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Michael B.
Cincinnati, OH
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More About Michael

I have a PhD in English and have published several books and articles. Over my 25-year teaching career in college and high school, I’ve edited some 10,000 student papers. I’ve edited academic journals and served as a reader of book manuscripts for publishers. I’ve also consulted for ACT, writing and editing exam questions.
What types of documents do you enjoy editing the most?
I enjoy editing academic papers on various subjects and business documents that have clear goals and audiences. I’ve edited student papers on many subjects, business and marketing documents, and book manuscripts. Actually, I like editing almost anything that uses words deliberately. I love to see people trying to make sense and be clear with language, and I get great satisfaction in helping them along that way, regardless of the subject or type of writing.
In what subject areas are you an expert?
I’m expert in writing and literature. I’m comfortable with academic discussions in many arts and sciences disciplines across the curriculum, and I understand the language of business. I’ve written and edited business reports as well as academic articles and papers. As an undergraduate liberal arts major, I studied the history of science and mathematics as well as philosophy and literature. I’m well versed in current affairs and social issues. I’m a lifelong learner and reader, and I feel confident in many different subject areas. For example, my doctoral dissertation on American writer Henry David Thoreau explores scientific theories of seed-dispersal ecology and forest succession as well as Thoreau’s literary achievements. As a professor at a nursing college, I gained knowledge of nursing, healthcare and medicine.
What do you do when you’re not editing on Kibin?
I’m a homebody and a traveler. When I’m home, I really enjoy my family and lifestyle, spending time with my wife, taking daily walks in the park, talking with my grown kids on the phone, reading, playing basketball, playing guitar, watching a movie now and then. And I do most of our home cooking! I also like to travel, to see new places, explore different cultures, hike, and especially to hunker down on a beach for sun and swimming. I’m also writing another book about the American author Thoreau.

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