30 Exemplification Essay Topics for an Excellent Essay

Imagine getting hired as a bus driver, and on your first day on the job, your boss tells you to “start driving.” Your first reaction might be, “Um…okay, where should I go?”

Without a clear idea of where you should be driving (or for that matter, where you should be stopping), you’ll end up driving around aimlessly. It would be a grand understatement to say that you’d be a less-than-effective bus driver.

Trying to write an essay without a topic is sort of like being a bus driver without having a designated route. You’re moving forward without any clear sense of direction. And if you don’t have a topic to write about, there’s no way you can write an effective essay.

So if you’re in the market for a little help choosing a topic—specifically for an exemplification essay—here are 30 topics to help get you rolling.

exemplification essay topics

30 Exemplification Essay Topics for an Excellent Essay

As you review these sample topics, keep in mind that you’re writing an exemplification essay, which is a lot like an argumentative essay.

That means that you’ll need to choose an arguable topic (one that you can objectively and logically discuss with evidence from credible sources).

You’ll also need to examine both sides of the issue.

I’ve divided this list of exemplification essay topics into five categories to help you find the most appropriate topic for your paper. I’ve also linked each of the topics to an example essay, so make sure to review the essays for even more writing inspiration.

Exemplification essay topics about the media

#1: Product placement in television or film

Is product placement simply another avenue for corporations to increase awareness of their products? Does a screen filled with advertised products detract from the viewing experience?

#2: Media and body image

Does the media create and promote unrealistic body images for both males and females? Do newer campaigns designed to show images free of digital editing make a difference in body image?

#3: Violence on television and its effect on children

Does watching violence on television cause children to become more aggressive? Does viewing violence desensitize kids to violence? Can viewing some forms of violence be educational?

exemplification essay topics

#4: Social media and the impact on relationships

Does social media create an easy way to maintain relationships, or is it more likely to create problems, such as isolation, insecurity, and FOMO?

#5: Sexism in video games

Do sexist images in video games change males’ opinions of females, or are these video games a harmless form of entertainment?

#6: Music censorship

Does censoring music violate freedom of speech? Do music labels help parents decide whether their children should listen to some types of music? Should radio stations refuse to play potentially offensive songs, or have their concerns of being politically correct gone too far?

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Exemplification essay topics about technology

#1: Safety of self-driving cars

Are self-driving cars really safe? Should they be allowed on all roads or limited to specific roadways? Are self-driving delivery vehicles the wave of the future?

#2: Smartphone addiction

Is smartphone addiction a real addiction? If so, are addicts more likely to be male or female? Are they more likely to belong to any specific age group? If people are addicted to their phones, how are they and/or society affected?

exemplification essay topics

#3: Automation and the workforce

Has automation harmed the workforce or the economy? Does automation put manufacturing employees out of work, or is it an opportunity for people to retrain and learn additional skills?

#4: Security cameras and privacy

Are security cameras an invasion of privacy? Do cameras serve as effective security, or are they just another way for authorities to control citizens?

(If you want to integrate a bit of literary analysis into your paper, this topic presents the perfect opportunity to discuss dystopian literature and government control.)

#5: Technology’s impact on academic dishonesty

Having a smartphone by our sides at all times means we can Google anything and look up an answer. But does this powerful technology mean that students are more likely to cheat? Does technology assist students and deepen their understanding of topics, or does it mean that students are more likely to plagiarize?

#6: The impact of artificial intelligence

Does artificial intelligence improve society by freeing people from boring or physically demanding tasks, or will robots eventually become human-like and take over the world?

(If you think robots will someday rule the world, this is another opportunity to show off your knowledge of dystopian literature and explain how it just might happen.)

Exemplification essay topics about health and wellness

#1: Banning junk food in schools

Should schools ban all junk food from school menus? Should vending machines be stocked with only healthy snacks? Should kids (especially high school students) be allowed to decide whether they wish to consume junk food?

exemplification essay topics

#2: Human genetic engineering

Is genetic engineering a medical breakthrough that will allow doctors to prevent disease, pain, and suffering? Or is genetic engineering too dangerous? Is it playing God?

#3: Pharmaceutical companies and their role in the opioid epidemic

Are individuals to blame for their own addiction to opioids, or do doctors and the pharmaceutical industry share the blame due to the over-prescribing of drugs?

#4: Impact of social media on mental health

Does social media improve mental health because it allows people to connect with each other and build strong relationships? Can social media cause isolation and loneliness? Does social media harm mental health because people become obsessed with their own online image?

#5: Does money buy happiness?

If you won the lottery, would all your troubles disappear? What if you got a job that paid $100,000 per year? Would that be enough to make you happy? Can money buy happiness, or does having more money simply cover up problems and create an entirely new set of problems?

#6: Eating disorders and student athletes

Do high schools and colleges pressure student athletes into having the perfect athletic bodies? Do they cause students to develop eating disorders? Does the fault lie with students? Do they expect too much of themselves?

Exemplification essay topics about the environment

#1: Bottled water industry

Is the bottled water industry promoting a healthier lifestyle by making clean drinking water easily accessible, or are plastic bottles causing irreparable harm to the environment? Should companies be forced to create more eco-friendly bottles?

#2: Wind farms and wind power

exemplification essay topics

Is wind power the solution to the world’s dependence on fossil fuels? Are wind farms an eyesore? Is it safe to live near wind farms?

#3: Impact of food waste

Is food waste contributing to a food shortage and/or a hunger crisis? Should restaurants and grocery stores be mandated to donate any unused, yet safe food products?

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#4: Genetically modified organisms (GMOs) in food

Do GMOs create higher crop yields and a healthier food supply, or are they a root cause of increased allergies and other illnesses?

#5: Packaging materials

Is excessive packaging unnecessarily contributing to pollution? Can individuals do more to recycle this packaging? Should companies be mandated to reduce or improve packaging?

#6: Veganism

Does living a vegan lifestyle create a healthier planet? Can people maintain a healthy diet as vegans?

Exemplification essay topics about politics and law enforcement

#1: The impact of fake news

Can fake news sway political elections? Should news outlets do more to prevent fake stories from spreading? Should people be more aware of social issues and complete additional research before simply believing everything they read?

#2: Decriminalizing drugs

Do long drug sentences unfairly target minorities? Should drugs, such as marijuana, be legalized? Would decriminalization of drugs create fewer offenders, or would it create more addicts?

#3: Police misconduct

Is police brutality widespread? Do police disproportionately harass and/or arrest minorities? Are allegations of police misconduct sensationalized by the media?

exemplification essay topics
“_DSC0386” by Damien Conway, Flickr.com (CC BY 2.0)

#4: Campaign finance laws

Should there be limits on the amount of money that individuals or corporations can contribute to candidates? Should donors be allowed to remain anonymous? Will changing the existing laws create more partisan politics?

#5: Immigration and border security

Should America do more to welcome immigrants? Is a border wall necessary to protect U.S. citizens?

#6: Mandatory minimum sentencing

Is mandatory minimum sentencing a way to deter crime and reduce repeat offenders, or does it unfairly target the poor and minorities?

Time to Get Rolling and Write Your Paper

exemplification essay topics

Now that you (hopefully) have zeroed in on one of these exemplification essay topics for your essay, it’s time to get rolling and put pen to paper.

If you’re in need of a few tips to help you get started, read these posts:

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