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Hey, author! I am excited to meet you through your words and ideas. With my editing services, you can count on friendly, informational comments in your polished paper!

What types of documents do you enjoy editing the most?

As an English literature major with a deep interest in spirituality, I have a love for English, religion, philosophy, humanities, and history. Although I cherish editing documents in those subject areas, my interest is also easily piqued by other subjects, such as science, business, and political studies.

In what subject areas are you an expert?

I have experience professionally editing many subject areas for high school, college, and graduate students. I am an expert in APA, MLA, and CMOS formatting.

What do you do when you’re not editing on Kibin?

I love early mornings. It is quiet, peaceful, and softly colored by the new sun. I can often be found meditating during this period. In the afternoon, I usually spend my time caring for a fruit tree orchard and bountiful vegetable garden. Did I mention that I love routine?

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