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Reasons Behind Unruly ELT Classrooms in Argentina
Why are ELT Classrooms in Argentina Becoming More and More Unruly? In the past few years, physical attacks, robberies, students’ lack of respect and fights among pupils have unfortunately become part of the Argentinian classrooms. Many teachers claim that today's learners are much more badly-behaved than their predecessors...
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The Challenges That the Schools Face when Dealing with Budget Cuts
As Albert Einstein once said, “The only thing that interferes with my learning is my education.” Education plays a crucial role in a student’s ability to learn. With schools going through budget cuts, we are hindering the learning process. “Due to budget cuts, the light at the edge of the tunnel has been turned off” says ac...
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Students Should Be Able to Use Cell Phones Because It Helps Them Study, Stay Safe, and Gain Responsibility
In the last decade cell phone usage in classrooms has been a battle. Students in this past decade have gradually become more engaged in technology, especially into cell phones. Some teachers believe cell phones have no educational purpose, because of texting, calling, and using other apps in classrooms. But a small group of...
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A Career Outlook on Postsecondary Teachers at Universities
The famous educator John Dewey once said, “Education is a social process. Education is growth. Education is not a preparation for life; education is life” (Mondschein xi). This is a broad statement about education that applies to all levels. Postsecondary education is crucial preparation for being in the workforce, and thos...
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Comprehensive Diversity Course Will Help Students Get Prepared for the World They Will Encounter After Graduation
As the face of the American nation continues to change, American colleges and universities must have an action plan that will ensure students are being prepared for the world they will encounter after graduation. The combination of national diversity, the influx of immigrants, and the ever growing globalization in business...
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A Critical Analysis of Bernie Sanders Education for All Act
Abstract In the United States, the affordability of a higher education has become a growing concern for its citizens. To combat this problem, Senator Bernie Sanders has proposed the Education for All Act that would make all four-year public institutions tuition-free. However, this solution fails at its goal of remodeling h...
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The Inequality of the Educational System in Young, Gifted and Neglected, an Article by Chester E. Finn Jr.
Op Ed Analysis In the article “Young, Gifted and Neglected” by Chester E. Finn Jr., the author makes several points about the neglect of bright students in the public education system and furthermore, the high number of rejections from private schools. The article commences by giving two examples of people who in the opin...
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The Current School Curriculum in America in Our Worlds in Our Words by Mary Dilg
In Our Worlds in Our Words, author Mary Dilg speaks about the current state of the American public school curriculum, and the; overt ethnocentric trend in the material used in classrooms. As an English teacher, Dilg has observed first-hand the ignorance that students in her classroom have towards other cultures, and how a c...
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The School Closing Policy Should Be Reviewed and Amended
The purpose of this memo is to discuss the current inclement weather policy and propose possible changes to the system. These suggestions are being brought up because of the questionable judgment calls made by the school during recent snowfalls. Summary Several times within the last few weeks, UMBC has stayed open after s...
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Paddling Should Not Be Used as a Form of Behavioral Correction
A child is beaten down three times with a wooden paddle for talking
out of turn. He is hurt both physically and emotionally. This one child
will be burdened by this action for the rest of his life. Paddling is a
punishment that is given to the students who misbehave. It is defined as
when a student is hit on the student's c...
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