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Not to brag but...
"Thank you again for the awesome work. I greatly appreciate all your feedback and help on my admissions essays."
Kelly Hannagen - Student at West Virginia University
"I just read the cover letter my editor at @Kibin helped me write for a job application and I’ve decided I’m a must get :-)"
"Thank you so much. This is why I use Kibin, because it makes a world of difference. If I could give you 6 stars, I would. Also, thanks for the pointers. Best wishes from Holland."
Bud Wichers - CEO, Humant Media
"When I received my essay back, I felt like I just found a wonderful personal English teacher for myself. I learnt from the detailed comments and corrections more than what I gathered from school."
Camvu Pham - Student at Mission College
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We know what you're thinking.

What types of documents do you edit?

Essays, resumes, blog posts, marketing material, breakup letters, and everything in between. If you can write it, we can edit it!

Are you really open 24/7?

Absolutely. Holidays, weekends, midnight or noon... we're here, nerding out, and ready to edit!

Do you edit, proofread, or do both?

We do both on every document. We're just as much style, flow, and sentence structure sticklers as we are grammar, punctuation, and spelling fanatics.

We'll even leave comments and feedback on how you can improve your writing.

Can I leave additional information for my editor?

Definitely. Right after you complete your purchase we'll ask for a little more information to help your editor do her absolute finest.

You can even leave a short note and upload supplemental materials or instructions.

Can you edit MLA, APA, British English, etc.?

We have expert editors versed in all types of style guides and English. No hay problema— long as your document is in English.

You didn't completely read my mind. I have more questions!

Shucks, sorry about that! If we're not on the live chat down there in the bottom right-hand corner, please shoot us an email. We'll get back to you ASAP.