first action that comes to thought when the nurse hands you your newborn? Do you sit in silence or do you tell your baby “Welcome to the world, my darling!”? Chances are you try to feed so you teach the baby where to properly get food, f...
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Why Literacy Is Important Not Only for Education, But for Life
Merriam-Webster’s dictionary defines the word “literacy” simply as the ability to read and write. Once upon a time most people were considered by today’s standards to be illiterate. Society has come a long way from being overwhelmingly illiterate; yet some mal-educated people still linger with the curse of illiteracy. The U...
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Institutional Learning Outcome: Which Classes Helped Me Develop My Skills and How
Institutional Learning Outcome I: Articulate an idea, plan, or solution using effective oral and written communication skills appropriate to a given business situation. There is one class that comes to mind when I think about using effective oral and written communication. That class is Principals of Selling. During the te...
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An Overview of Early Childhood Education in the United States
The demand for early childhood care and education plans continues to increase not only in reaction to the uprising demand for out-of-home child care, but also in recognition of the vital importance of educational experiences during the former age. Several decades of research clearly show that high-quality, developmentally a...
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The Importance of Getting a Proper Education in Life
Assignment 4 My social position in life is that I am a part of middle class status in a first world country. Being in the middle class society my entire life, I have learned of privileges and advantages I do maintain and do not maintain. In the middle class, I have everything I need –a home, food, clothing, and an opportun...
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A Discussion on the Value of the Well-Grounded Education
The value of a well rounded education has become subjected to a growing amount of scrutiny over the past few decades. Many people argue that students who are track to become a doctor or salesperson have no reason to get a well rounded education, as it is possible that they might never use such information. This is not a nec...
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A Study on Preschool Ontology in the United States
It is crucial to understand how children learn and how they categorize
information. Psychologists have two competing thoughts regarding this
topic. It has not been confirmed whether ontological intuition shapes how
children learn about categories, or alternately, whether these intuitions
develop only after children have spe...
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