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Stephanie S.
Salt Lake City, UT
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More About Stephanie

I am a professional editor based in Salt Lake City, Utah. I majored in English language (linguistics with an emphasis in English) and minored in editing while I was in school at BYU. I currently work for a historical documentary editing project (which means we transcribe and annotate old documents), and I like to edit and write fiction in my free time. When I'm not enjoying the written word, I like to watch movies and television shows, bake, hike with my husband, and create art.
What types of documents do you enjoy editing the most?
My favorite thing to edit is any form of fiction. Fiction was my emphasis in my editing minor and I can't get enough of a good short story or novel.
In what subject areas are you an expert?
I have lots of experience editing academic papers (I do work for a documentary editing project) and I know my way around the Chicago Manual of Style pretty well, since that's the style that project's in-house style guide is based off of. I also have lots of experience writing and editing biographies and memoirs.
What do you do when you’re not editing on Kibin?
I spend a good portion of my time thinking about, making, and eating food. I love to cook, but I especially love to bake. And I love to watch baking shows. I also like watching movies and other (non-baking) shows, and my husband and I often binge-watch Netflix after a hard day of work. I am also religious (Mormon), so I spend a good amount of time at church, church activities, or preparing for my duties. Depending on the weather, I also like to spend time outside with my husband, whether that means hiking, longboarding, or just taking a walk around the park. And lastly, I sometimes am overcome by creative urges that lead to me trying my hand at a different form of art--crochet, charcoal drawing, painting, scrapbooking... it depends on the day.

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